Friday, April 30, 2010

"Cap'n! We Got No Power!!!" --or-- A Lost Day In The Dark........

Okay, it's a bad, cliche, Star Trek pun, but it aptly described most of my day yesterday. I had just zipped off an e-mail, had a few more that needed attention and WHAMMO! No least, not in the studio. I was frantically pulling circuit breakers and trying to figure out what the *H* was going on and called my electrician. Tom is a SAINT.....I'm freaking, sure the house is going to burn down and he calmly says "I'll be there is less than an hour...."
In the meantime......the remaining power goes out and I decide NOW is the time to call the local Electrical Co-Op and sure enough, they had issues. (and so did I because that meant, no pump, no shower, no toilet-flushing and two parakeets that were FURIOUS their radio had gone off.....yeah, don't mess with Da Boyz music!)
So now I get to call Tom back and tell him it is an REMC issue and he can charge me for bothering him if he wants...he just laughs. I told you, he is a SAINT!
Moving on, the birds became an issue, so in desperation to amuse them, I first tried DH's acoustic guitar (kept mashing my boob plus I cannot play guitar), then my bass (which I can play, but it is electric, so really, there was not much sound), and finally, a concertina which I CANNOT play, but it was fun noise so the birds were happy. I guess we were all Pirates for a while......
And speaking of Pirates, then DH calls and I got to take the property taxes into town and drain the booty bag to stay on the land another year!
Does this give you an idea of where my studio time went????
Thus, I am loading some cool pics from the Zumi for you to enjoy---and believe me, it is waaaaay better than me trying to play the concertina! HA!

I love what it does with photos that would otherwise be nothing.......

A kind of quirky take on the huge wisteria.....did not get the purple color
but love the halo effect!

A scarred trunk of a white pine that had considerable rosin showing...

My lilac...electrified! Make sure to click these to enlarge!
Otherwise you miss some of the great graininess and
odd colors!

Another of the Tulip looks like magic...

....And a bee's eye view, looking up through the wisteria branches....
Just amazing, that little tiny plastic camera.

And now I am off to try and get a little caught up from yesterday's reverting to the dark ages. Or I am just *off*......take your pick!
And also, before I forget---which happens a lot around here, unfortunately---warm WELCOMES to new followers! I think one more and I will have hit 90! (who'd have thunk it....???)
I wish for all of you to have a glorious, bright, Zumi-surprise-full day!!!



Ces said...

all the purple and lilac flowers are beautiful Anne. Light a candle and enjoy the glow in the darkness!

Daniel said...

It figures the parakeets would love the concertina music!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Ces!
I brought in lily of the valley and some lilacs. Which is STUPID with my allergies.....but it's once a year, and they are soooo lovely!
And I am sooooo plugged up! LOL!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Daniel,

Surprisingly, they did. They are PICKY. They like jazz, Swing (Brian Setzer Orc.) New Orleans music, anything with a Hammond B-3 Organ....and they let you KNOW when they don't like it too!
Those stinkers had me worn out and I wanted to put earplugs in, it was so bad! HA!


Janet Ghio said...

Anne-I can just picture you trying to entertain your parakeets while they angrily scold you!! Hope your electricity stays on today!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Janet,

They are soooooo funny. They were furious when the electric went off and they had no radio.
I spoil them, what can I say? <:)
Thank heaves there is power today---someone probably was cutting trees and dropped something on a line.....


yoborobo said...

Okay, you are partying with parakeets, Anne. I am worried. LOL!!!
Glad the power is on, so you can turbo your way through some art. :) We have sunshine, and it is the DH birthday this weekend, so I'm thinking there will be very little indoor time. Love the lilacs! Love the smell of them. Sigh. We used to have big bush in CA. :) Happy weekend!! xo Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam,

Ya party with whoever (or WHATEVER) is present! LOL!!!
They're better than some of the things I dated...... ;)
Happy B-Day to your DH!
I'm hoping to just hunker in the studio today; but that always seems to go awry.
Have a good one!


Karen S said...

You know -- in the interest of sanity -- you might want to invest in a battery-operated radio. Just sayin'.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL!!! LOL!!!
Here is the sad thing Karen; *their* radio has a space for batteries, but SOMEONE who shall remain unnamed has not purchased any for it...... <:)
Maybe I will would be easier than doing the Pirate Dance and wheezing the concertina along.... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Gloria said...

Hi Anne. I just popped in to say that was a beautiful ATC you made for Silke. Really great. Also while I'm here...I like your blog and guess just hit 90, I'm now following you.:) Have a great weekend.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Gloria!!!

Thank you! Bless your heart...I'm at the big 9-0 now! :D
I so enjoyed that ATC I did for was hard to keep it secret! And I love the box of dead leaves too...


Marie S said...

Great post Anne, you really should do stand up!
You had me spitting tea like five times this morning. I love that about you. Such a pleasure to read.
Love and hugs beautiful and have a great weekend.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marie!

If you've spit your tea repeatedly, then my job for the day is DONE! (and done quite well, she says, buffing nails on shirt....)
You know, sometimes you just gotta LAUGH!!!! :D


Georgina said...

The part about you entertaining your "boyz" was just too funny...I can just picture it. Well, here's a suggestion to keep your little musically high maintenance birdies batteries, lots of batteries!! LOL

Love the pics of flora and fauna. The little we had yesterday, are all gone. We had 70 mph winds blowing everything around and off their branches and in some instances, their roots!!

Have a good one.

Love ya lots,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Georgina,

I am sitting here with THREE cameras that ALL need different types of batteries (and one is not a cheap one either) so *Da Boyz* are gonna have to wait their turn! LOL!!! Truly....only a bird could have appreciated that.....
The wind has cut loose here today; the type that brings weather in. Hmmmm.....maybe I should go buy batteries! I just don't want to go out in the dust and pollen! WAH!

Have a good one and stay safe...


audrey said...

Hi Anne...
First, thank you for the info on the Amaryllis. It is nice to know what I have. They are beautiful.

Your skeleton piece is FABULOUS - every single inch of it - sides and all. In between entertaining us, you make such beautiful art!! How nice, too, that you did close-ups and explanations. Always the thoughtful one.

Today's photographs are great!!! I love the colors. The tree trunk with the purple and the green - LOVE IT!! That is one neat camera!!

Now yesterday sounds like a typical day for you... You get into more predicaments, Anne. I would have LOVED watching you entertain the birds!!!! Just picturing it in my mind is keeping me smiling!

Well... I think I am pretty caught up here. It is good to be feeling better. Now I just need to get all the way back to normal!!
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Welcome back Audrey!

I did not think you would be bloghopping today, but glad to *see* you.....hope that bug takes off really soon!
Yes, yesterday was a typical *Anne* day. I have told my one girlfriend I keep having adventures, but not the type I would like to have..... >:\
I had fun with the skeleton piece; looking for some images for small side pieces to go with it.
Now I'm off to do a few ATC's as this is really a free day for me and DH won't be home till late.
TAke care and get REAL WELL really soon!


Juliette Crane said...

your artwork is so beautiful! i just adored the ATC you made for Silke and had to stop by and am just in awe of everything on your blog. just amazing and i cannot wait to stop back again soon and see more. thank you so much for being so inspiring!

best wishes to you!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Juliette!

Thanks for stopping by and the kind words!
Today is an almost do nothing day.....tinkering with simple ATC backgrounds and things that need catching up on!
Hopefully I can get some more art or at least interesting pix up over the weekend.
Or humorous stories that prove I'm a total nut! LOL!!!


Deborah said...

I'm off in search of light weight leggins to wear with my orthopedic swimsuit.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

And I'll be wearing my antique deep sea diving outfit with the lead Herman Munster boots and the iron long as you open the front hatch for me to suck wine thru a straw! :)


Julie ZS said...

Love these pictures, what is the Zumi? Guess I must have missed that part somehow. See, I'm in the dark too, just like you were!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the "dark ages", Anne! But I know nothing can get your down...not even a little darkness or loud birdies ;-)
I am LOVING your Zumi photos! Thanks for sharing them! It a great reminder to dust mine off and go out and play!

Happy sunshine (and light!) to you today!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Julie!

Yes, that was the Zumi. I assume my massive brainwaves just psychically tell everyone that! LOL!! (which means I forgot to mention it in the post...geez!) I'm beginning to think I am perpetually in the dark about something or other.... ;) Oh well, you know me.....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Roberta,

I still really have no clue on making the Zumi function! I just shoot tons of shots, and then there are these gems that happen all by themselves.
Yes, you need to get some pics with yours and post them; *Dueling Zumis*!! LOL!!!
The only thing I hate about the camera is that tiny micro card...trying to get it out and into the USB adapter. Dang!
Sun and wind today, and time to piddle and not feel too guilty... :)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


fun post - fab photos!

I have to entertain dusty sometimes, I sing - he howls.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL Tristan!!!
Then you completely understand my situation.....they are so spoiled, and I don't know WHO did that to them.
And they prefer I dance WITH the music, but my coordination levels aren't quite back to par yet! :D


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Anne,
What gorgeous photos-once again.
Are you serious, no water when the power goes off? That's terrible.
Do you live out in the sticks/rural area?
That would'nt happen here in suburbia to us.
Sounds like you had way tooo much fun trying to keep those birds occupied. lol
Happy Painting,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Anna,

Quite serious. Yes, I do live in the sticks! LOL!!! (that's the nicest I have referred to the local area, though I love our house and the country!)
We live out in the country, where you water is by pump, and of course, if the electric goes....everything goes. I've lived through a few ice storms where you fill the bath tub with water, and every other container and hunker down till things get back to normal. Those you can prepare for, so it's not bad.
It's the surprise outtages that are a nuisance!
But the birds got attention, so in the end, they didn't mind TOO MUCH! HA!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Having no power in the country is no fun - I remember it well. When the power threatened to go off when I was a kid my mother would run around filling every container she could find with water so we'd have enough to drink (and flush). After I got married and the first thunderstorm came along DH was totally befuddled when I started filling everything with water! He, being a 'town boy', had no clue what I was up to.

Vicki~TheMiddleSister said...

Cool photos...screeching birds and no electricity...not cool!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey M.A.!

I'm laughing....sounds just like me and DH!!! Even after all this time in the country, he's still a Detroit boy and I, well, I would rather have water sitting everywhere like in that one Mel Gibson movie, whose name escapes me....LOL!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Vicki,

They weren't exactly screeching---they just were MAD. You get them happy soon because after MAD comes SCREECHING!!! HA! ;)


P.S. You need a Zumi---you'd have a ball!

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