Saturday, November 20, 2010

Off In A Fog.........

......literally. Woke from a splitting migraine to a fog shrouded landscape; cold, the grass slick with frost and that undefinable beauty and silence of the murky blanket covering the land.
Yes, I had to shoot a few photos, but certainly not what I had in mind.
I am off to another day on the couch, hiding from the light and hoping beyond hope that this is the last day of M. Headache......
(I am also hoping I have not taken the last headache pill or it's going to be a long day! DH is working...)
At this time of year, fog is common here and usually pretty spectacular. Lovely to look at; desperately frightening to drive in. All the mud and few straggly brown leaves are swished away into a mysterious landscape and everything looks like a dreamworld.
And that is where I am that dreamworld of rest and trying to have my head return to human size and not have the conga line going through it from ear to ear......
Well, at least I have not lost my HUMOR......yet! ;-)
Have a great weekend all!



Ces said...

But it is so beautiful. Damn migraine. Go away! Let Anne dance in the fog! Take care dear one. Get well soon. I hate migraines.

Stitchwhiz said...

So sorry to hear you get migraines. That's just not right for such a creative soul. That's a lovely tree and fog photo. It's so different from my view this morning. Did you know tonight we have a Blue Moon? Take good care of yourself!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah Ces, this is day two of this bender---I figure one more day and I will have my legs back under me! Vertical is more productive than horizontal....LOL!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Mary, no, I did not know tonight was a blue moon! I hope the sky is clear enough here to see it. I always enjoy those rare occasions when it happens.
I like to think I have so much brain power, it makes my head hurt...LOL!
(don't burst my bubble...hahaha!)


yoborobo said...

I love this picture! Fog is so magical (as long as you don't have to drive in it!). Rest and recoup. Hopefully there is something entertaining on the telly! xoxox - Pam

Georgina said...

Ya poor thang!! Migraines are such a waste of time and effort...I hate them and get so pissed when I get one...they last forever, it seems. So my dear friend, I feel for you, really do.

The fog is gorgeous. The first time I ever drove in it was when I lived in that was pretty scary...this desert rat in a cold, snowy, foggy, rainy, landscape...kind of like where you live!! LOL Come to West TX, lady...70's temps and the Rio Grande down here!! LOL

Take care and you have to come by my blog...having a contest. Enter or just have a laugh.

Loves ya,

Gloria said...

I love thick fog, so long as I don't have to drive in it. One year it was so thick it was right up agains my back door, scary. I hope you get over your headache. That's no fun. Enjoy your weekend. ::headache, go away, go away:: sending healing thoughts to you.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Oh honey,
Your mood sounds like the view from your window!
I hope that one tablet kicks in and you feel better after a snooze.

Just read your previous post-Grrh, false advertising makes me really angry {I expected a swear word in there} lol

martinealison said...

Quelle belle photo... Cet arbre est majestueux. Il est dans le brouillard comme dans un écrin...

Robin said...

Dear Anne, I hope by now that dratted migraine has vanished - like the fog! What a lovely picture though.....I adore that dreamy, floaty fog......

Feel better!!!


♥ Robin ♥

audrey said...

Anne, I'm sorry you are still suffering with that migraine. I hope it goes away by tomorrow.
Your fog photo is beautiful ~ I love the lone tree enveloped by the fog.
Early this week, we had a horrific pile-up of 60+ vehicles about an hour south of us on a mountain in the dense fog. Deaths and injuries. So sad. Beautiful stuff, but deadly to drive in.
Feel better soon. xxoo
♥ audrey

Bella Sinclair said...

Fog? What fog? That picture's clear as a bell. I think your migraine's playing tricks on you.

Bella Sinclair said...

Nahhhhh, just kidding.

Gorgeous photo, Anne! Awww, I hope your head's feeling better. Take it easy. In the meantime, I'm off to join a conga line.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hmmmmmm Bella,

Maybe you're right. On Day Three of this thing, the picture looks clearer and clearer.
Or maybe I just can't SEE....hahahaha!
Ah yes, migraine fog---how wonderful for forgetting EVERYTHING.


Deborah said...

Awe, Anne, have you no migraine medications, or do the triptans not work for you? So so sorry. **weeps** However, you did get a fabulous shot of the fog tree. I would put that up on my wall. Feel better soon. Sending you love and light and hot links. Out of spam fry today.
**kisses** Deb

Sympathy for The Devil said...

Queen Anne this is freakin coool!
hope you'll get better soon ok!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I have been in bed for two days ...we just have to listen even when we do not want to. Happy Thanksgiving dear friend. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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