Monday, June 28, 2010

Is it Monday again???? (A.K.A. Monday-MishMash)

Lovely as those clouds are, they are of course clouds that produce---you guessed it---more storms. I am storm weary and yesterday the heat and humidity was to the point I was flat out all day with a migraine. I had managed to make it to church and home before things got active in the hydrological way.......

....they do look soooo pretty. And they have made everything soooo green! There is no keeping up with lawn nor flowers nor weeds. This is a year that I admit defeat and the season is theirs, at least until the humidity drops. Even in the early morning and late evening, it is too stagnant to be outside working.

Of course, the flowers are loving it. The second round of dames rocket in the foreground, one of my very pretty day lilies in the background. The whole clump needs digging and resetting but not this year. I think I would prefer to breathe, thank-you-very-much.
We are having the heat of August combined with the storms and humidity of early May----it is an unsettling combination.
Even in the house, with the A/C blasting, I am pretty useless.
Saturday it occurred to me that I had a reception to attend, and one where I needed to go clean and coiffed, and NOT have my nails looking like *artists nail*.......y'all know what that one is. Those lovely multi-colored things that scrape paint and everything else. Well, I grabbed my manicure set and my French Manicure Polish and was going to town, only to discover the white polish had turned to molasses in January. Oh crud! What do I do???
Next best thing? (even better actually.....)
Golden white fluid acrylic to the rescue!

And I can promise, you will never see these hands looking this good again.......
Actually, I will never bore you with a photo of my fingers again unless I do something stupid and have the hand in a cast! LOL!!!!
I will be back to moderating comments due to the pervy-creeps in cyberland that have nothing better to do with their time than come to my blog. Tried it without it for a few days, but here they are again. I hope the dithering dolts know they are turned in each time.....I can give them that much attention. Why Blogger flat out does not disable any linked text in a comment is beyond me; it would make it easier for us bloggers.....but.....I don't run it and heaven knows they have made enough changes you have to squirm your way around now.
Okay, those are my official brain dribblings for the day; I have a load of work on my plate due to a lost weekend, so will visit and chat when I can
Have a great one everybody!!!



Elena said...

When is an artist, an 'artist'? When she finds multi-uses for acrylics. Hee hee, Anne you are hilarious! But your nails came out looking good. I'm sorry to hear about the migraines again and do hope your rib is improving. But totally understand the garden condition. I was looking out from the safety of my window at the plants that need weeding and knowing I'd rather be able to breathe for now. Bummer. Be well my friend!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Elena!

LOL!!! Yeah, I guess that is the fine line that seperates the wanna-bes from the *fine* artists! :D
I was desperate...what can I say? I just remembered that any time I used the gel mediums, etc, it would stick to my clear nail polish with greal zeal, and then the gears ground in the head...hmmmmmm.....
What A life I have!


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

There are idiots all over the internet. You should see the creepy pervs I come across playing SCRABBLE of all games on facebook! Don't they realise there are dating and porn sites for pervs who wish to be into that sort of thing. Leave the "regular folk" alone. Sheesh!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Oh and very pretty nails by the way! Mine are ALWAYS short these days. The long nails just get in the way when creating and break. Guess we cant create beauty and look beautiful too hey ;)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

On SCRABBLE????? OMGosh......people have really headed to the slurry end of the gene pool.
My nails are NEVER this long or look this good. It is because I have been unable to garden!!! So for once it paid off, sort of? :D
Supplement with Vit D3 and you will have healthier nails---get a soft gel. No joke.


Silke said...

Oh, Anne, your "nail polish" cracked me up! You are SO creative - and your hand looks amazing!! I'd say you e-mail that picture in to Mike Golden... it's a market they haven't explored yet! Hope your migraine is all better!! Love, Silke

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Silke!

I had not thought of that.....I am sure it would either make his day, or I would get one of those health hazard warnings back! (like anything we use is not to some extent toxic, and yes-we-know-thanks!)
Off to do the groceries....ICK.


Bunny said...

Your nails look wonderful. Jack of all trades I will call you now. LOL My nails fail to grow just peel and brake I think cotton fabric is terrible for finger nails. I am going to go for a pedi and mani on Sat. getting ready for our trip to the beach.
It is so humid here after my walk to the gym and workout and walk back I was drenched. Hugs

Deborah said...

Oh love your sky shot and your flowers. Pretty pretty. Your hands look incredible!!! I had better nails when I owned horses...ever since that 36 months straight with no break of either being pregnant or nursing, I have poo for nails. Got some good looking kids though. **blows kisses** Deb

Georgina said...

Hey girl, had a blast on the phone the other day...damn woman, can we talk and laugh a lot!! Love the're right, they do look goood!!

Spent most of my day yesterday down and out...I felt like you-know-what then had to talk to the ex about when I'm dropping off our son, after his over a month visit here with me. The jerk decides to NOW take a vacation the first weekend of July and won't return till Tues...told him I would be returning the boy on Monday...he's now telling his vaca friends that because of me, he has to leave a day early...what a jerk!! Have big plans on that Tues. and told him 2 weeks ago about it...right now, he's a royal pain in my arse...a throbbing one!!

Anyway, it's Miss Daisy's day, so off I go, dizziness, brain zaps and all. Oh don't forget to enter my contest at my blog. And I too had to finally put up comment restrictions...thanks for the how-to's.

Love ya,

Christine's Beadworks said...

LOL, Anne my nails never look that good, the unfortunate habit of using them as a tool in my workshop. I'm not sure if I should share this trick with Heidi or not, she'll go to town on my small stash of acrylics. Have a great week!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Bunny!

I'm glad I have a photo of them because they WILL NOT LAST!!!
Just got in from groceries and feel run thru the wringer. I'm ready to move to the arctic circle so I can complain about cold and snow for a while!!!
BTW---there were gorgeous clouds when I was coming home....w/o camera of course! HA!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Deb,

Yes you DO have beautiful children!!!
Get some D-3 soft-gels and take them. Your nails will improve, plus it is good if you have chronic pain, other than when it's the DH....and that's, well, you know! ;)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well Georgina, it sounds like a typical Monday everywhere....sorry to hear about the ex being a nether-region......
Take it easy; know it must be like Hades there.
Had a ball talking with you! We just need talk therapy!!!♥♥♥


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Christine,

The ONLY fluid I used was for the white, and it just takes a dash. I have the whole nail bed coated with a hardener to protect the nail.
This is, I might add, a last ditch-panic sort of girlie fix!!! (and I am seldom this girlie......)
Nails were meant to be used for tools, weren't they???

Wondering in Indiana!
Anne...... :D

audrey said...

Oh, Anne, such pretty skies. Enjoy the stormless time while you can. My poor flowers are begging for rain and yours are getting sooo much. No happy medium.
I agree. This humidity is killing me ~ went and had my hair cut SHORT SHORT. Never thought I would do it, but....
Your nails look great. You could open a little shop on the side.... hahahaha
How about a picture of you at the art reception you went to????
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well Audrey,

As far as I know there were no pics....just a lot of lawyers, doctors, etc.......and then lil' ole ME! LOL!!!! It was very nice though.
I'm off to look at getting prints made of "Love Letters"......


studio lolo said...

I do love good cloud shots, but man oh man you've had more than your fair share of storms!

We're having August humidity too. My poor dog is a noodle. Me, I went for a mile walk today! I figure it'll help me get this weight off :P

I cracked up at your nail solution! If that's not an 'official' French manicure, can we at least say it's a 'French Quarter' manicure?!

Stay cool girl :)

Karen S said...

Love your nails -- I usually only bother with my toenails (I LOVE color!) ;-) I keep my fingernails short so I don't accidentally hurt myself...

It's supposed to be really nice here this week -- I hope you get some of this fabulous weather

-k who is stuck inside pretending to work on the busiest week of the year at this stupid office

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah Lolo!!!
Too good! A French Quarter manicure!!! Although, there is a part of me seeing that as someone who has passed out, spent the night on the pavement and is crawling toward their hotel room....a little grungier! :D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Karen,

I used to ALWAY have my toenails polished bright red, and just a clear coat on my fingernails.
Since the new hip, it is too flippin' hard to GET to my toenails (belly in way too! HA!) so this is the one and only nail-shot ever on here.
Plus, nail polish never stays on me so why bother???
My hands usually look like a garage mechanics.
No joke.

Anne in the A/C!!!

Jan said...

Nice photos. We just have plain gray skies here today but I won't complain. At least it is warm enough for no fire.

Nice nails, too. I'd have clipped mine long before that point, as I'm sure you normally would have. They just get in the way. I'm glad you were able to have them for that outing, even if you were the only one who noticed.

My daylilies are orange, I want some other colors!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh geez Jan....if I could get in to thin mine, I'd send some. I am thinking one more year before real shoveling due to the hip.
And yes, I normally have good old farm girl hands that don't have long get bent backwards while doing manual labor! ;D


The Garden Bell said...

Blue skies ahead all week. Yippeeeee..finally. Totally, get the headache in yesterday's heat and humidity. I too, spent a quiet afternoon inside.

Enjoy the color of blue this week,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Kate,

I think I remember what a blue sky looks like......
it's that other color; the one that doesn't look like the inside of a garbage truck...right? LOL!!!
You enjoy it too!!


Sandy said...

Acrylics for your nails, cool idea. We are having cool temps for almost July in So Cal... I love it.

freebird said...

Yes it IS Monday already. Not only that but it is the last monday in this month! Time goes by too fast anymore. Beautiful clouds and flowers. I hoped for a thunderstorm today. We had a few thunderclouds north of us but they didn't get dark enough. We haven't had rain in over 5 months. I'd appreciate you sending some over my way. Your nails turned out great. If I had any nails I'd try that trick myself. Hope your migraine lets up so you can enjoy yourself.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Necessity is the mother of invention and I DO envy you your nails. Mine won't grow because they're too soft and just end up ripping off. I always admire anybody who has nice nails (even when they're covered in rainbow colours of paint!).

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

M.A. my nails never grew till I was diagnosed Vit D-3 deficient, put on large doses and all of a sudden, nails! I usually don't have them long with my work....this was lucky timing! Altho....I have to admit the thought of painting them with the Fluids JUST ONCE.... ;D


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