Thursday, January 7, 2010

Further Down The Road Of Hearts.....

I have to admit this morning I am neither my perky, pithy self, or on time getting the post up, for good reason though----I actually slept all night! Straight through, so I am a bit comatose, even with the help of the 40 weight coffee.  I am waiting for it's effects to kick in at any moment......
Nope, that wasn't it........but I digress. I spent most of the day yesterday between house and studio, working on the pieces below.

Not bad for the time spent, or the fact I still can't sit or stand for any great amount of time. The small square hearts I had posted before got a wash of blue around the edges and some fluid acrylic and the long canvas came into being. I had cut the hearts for it but was trying to decide how/where to place them.

For some reason, when these were uploaded, the blue turned out lighter and the reds a little washed out. Hmmph! Too early in the morning for real photo manipulation to try and correct this is what it is! Anyway, the background is regular acrylic; at this point mostly a wash, the large hearts are put on with the heavy gel medium to add dimension (which does not show well here on any shots) and then the *stems* are penciled in, waiting for the clueless blog mistress to make up her little mind on what color they will be and what medium will be used. The bottom *dirt* is acrylic mixed with a gloss gel, to give some texture and ground the piece. More washes of color will be put on, as they come to me. (which is NOT now...or any time really soon!) I love the idea of the hearts being attached to a *plant* and the two seperate stems being one at the base......taken directly from a Frida and Deigo piece I did a couple of years ago.

I also took some time to use fluid acrylics to heighten the color on the hearts, also used them for the blue around the edges and then ink to darken the sides of the canvas panels. These are getting close to what I had in mind and I am sure will get some of the black German glitter at some point, somewhere! I might add a scroll in the middle with something sappy like *Love* or *Amor*.....printed on tracing paper, it would allow the color to come through. I don't know yet. I'll get them mostly done and think about it.
I have a few ideas requiring the use of PaperClay and may mess with that today so it can begin the drying process. That I can put in the toaster oven, but I prefer to let it dry on it's own. We'll see if patience wins out or if I am cooking clay! LOL! What a tasty treat!
I am dreadfully behind on blog visits and I apologize for that. The one thing that I have discovered is small every day things that used to take no time to do take me FOR-EVER now and there are only so many hours in the day. I am not ignoring you; I just feel the need to make art, and of course try and have food ready and I have given up on housecleaning.....but seriously, I am running at the speed of a sloth on muscle relaxers and that takes up a lot of the day for only a few items....please bear with me.
It is snowing here this morning, the start of the winter storm that is coming in or coming close. The quality of the snow is such that you know without checking the weather what you're in for. Everything is a bit *different* with storm snow. DH works late tonight (and this weekend too....geez) so I am hoping he makes it in safely to our humble casa.
And here is hoping y'all are safe, warm, and ideas are popping so fast you can't keep up! :-)


P.S. The coffee still has not kicked in, and I am at the bottom of the second mug......sigh......I guess it will be one of THOSE days!!!


The Garden Bell said...

Love your hearts. Of course the title of this post, makes me think I got you started thinking about music yesterday. Too cute.

Looks like we are in for a doozie of a day weather wise here. Maybe, it the pressure system change, as I'm at the bottom of my second cup also and feeling about the same.

Stop by a little later for the 60s. Thanks for much for all your suggestions they really helped and it's coming together nicely.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Glad my failing grey matter could be of service!!! I was mentally going through all the vidoes I could stomach when MTV actually played music Videos!!! LOL!!
Yes, I think it is the low pressure...I feel like someone beat me up, and no one did that I know of! HA!
I'll be by for some 60's to see what is playing!


P.S. can't tell anyone an old Punk is listening to 60's music.... ;)

yoborobo said...

Anne - these are beautiful! Keep playing and get to the blogs when you get to them. :)) I've given up on housecleaning, too. After all, Anne, Spring is coming, and we can do it THEN. Take care of yourself! xox Pam

Linda Moran said...

Anne - stay warm - 'sposed to be a real chiller your way!! The hearts look fabulous!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Pam,YES!!! Spring sounds good...or Summer...or.....
Geez, I hate housecleaning and I could just hole up out here all day! Other than naps, and today will be a good day for that!
Paint is better than pushing a broom..... :) Right???


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Linda,

I just walked to the mailbox--which I told DH I would not do...bad me!--and it is already cold and the snow is coming down rapidly. The walk felt good but the thought of how much is going to be piled on the drive, plus whatever night is it that they have predicted -2 does not make me happy.
I'm staying in with the hearts, even if I just sit and look at them! LOL!!


marianne said...

love these- and it's fun to watch the's fun to be back in the studio, isn't it? have another fun day.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes, it is!
I think I was up too much yesterday---today may have to be a rest and think day....pooey! But, that's okay too...I can sit with the pad and pencil and see what happens!


Robbie said...

I love any art work with b/w in my favorite are the hearts on b/w!!! So very cool!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks! I like those too---love B&W so could not resist using that napkin paper....yes, it is a napkin I took the plys apart to get to the *one* with the print!
Hopefully, will get studio time---I here the Peep-Meisters yelling for me; better see what is up....sigh.... ;)


April said...

Hi, Anne! Just wanted to tell you how much I love your floating hearts. It's so early here it's hard to articulate how I like them, but I just know NOW that I DO! Really liked your Eiffel Tower piece yesterday, too, but didn't know how to get my comment there. This blogging stuff is new to me, so hope you'll bear with me while I learn the ropes, so to speak? So glad to see you up and working again, Anne.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi April,

I'm still learning the ropes and something Blogger has bad days with me this a.m. Still not moving; we have rotten weather coming in and I'm thinking blanket and tea!
Thanks on the hearts---they are fun and I do enjoy coming up with different types. It seems everyone has one or two types they like.
And they are easy---that's a perk!


Marilyn said...

Mornin' Anne!
I found myself super busy this a.m. DH has been out everynight so far this week. He does get home by mid day but only to sleep...So I am trying to get the "noisy" stuff done before he is home today.
Just stuck a cinnamon strusel cake in the oven. For the last several weeks I have had a craving for cinnamon...cinnamon anything!! Last week I even made cinnamon sticky buns.....Mmmmm!!
Take care & stay safe.... no sleigh riding...LOL!!
We are getting "that storm" tonight & tomorrow!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marilyn,

I just ventured as far as the mail box, which I really wasn't supposed to do, but the cold and snow on my face felt good!
yesterday I had enough oomph to bak a coffeecake from scratch (sort of) and it was soooo good. Had been wanting cake!
I think today is rest, unles I get a super jolt of energy from somewhere....and I can't reach the powerlines..... <:)


Vicki Miles ~8-) said...

I love the blue sky and hearts. So cheery!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Vicki!

I'm anxious to finish that one---just sort of tumbling around paint colors for the stems and final washes! Wish you could see it in person; it has much more color pizazz!
Hey, we all NEED cheery right now! LOL! At least I do!


Leslie said...

No matter what or how, it's good to see that you are getting something done. I know that it the fastest way for you to heal and fill your soul.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Leslie, I truly believe art heals. I have done little today, other than get in a funny pickle that will be tomorrow's blog post, but being in the studio around everything makes it all better.
The mental aspect of healing is the most important part.
That and listening to the DH upon occasion!!! LOL!!!


Georgina said...

Love it, love it, love it..your work!!! Get used to sleeping through the night...remember, our brains regenerate with a good nights sleep...might be why you....oh well, you know!!! LOL

Cold here too, damn front, from the 60's yesterday to lower, blowing 40's today..oh well, intend to self-clean the oven to warm up the house... thank goodness, no snow!!!

Love ya,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

40s????? I think I would kill for that right now! LOL!
Yeah, sleep is wonderful when the body decides to play nice and let it happen. Which is not often.
I'm hoping maybe again tonight, then I can be in rare form tomorrow! :)


blogjem said...

Every time I visit your site my eyes are energized as is my spirit
Sending good healing vibes your way

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Dear! I was bad and went outside today---it's been a bust creatively but good as far as thinking....sometimes you need those.
A few pics snapped quickly in the blur of snow.....for tomorrow, which should be funny!
My life...whoopee! LOL!!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

ummmmm....a pickle? I don't like the sound of that!! Don't tell me you were doing something else you shouldn't? I'm pretty sure going to the mailbox isn't on the list of approved activities either. Tsk tsk. We might have to tell on you.

Sophia said...

Anne, I love it. Especially the blue in it. Glad to see that you are doing some art. Take your time, though, and don't push things. It will all be there when you're up and swinging full force!

Hugs! xo :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

MA, ....ME.....doing something I shouldn't ???? (rolls eyes)
Well, at leats I did not try to run te snowblower....LOL!!! Left that one for DH when he got home. There was really a fair amount of snow, maybe 5" by the time he got in it was still snowing.
So just going to the mailbox and walking on the porch, well, for me--that was good! ;)
And he knows what I've been up to....said he was going to get one of those house arrest anklet things and put on me.....Hmmmmph!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Sophia,

It is hard not to just stand out here and work till I drop (which I must admit is much sooner than it used to be!) but I try and pace myself. Up early today, so may have some extra time to work on things. Also may have DH home, which will mean cooking.....not sure how bad the roads got last night or if there will be work delays.
It does feel GOOD just being IN the studio!
Take care!!!


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