Saturday, December 5, 2009

I always suspected it but.......

....I've got style!

Thanks to Marilyn at Our Victorian Cottage  for this lovely surprise!
With both of us being fans of Marilyn, it is even more special, and particularly at this time of year when everyone is going too many directions at once!
Soooooo.....who shall I pass this to as all my blog-friends have their own particular style that I so love, but I think this one has to go to girly-girl, Marilynesque type style.....
How about.......


I'm going small on this one, because I have tried to figure through comments and life experiences shared which of us would put on the stillettoes and tight dresses like Marilyn wore, and yep, I know these two girls would!
Congrats, post it somewhere prominent and I hope you have a great bit of fun telling the world what we all know, that;
"You've Got Style!!!"

Oh, and now the best part, pass it on to friends whom you know *have style*!!! ;-)


P.S. You'll get art tomorrow......I needed a day to pout and snooze. I have no guilt! heehee!


Anonymous said...

Hey...Hey...Hey... Don't ya' just love Marilyn?!?!?!????
Love your post!!
Couldn't help myself....When I got this from Sharon the first 2 I though of was You & Tristan!!
Goin' shoppin' today!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I would not trade prlaces with you---shopping, Saturday, holidays----my nice warm house seems perfect!!!
Thanks! I love the award!
I need to get myself busy and shoot some pics today, along with about 100 other things....
Have fun!!!


audrey said...

Congratulations, Anne! There is no doubt you absolutely HAVE STYLE!!
We woke to snow this morning. I love it! Will post pictures soon.

Ces said...

What?! What?! I am not girly-girly type? Hahahah! Deborah is perfect. We both love her.

WHAT!? WHAT?! HIP Replacement! Is it because you are tall? See there is an advantage to being short.

Oh Anne, seriously, I wish you the best. Aw phoooey! A hip raplacement during the holidays. May you rest well and please please please be careful of ice and snow! Love love love! TSUP!

yoborobo said...

Anne - I can honestly say I have never, ever (even when I was young and daring) worn stilletoes (I can't even spell it!). But I know Deb has got to be one stylish lady, and Marilyn, too. And YOU, of course! I'm with you today, hanging around here, catching up a little. xoxo Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Audrey,

THANX!!! Well, I used to have style but I think it will be on hold for a bit....LOL!!!! The ortho book said *no high heels* and I thought, yeah, dream on......
I want your snow!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Dearest Ces,

You have very sensible, business, *I-look-hot-in-nurses-whites* style! I'm thinking Deb and I probably were the, ummmm.....shall we say....ummmmm...."Marilyn-sytle" dressers of our day. And I am SURE Gypsy was too--in fact, I know! heehee!
I'm having to have the hip done because the lame-arsed surgeon that did the pinning of the Fx in March this year did a lame-arsed job, then after it was healing (almost healed in fact), he got mad at me and rammed my foot so hard I could not walk for two days. Thus, I get to go through it all again. With a different Ortho....
But I am one tough cookie, and I predict at the six month check up, I will be going to see the new Ortho in a tight retro dress and stillettoes!!! >:)
I will be fine...I have too many people to torment!!! LOL!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam--
Wish we were closer....a good day for baking a few cookies and then taste testing them!
I made one run out to the grocery only because DH was out of soda and about froze myself.
The rest of the day is in and going to get pics of the collage paper in process...and the two fiber ATCs I did years ago.
I'd rather take a nap! ;)


Deborah said...

OMGosh OMGosh this is just so perfect and such a honor! SERIOUSLY! You KNOW I wore the Tallest heels ever! Even when I was 8.5 months pregnant! And very short maternity dresses to work, snug at the bottom, cuz I carried my babies completely out front! No hip spread for me! This is just too darn cute! Thank you thank you!
**blows kisses and takes a bow** Deb

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo!...i'm just getting in here. Wow!...gee wonderful...
I was on a bracelet supply hunt today...shoulda been in here FIRST! hehe..

Yep, i wore the highest heels too...had to be the glamor puss! ha! But "style " means a lot of things...all of them GOOD..
Thanks so much for the honor, Anne! I'll grab that lovely award right now!...As i loved Marilyn too...

thank you, thank you, thank you!..
XOXO, gypsy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Deb,

I knew it....and I can see you pregnant in a short tight dress and heels!!! I know the tallest pair I ever had, sans platform, were so tall I was basically balanced on my TOES. That was it.
Ah, those were the days.... LOL!!
Now they are a little lower (most of them), and I will--I WILL wear them again after surgery. That is my incentive!
Enjoy it stylish girl!!!
There's a little Marilyn in us all!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Gypsy, I knew this award fit you perfectly too!!! You, Deb and our *HeyDays*----I bet we wreaked some hell on men!!! LOL!!!
I still try's not the same.... ;)
Enjoy, enjoy!
I love having the Marilyn pic in the award column.


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