Saturday, December 5, 2009

For Holiday Fun.......

.......for the big kids and little ones too, go to the following link.
DH  called me from work to tell me to check on the Grissom ARB homepage website for a link to Fun Things To Do In December; this goes directly to the NORAD page and there is a LOT of great stuff! A grand time for all!!!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

P.S. Pass this link on to anyone with children; they will have the best time especially closer to Christmas Eve!!! I am sure I remember seeing a Santa Tracker on the site!


Georgina said...

This is just too cute...going to send the link to my daughter for the boys!!

She took them this morning to visit St. Nikolaus at this Catholic Church. The kids really didn't know the story, so she gave them a quick update on the story. Unfortunately, Black Peter was not present...not P.C.!! She used to scare the crap out of poor Ian when he was little and tell him that if he didn't behave, Black Peter was going to kidnap him and take him away...the poor kid would scream, I'd scream at her and she would scream back!!! LOL Anyway, we laughed about that one this morning...poor children, they never had a chance at a June Cleaver kind of wonder they're all messed up!!

She said the St. Nick was this tall, skinny guy with an East TX accent and when the 5 year old told him he was coming to their house, he didn't have a clue as to what Zach was telling him..moron..should have done his research.

I smell bacon and I'm ready to vomit...have lost my love of bacon since the last bout of stomach ailments, so time to put on the Glade candles!!! Have a good one and when is it you go into surgery?? I promise it will snow the day you have to drive to the hospital!!! LOL

Love ya,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


ROFLMAO!!!! Oh yes, I remember the stories of Black Peter, from being in Germany, and meeting the *real* German Father Christmas on dark, snowy evening---it was magical!
Sad that so much is lost due to P.C. crappola.
I can only imagine the scene with your daughter---laughing as I think of it and I am sure Zach wondered what was up; kids don't miss anything....
I will be cut upon on the 16th. And yes, no doubt, it will snow.....lots. And lots. Oy.
Well, I must get something done today......I keep trying to get to the camera and life keeps getting in the way.


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Anne,
Oh dear, you're soo young to be having a hip replacement!
My friend and mother in law have both recently had a hip replaced.

My mother in law's operation was two weeks ago. She will be released from rehabilitation on Wednesday. My other friend did not go to rehabilitation and is also fighting very fit, highly motivated and doing 400 exercises
per day.

Remember to wiggle your toes.
Thinking of you.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

18 days ???? . . .why oh why did I click that link?!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Anna Rose,

I fractured the thing through a stupendous fall earlier in the year. Had a jerk doc, or I would not be going through this now. But they sent me a RED BIO-HAZARD container for the sharps I have to inject myself with. I'm supposed to take it back....HA!
Paint brushes are going in it and I'm saving the sharps for art!
It will be fine---I'm a tough old bird......
And I woke up doing ankle presses this a.m. Talk about OCD......


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


You clicked it because I sent evil thoughts your way so you could freak out about the 18 days!!! LOL!!!
There's some other fun stuff on the site...litle village, etc. And to think, NORAD used to just do the radio broadcasts of where Santa was spotted on their radar. Guess I'm a big kid at heart!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Coming to your blog is always a delightful treat. First I know that I'm going to laugh my butt off, I know that I will see something fantastic and the music is always, always HOT!!!!! You bow before your greatness lady! You are something else!!!! I mean that in the best and most honorable way! You ROCK!!! I love this vintage Santa! It's so wonderful and I plan to follow that link as soon as I finish with this comment. Hope that you had a most wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!!! I've come out of my food coma and now I need to get up and move! Sending you many hugs and kisses my dear! Have a good week!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Vanessa, dear, food comas are the *Mode Du Jour* of the season, don't you know???
That link is a blast! There are games, etc, and Advent calender type town, all sorts of cool stuff besides the Santa Tracker for Christmas Eve!
I was supposed to post art today and am too tired; will catch a church service on web--getting ready for this surgery is taking a lot of my creative time and I am NOT happy!!! Need my art time to stay semi-sane! LOL!!!
Thanks for the nice words...I do love my Jazz.... ;)
HAve a great week girl!


Deborah said...

How cute is that!!! SPC Ryan still has not forgiven me for telling him as a child that the news reports on TV of tracking Santa Christmas Eve on the radar Doppler was real! teehee! **blows kisses** Deb

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