Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just One Of Those Days.....

Yeah, I think my brain has been sucked out and munched up. Or maybe it is that real life comes at you like a howling banshee, all at once, and while trying to decide which problem to tackle first, the brain eaters appear.
I don't care---EAT IT.
Yesterday was a plethora of poxes.
I had been having little *issues* with the computer. Had the DHs jump drive in, working on uploading some info for him that was very important. The whole computer froze, I get the message, "Your data has not been saved. All data may be lost."
Or something like that because I wasn't sure whether to wet my pants, throw up, cry or figure out which order they should all be done in.
I shut everything off.........finally, when it allowed me to.........and took the drive to DHs computer, where I had only lost the four pages of work. WHEW.
Sooooooo, off I went to look for another AV program because it was becoming very plain that the anti-virus I was running was running amuck. In fact, *It* fought back as I tried to remove it.
THREE TRIES......rebooting, cussing, rebooting, cussing......and in between, trying to get the oil filter off the tractor. Yes, I multi task.
And then there was still the little issue with AT&T, who had sent an automated message to DH at work that our line was FINE. Funny...I could barely hear him over the LOUD STATIC. Back on the phone to find a live breathing human and explain, in very plain English, I was furious.
Finally, after speaking on my CELL PHONE with Ces, she suggested seeing if Face Book had an AT&T page....Oooooooooo....thank you Cess-a-Licious!
Because Anne left them a ♥love letter♥
And I got an immediate reply.
So in between that, I was draining the oil out of the tractor and trying to download some updates for my antiquated Microsoft Office Suite......
I missed the hornet part.
Hubby, ever the neat-nik, had helped *put things up* (as in, tools I use) and I was looking for the oil filter wrench. Well, the last I had seen it, it was in the shed. So I opened the door, only to be greeted by some very UNHAPPY HORNETS. I guess they had signed a sub-lease and I was unaware.
Two nests.
And mud daubers.
I hot-footed it to the house, got every can of flying insect spray I own and went back in, armed, but only T shirt and jeans for armor.
And you know, when you spray them, they get quite mad. They get very mad and start flying right at YOU!!!
I fought back......and I'll give you three guesses who won and it was NOT the insects.
Where was I???
Does it matter?

Yes, I want my brain sucked out, flambeed, pureed, served on a stick. Put it in the blender, suck it through a straw---I don't care. I am tired of making decisions and dealing with asinine crises.
Today I have the roofers.
I may be hitting the bottle.
I cannot take much more of Summer.
Oh. The tractor worked quite well when I was done, so I mowed.
And that was a typical day in Anne-Land.....and you wonder where I have you really want me around????   :-D



Ces said...


What a horrid series of events (except talking to the one and only Ces :)))) HAHHAHAHA!

Seriously Anne, I decided to go to work early today as in early! 6:30 before everyone is up.

I had a haircut yesterday so i look really "gourgous" and I have my pearls, I am refreshed...

I read your post and I am exhausted!!!

I hope the roofers do it right this time.

I hope your engine revs up.

I hope the hornets are gone.

I hope DH has a good day.

I hope you get to do some art.

I hope the AV does not eat up your MgH and your motherboard.

I hope you have a lovely day.

I hope you get to laugh and smile.

I hope there won't be static when I talk to you because the next thing we need to do is sign up for Twitter and twit about how many years you have to endure the static...

I actually read that tactic on the Wall Street Journal. "Dissatisfied? Twit about it!" Apparently these companies read Twitter and Facebook! Then you can invite AT and T to be your neighbor in Farmville!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, I am sure my fine counseling friend looks *Gorgeous DAAAAHHHHHLING!* with the new trim and pearls!
I am just DEAD today and trying to check all the computer things---to make sure it is a-okay.
I'll caht later; need to get out of the PJ's before the roofers get here....LOL!!

Very Sleepy Anne....Zzzzzzzz

Robbie said...

So 'moments of perfection' have now merged with your sucked out brain! Yikes! What a day! I'm in grand kids land today so I can be a kid and pretend I just read a horror novel by Anne! Be careful of those 'flying insects'!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh yeah Robbie...I want Moments of Perfection BACK!!!
My gosh, it was just crazy---there was even more, but how much can you whine in one post especially when your brain has been sucked out! LOL! :D
Have fun with the Kiddies....lotsa *lemonade*!


Anonymous said...

Electronics & the companies that support them is the bane-of-my-exhistance!! Got Hubs a new XM Radio for b-day after his kicked-the-bucket. It quite literally took 2 days to get it going..... IDIOTS!!
Look on the bright there one???
Have a Great Day Anyway.... I am off to mow the yard on my John Deere!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The bright side MArilyn, is my John Deere WORKED (good too!) after *I* had worked on it! LOL!!!
That is the only bright side....I remember the days there were local offices where there were PEOPLE WORKING and no one had to go through days of talking to imbeciles.
Or rather over a month, in my case...


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Anne Sweetie...
Oh my goodness you have had a day of it. What a FARM. If you aren't chasing chipmunks you are spraying away wasps. I guess you are going to have to get yourself a tool belt to carry all the necessary tools where ever you go. Wrenches, Raid Spray and even some peanuts.

Oh sweetie I pray your day goes better today, or you are liable to take your hammer out of your tool belt and do a little damage.

Isn't A T & T just the sweetest? I was never so happy as to move out to Phoenix and be done with them. We have our phones through our local cable company. SO much better.

I will be thinking of you and smiling today sweet friend.

Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Sherry!

Oh yeah, I just LUUUUUUUUV at&t. We used to have SBC and they were the BEST. As soon as we got the notice they had been purchased by above mentioned monster I looked at DH and said, "Well, the bills going UP and the service is going DOWN."
Must have been ESP...LOL!!!
I think I'd better stay away from hammers today....for many reasons! :D
Oh, note to self, buy more bug spray. *sigh* Well, it's never dull here!


audrey said...

Anne, you live the most exciting life of anyone I know. There is ALWAYS something going on around you and it isn't always good. Not to laugh off your frustrations, but your talent in writing about your flying insects, your poor brain, your roof, your hips, leaks, tall grass, thistles, storms, and more, just can't be beat. You have the BEST way of turning these little traumas into humor on paper.
Not only are you mega creative, you are a talented writer, Anne.
In your spare time (in betweeen your bug battles and all), I think you should start to write your autobiography. Now you KNOW we would all buy it! Though there would be serious chapters, I can see the tears from laughter rolling down my cheeks while reading your account of your life.
I sure hope the remainder of the week is kind to you. We don't want any brain sucking going on in Indiana.
You are SO funny. How could we not love you?
♥ audrey

Janet Ghio said...

YIKES! You need a nice quiet day in the studio (not making leaves) making something that just you want to make!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Audrey, I would write, but my poor semi-sucked brain cannot remember most of lifes little *bumps*! I think it is because I have had sooooooo many! ;D just seems like since the heat hit, everything on the face of the earth here went crazy! (including the blogmistress!)
So if you hear a great sucking noise, it's either a twister, or the flying monkeys enjoying lunch! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes Janet,

Oh.....yes I dooooooo!
But ti won't be today or tomorrow. Or the next day either probably. Maybe in the Fall, if I last that long! :D


Linda Moran said...

So the next time the clouds roil up and boil over, stand in the wind and get transported to OZ - where the machine never snags, the phones are all mental, there are no bees or hornets, the Deere always works for you, your tools are ALWAYS where you left them...just don't piss off the witch! Oh wait, maybe you already did and she's waiting for you, she's waaaitinnnnggg....
Seriously, today has to be better.....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I *AM* the witch!!! (spelled with a capital *B*)

Anne, packing her bags for Oz

Deborah said...

Ooooooo poor poor Anne. That is without a doubt the Worst Day Ever story I have heard. Much worse than my day yesterday...I was recuperating from a mild weather related migraine and sat all day playing on the computer feeling poopy. Dee and I return home every morning at 6:30 am drenched in sweat. I am tired of doing my hair every day. wa wa wa. Can you see the photo on my blog today? Cori said it does not show. Going with my friend today to a shop in old down town where she has a booth and I am joining her in it! Yippee. And lastly, YOU are my hero!
**blows kisses** Deb

Jan said...

Sorry for all that. if I could I would rush right over there and give you a hand (and I don't mean applauding) I hope this was the bottom and now you will be on a long spiral upwards!

I did a lot of research and chose Viper as my anti virus program. I have been quite happy with it so far and it didn't cost much either.

We are trying to get out of here so I'll talk to you when I get back. I hope you are recovering, glad you didn't get stung.
Hugs from Jan

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Deb, I have been doing some research and have not made the blogs yet. I will check. When I bring up my blog page, my avatar does not show up. GO FIGURE!!!
Still waiting on roffers and losing patience....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

No stings Jan!

Remember...I am Scythe-Woman!!!!
Like that would do any good.
Going out to see it anyone has been in the drive and I did not hear them....ACK.
Hey, have fun!


studio lolo said...

jeez, you make my bad days look like a walk in the park!!

Anne, I have had the best luck with 2 free AV programs for the past few years.

One is AVG (free version) and the other is Windows Defender. Use them in combo with one another. You can set them up to run weekly or daily scans~whatever you wish.

Make sure you don't fall for ANY anti-spyware programs because they ARE spyware!! I found that out the hard way. You can't get those suckers off your computer.

Good luck with all the messes you have going on.

And I'm with you, DONE with summer ;-/


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Lolo, I'll say this, this summer has just about done me in. One more thing and I am running naked screaming at the top of my lungs up and down the road.
And EVERYONE will regret THAT!!!


Elena said...

Wait aren't you allergic to stings? Oh Anne I swear you make me embarrassed when I sit around. I wonder if my family is tired of hearing "Anne from Indiana...". You crack me up and could you please take a little tiny breather for you?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yeah, I am allergic to stings but they made me MAD! >:}
I need more than a breather Elena, I need a full blown vacation. Completely away from the house, computer, everything.
And it is not happening, sooooo, I'll go figure out dinner.
And by the way, it is now 1:23 and the roofers have NOT shown up yet.
Just for the record.

XXOO from little Miss Sunshine!

Sandy said...

wow, I would run away. Computer problems, can't handle them.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Sandy,

I've considered that, but it's just too hot to RUN! Not that I do it too well with the bionic hip---LOL!!!
Computers; can't live with 'em, and I sure cannot live without one!


yoborobo said...

Okay, this is the SECOND time I have tried to post. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Can we have a Cranky Pants Association meeting? Deb can bring the icy cold beverages. :) And when you run naked screaming at the top of your lungs, could you have your DH video this event? hee hee! Yours swelteringly, Pam

Marie S said...

OH my gosh you have been seriously fried.
Oh, how I have missed your escapades though. I think it is the heat, after awhile everyone is just crabby in that kind of weather, even the animals and hornets.

I do feel I have a rather sedate life though and I am grateful.
Missed you dear one and your great stories.
PS. Have you thought about shoting that computer?
Oh Ces' idea is so brilliant.
Love and hugs.

Daniel said...

Oh, man! I hear you! And your woes are worse than mine. I had my computer (at school) upgraded today and lost a lot of data. I've spent the past three hours trying to retrieve and recreate, retrieve and recreate. It's become my new (and unwanted) mantra. Things were so much more simple in the '60s.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Pam and MArie....
This foul thing finally let me in. I got the *black screen of death* earlier.
Shooting the computer is a good idea! I think I will, or just pound it to pemmican!
And guess what?

Mizz Queen of the Cranky-Pants Brigade

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Daniel, I have come to the conclusion that the computers have ganged up their little motherboards and are fighting a great battle with us.....and we are NOT winning. DH is having the same problem at work and when he teaches at the Community College, well, no comment on that antiquated stuff....sort of think of Fred Flintstone and what he and Barney might use...Visual? Yes? :D

Hang in there.....
Anne...hating computers!!!!

Julie ZS said...

I recommend putting the misbehaving computer out in the shed with the hornets. Maybe that will teach it to behave for you!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Julie!

That is an excellent idea! The hornets and computer can just fight it out till one dies completely! LOL!!!
It is funnier now.
It was NOT earlier in the day.....

Anne, who has been too vacant from blogging, or just too vacant!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Is your name secretly Alexander? You know, the kid that had the 'terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day'? (In case anybody doesn't recognize that - written by Judith Viorst. One of my absolutely fave poems).

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

YES M.A.!!!!
On a daily basis anymore! YES!
That is perfect.....and it's been another one today too. Yikes...


*Ulrike* said...

Anne land! Sounds like you had a rough time! Goodness, is it all the weird weather that's been making everything go crazy?!!! I could say I am wishing for fall, but with that comes winter....the cold...shudder.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am soooooooo ready for Fall, and I don't care if Winter follows! Well, I'll whine then, but it is better than this steambath we're living in. I am beginning to understand the word *monsoon* far too well! LOL!!


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