Sunday, December 13, 2009

No Angel Photos, But....

......somehow, while I sit enjoying a delightful cup of strong coffee as I am typing (or what I do that passes for typing, i.e. wearing out the backspace key...) this vintage image seemed utterly appropriate.
I did finish the third angel last evening and surprisingly, they *told* me there was a story behind each one, so tomorrow, if I am with it today.....and I make no promises on that one!...I will have the three posted together and text too. I am happy, and from the generous comments yesterday, I think others are too.
They have filled my anxious evenings and let me focus outside myself and onto something pleasant and deep with meaning for me, and the best part of that is others have found their own personal angel in them too. All from a few little pieces of card stock paper and what Mary Helen calls *sacred marks*, and she is right. Hers are upon textile, mine for the moment are ink on paper. (visit her blog; she's a gem and writes from the heart!)
I have been asked about the pen I produce these with and it is a Gelly Roll, which is acceptable, but I do have to wait for the areas to dry, to build up a heavy white and sometimes it streaks. I think we want it *all* when working white on black and mostly what I have learned is patience, as I experiment! The color is added with the only colored pencils I use, Prismacolors, and then I use a white paint pen to put a puddle of paint on a scrap of card and quickly run the edges across it.....the edge of the card is finished too. Finally, a heavy spray of workable fixative, which brings up the color and the contrast, and also protects the media from smears, dirt, etc.
Thank you all for the pre-op support you have given; I anticipate the last angel post, then probably sometime mid-Tuesday I will disable comments until I return. I'm hoping I am such a stinker they will be glad to be rid of me......QUICKLY!!!!! LOL!!
To you all, in this hurried and stressful season, when the outer world is pulling at you too much, let your inner light come out, and remember above all else,
I bid you.......



Anonymous said...

Hope your surgery is sucessful. I haven't asked what it is for as I do not want to pry.... BUT just know my prayers & heart are with you!!
Well, the computers are going very well. Connie is the complete guru as far as hooking them up. There has been some gliches where the old doesn't like the new but she has found ways to work around that for the most part.
I still need all my files & that will be done today as I feel like I am working with a handycap without them.
By-the-way.... The net book is nice & really is better than my old Dell laptop BUT (there's that word again) BUT it is small & like looking through a port hole!!
Take Care!!
Merry Christmas!

yoborobo said...

Anne - my thoughts and prayers will be with you this week. I have had many surgeries, and here is what I tell myself. "I am too onery to kick it just yet." You are onery, too and you will be just fine, my friend. Love to you, and courage. Hugs! xoxoxoxoxo Pam

PS How DO you spell onery? haha! xox

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

hey Marilyn,

It's just a hip replacement from the mess with the pinning earlier this year. Nothing *exciting* a boob job or getting my rear back where it used to be! LOL!!!
Yeah, the thing with laptops is I am a big girl with big fingers....and I am not sure I could use one without a good temper tantrum....surprise, surprise!
Hopeing to be back on that is!Enjoy your new techno-gadgets!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Dear Pam,

After the distinction in my younger days of winning many spelling bees, it is:



PAM and ANNE!!!! LOL!!!
Yep, just want it over---things to do, people to annoy, good wine in the cupboard which will have to wait, dang it.
I found a bottle of Corbel champagne from 2000--the Times Square official millenium label!


Linda Moran said...

You may disable comments, but you won't keep us from sending good thoughts and white light your way!

Good wine should NEVER stay in the cupboard!!!!

yoborobo said...

LOL!! Anne - how did I know you would know how to spell ornery? hahaha! I tried so many ways and quit. I should needpoint it on a pillow as the family creed. :) And I'm coming over for some of that wine - how many days do you need to recoup? ;) xoxo Pam

yoborobo said...

LOL!! Anne - how did I know you would know how to spell ornery? hahaha! I tried so many ways and quit. I should needpoint it on a pillow as the family creed. :) And I'm coming over for some of that wine - how many days do you need to recoup? ;) xoxo Pam

yoborobo said...

Why did it leave two messages? It is so ornery this blogger! hee hee!

Deborah said...

I adore this little vintage add. Oh Anne, you could use a lap top because you can plug in a regular keyboard to type from...

Blessings for your surgery, prayers up my lips, rising to heaven for your safe return home. All my love, Deb

Anonymous said...

All good blessings to you dear Anne!...You will be very much in my prayers and thoughts...We will miss you..but knowing you're on your way to better enough for now...God bless!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey all...
Being lazy on the couch. Plus DH is I am avoiding him.......
Will do my blog post tomorrow a.m. as I am not venturing near him at the moment.
I guess this is a GUY THING???
@Pam, Blogger wouldn't let me log in, so is being ORNERY!!! I also see comments that are not here, so it is REEEEEALLY being ornery. (sigh)
Oh, as far as I know, the ad is copyright free---found it somehwere long ago so copy if you wish.
Off to warm soup and a bad movie! LOL!!!


audrey said...

I better leave my comment now for fear I won't have the chance before you cut us off. LOL!
I wish you a quick surgery and hopes that they will get you back home quickly where you can recuperate quietly and peacefully.
Your beautiful, humorous posts will be missed until you get back to blogging, Anne.
Looking forward to your return and I will be so happy for you when you are all fixed up and out of pain for good!!
♥ ♥ ♥ and hugs....

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Don't do anything for the next week but concentrate on pre-op relaxation and post-op healing.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers - you get on the mend, girl!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thank you for your final sentence in this beautifully written! I'm looking forward to seeing your completed angels.
As for your surgery - I'm going to be sending all sorts of good vibes your direction, both for before and after the event. We'll miss you while you're away, but you can be sure you won't be far from our thoughts.

Leslie said...

Good, good, good, good vibrations to you. Keep me posted.

Love you and am so grateful to have you in my life to whinge, laugh and share all the little bits and pieces that make us what we are.

Many happy returns of the season to you and yours.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks everyone!
As mentioned in today's post---stinker of a migraine that laid me out flat yesterday. I was lucky to get the pic shot for today.
Thanks for all the kind wishes; I just want to be done and back to blogging and getting mobile again. I have absolutely no patience....LOL!!!
Will miss everyone!


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