Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Unexpected Visitor & Tomorrow's Blog Giveaway!!!

Good Tuesday morning to you all!!! After another bout of the head doing the hula-hoop last evening, and no blog reading or work accomplished, I feel pert as the robin on the wire!
It is, for the first time, and exquisite morning here; the studio door is wide open, there is a breeze and the leaves are rustling on all the trees, much like old-fashioned silk petticoats piled deep under fancy skirts. It is a delight to sit and write!

I have a lot of photos that have not made it to the blog of late; usually a quick juant in the evening around the house or down the road a bit is all that I need to find something lovely. The light as the sun begins to set allows me to pick up delicate colors in a true fashion, such as the pink of this dog rose. I dearly love these.....their scent is totally different from any of the old fashioneds or from hybrids that have retained their fragrance through the hybridizing process.
Occasionally, there will be one that is almost pure white, either through mutation or the difference in soil nutrients.

Two delightful things this morning; first, the photo below has been posted in the Indiana Weather Service Photo Gallery! So my endangerment of life and metal implanted limb has paid off again! heehee.....It takes so little to amuse me......I am a real weather geek. *sigh*
Second, as I sat beginning to load photos for this post, a humming bird flew into my studio through the open door, hovered for a few seconds (which I am pretty sure equates to *standing still* in hummingbird speak), looked all around and then flew out. That was the best "Good Morning" I think I could have gotten. In all the times I have had this door open, the only thing that has come in is of the undesirable insect variety! LOL!!! (no Yard Man either Ulrike!!!)

Tonight I will gather the names I have for the two pieces below for the giveaway, and get them ready for random picking tomorrow morning. I have been amazed and excited/delighted with the response to this and am anxious to see to whom's homes they will go! Hopefully whoever gets them will love them too!

The time has flown since I made these and posted them.....where has June gone? Is it just me? It seems the month has been washed away by all the rain....30 days gone, disappeared with little to show for it and even less tangible work in my studio.
Oh, leaf count for those keeping track---today, it will top 100 so I can breathe a sigh of relief as soon as I have the next two sets of pattern stitched and out. Then I will cut them and proceed with other parts for the wallhanging.
Again, this post has been all over but that is my life right now. A balancing act, or better yet, one of juggling.
If you haven't signed up for the give away, today is the day to do it!
And I have to say adieu and get off to work....I hope you all have a wonderful, creative day with a few pleasant surprises thrown in for good measure!



Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dear Friend.... Weather here is finally enjoyable. Yesterday it was beyond humid to "tropical oven". I just got back from the hardware store as I neglected to get some suet for the feeders & now with all the younguns' comin' to the feeders a cake doesn't last too long.
DH is out for a few days so I am going to crochet today & do some charity stuff for The Floating Hospital's Homeless Children.
Love the photos....I have 2 rose bushed just like yours!! I dead-head them & they just keep on bloomin'...
Have a Great Day!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marilyn....
That was how it had been here; just so stinking humid you sweltered and melted when you stepped outside, so I am *living in the moment* with this cool air! (it will pass....)
I wonder if the wild roses would rebloom if deadheaded? Wish I could get one up in the yard, but they are all large and generally surrounded by poison ivy.... >:[


studio lolo said...

Oh, a hummingbird greeting!! I have a special connection to them so I know how special that visit was ;)
I've been sliding off the furniture in this humidity too. I can't think or create. I'm good for nothing! (we don't have a/c yet!) My poor little dog is a noodle.

I love those wild roses, and the robin is a wonderful shot with all that blue...no storm clouds!

Have a super Tuesday Anne :)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love hummers, Lolo. They are the funniest little things. When their feeders would be empty, they would wait for me to come out on the porch, zoom at me, hover, then zoom back to the feered and hover! Birds are NOT dumb!
I cannot even image this weather with no A/C.....I would be in the hospital for sure.....
take care!


yoborobo said...

Hi Anne! I love hummingbirds, and they are my special messengers. ;) I send them out all sorts of places, and they usually show up. I can't take credit for this one, though. Someone else must have sent him. :) I am back, it is sweltering, was sweltering and so it must almost be JULY. :) Missed you! xo Pam

marianne said...

good morning anne- glad to have you back. good to hear that the storms have cleared & you can enjoy the outside without risking life & limb! i haven't been making art either- look forward to both of us getting back on track-

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey, Pammy is BAAAAAAAAACK!!!! :D
Hummers are just amazing.....they are so cute. Jan gets to hold them in her hand. I think she mesmerizes them...
Glad you're home and sorry about returning to stinking humidity. What a summer.....pffft.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey marianne!

I am with you---it will be so nice to get back to creativity. It's like the heat just sucks it out of your brain....or where ever it resides! LOL!!!
HAve a good one!!!


Elena said...

Oh Anne how very special to have that little hummingbird visit. They mean the world to me. Awesome news on the weather photo and holy cow on the leaf count. You sound happy again- YAY!!!

Karen S said...

What a grand post! I love all your poetic musing and the pictures and story about the hummer are just wonderful. I hung a feeder on my front porch a couple of weeks ago, but haven't seen any (wouldn't you just know that my DH HAS seen 'em).

I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours.

PS -- NObody will love those art pieces as much as I will...

Daniel said...

Hi, Anne! Like you, I'm getting back into my old routine and it feels great! I love your photos of the roses and the rainbow; your description of your studio and the weather there make me long for the Midwest! (Savannah has been hotter and more humid than usual this spring, making outdoor activities very sticky.) Enjoy the rest of June (where DID it go?) and have a fun fourth!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Elena,

yeah, a little Spiritual Renewal on Sunday and then the migraine leaving (and body feeling like doing the can-can again!) does help the cranky-old-woman humor! LOL!!!
I think the rest of the week will be GOOD... :)


Robin said...

Hi Anne....lovely post.... I, too, am a particular lover of hummingbirds... my Mum loved them too - and now, when I see them close to me or hovering nearby, I know they are conveying love from her to me... how magical you had one visit your studio!

Love your rainbow photo! And a big thank you for snapping a photo of "my Cousin" - the Robin!



Deborah said...

Such poetry today!!! I Love ♥♥♥ I want a hummingbird in the house. Once Meow Meow brought in a live bird and it flew around till I could rescue it...not the same. Oh Anne, be sure to use Random Generator, because the Universe is going to PICK MEEEEE!! Such a joy to see you so breezy. **blows kisses** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Karen,

Don't you know they always know when you're looking and then come to feed later? LOL!!
Give them some time...they will be dive bombing you for food. Or wear a red shirt out, stand really still and see what happens!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Daniel!

All my complaining aside, we do get some spectacular skies here. We are sort of enclosed by a few distant woods, so photographing is a challange.
My studio is so simple....but the days that I can have the door opena dn just do what I feel creatively inclined to are wonderful!

Take care!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Robin,

Let me say your *cousin* was quite the ham.....normally they get cranky when I try to shoot pix, but this one sat, did a profile, sang a little, preened, etc. It was FUNNY! (obviously it had modeled before too!)
I have NEVER had a hummer in here before, so I am sure it is an omen of something exceptionally GOOD!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Deb,

Yeah, it's not the same when kitty delivers you a bird..... ;D
I promise the picking of the winners will be utterly random, but you know, if you WIN, everyone is going to think I was bribed...which I think Pam tried to do a long while back....hmmmmm.....
HAve a good one!


Silke said...

What is that I read? Deb bribed you? What with? Getting to swim in her pool? Had I only known that bribes were welcome, I would have thought of something... ;-) But, seriously, I am so glad you are feeling better and are having good weather. We are FINALLY (maybe) getting some rain here today. Our garden so needs it! All the rain has been bypassing us and dumping on you! Much love from humid Savannah!! And me... Silke

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Silke!

Good bribe: a couple of loaves of that German bread---or send me the link to the recipe! You know I love bread (as what USED to me my waistline attests!) and the breads we had in Germany were soooooo good. OH! (of course, the bread in Italy was excellent too....)
Glad you're getting rain, and I hope it is not a deluge so your garden can soak it up.
loved your zinnia pics a day or two ago!


Jan said...

I'm glad you are having some proper weather for a change. Here, we had to start a little fire to take the chill off as it was only 60 in the house and no sun expected to help warm things up. Why didn't you take a picture of the hummer for us?;-)I guess they don't hold still like rainbows do. Congrats on getting your rainbow photo posted. It's a good one!

Looking forward to see who wins tomorrows giveaway!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Right Jan!!!

My hummers are not trained like your to sit still! This little guy floated in, checked things out as I sat here in disbelief and then ZIP! off he went......they are sooooo fast.
Have no idea what the rest of the week will be like, but today is beautiful and am enjoying it!


Marie S said...

Gosh those roses are just gorgeous. Your pictures are too, Anne. I am so glad you are finally having some non electric weather.
About time.
A double rainbow is so awesome to see.
A hummingbird flying in your house is amazing too!! This sounds like it going to be one magical day for you!! Way better than flying ants too!!
Good luck to everyone on winning your art.
I sure hope it is me. Those paintings are calling my name.
Marieeeeeeeeeeeeee, Marrrrrrrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Marieeieissssssssssssssssss.
Have a great day, girlfriend!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yeah Marie,

It's better than the flying ants and definitely better than having to get out my broomstick anf flying monkeys in prep for being blown to smithereens!!!
Go paint girl!


audrey said...

Hi Anne. I'm on the run ~ just wanted to let you know I appreciated the lengthy email and I will respond when I return from Ohio.
How spectacular that the hummingbird came into your studio to visit you. I would still be in shock.
Glad to hear you are over 100 in leaves now. You are making good progress!!
Take care. I will be visiting from time to time while away.
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Audrey---have a safe and fun trip!
Will chat when you get back.
*I see leaves....* LOL!!


*Ulrike* said...

Ahhh, no yard man! I'll take the little hummer though....where is that camera at that exact moment?!! They are such amazing birds. I have this little feeder that I bought at Wal-Mart a few years back, and they always remember it. My aunt used to live on this farm that had a pond and the huge river was not far away. The little hummers follow the river. Anyway, my cousin would sit patiently by the feeder while 10 or more would show up, and then one would come up to him so he would gently catch it. He did that once while we were there so I was able to pet it, and then it flew away! My aunt said they would always come back and follow her around till she got the feeder full. A lot like yours!! The rainbow picture is gorgeous! So glad your weather is better. We still don't have any rain!! Well, gotta run for now! June did fly by didn't it?
Take Care,
P.S. Was in Savannah this past weekend, I have a special photo just for you that I'll post soon!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Ulrike!

Thought you'd get a laugh out of the *yard man*.....though I AM still waiting!!! LOL!!!
Hummers are just plain magic...simple.
Will look forward to the pic from Savannah!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You are indeed blessed to have a hummer visit you! They are certainly one of God's miracle creations and such a treat to watch. Lucky you!!

Robbie said...

I think I love your photos 'almost' as much as your art work! Glad you are finally having decent weather.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey M.A.

I sat here with three cameras in reach and did not even think to try to get one. It was just magical!
I'm off to snoozy land early tonight; been on here all day and hands are killing me!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Robbie,

Thanks! I have a lot of fun with the pics....too much probably! LOL!!!
It was just BEAUTIFUL here today. I even made a run to town that could have waited so I could be out a bit!


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