Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun With The On Line Studio Tour And Another Welcome!

Good morning everyone!
I was going to go without a photo today (posted last evening from DHs computer) but decided to share another of the sunrise fact, the sun is not even up here yet!
I had to mention how much fun the on line Open Studio Tour was, how I could have spent much, much more time at each blog or website and how I have noticed that it has connected more of us! I have a WELCOME this morning for another new follower, Janet Happy Girl! Like my header says, sometimes a miracle happens Janet, and I actually get to post some ART! LOL!!! Or I post pictures of my parakeets, and that's when I am desperate for blog fodder! (though I noticed you are a *birdy person* too!)
It has been fun seeing more of us connect, more people have their blogs visited, just more GOOD out there.
I wish I could say I had a favorite from the studio tour, but I liked different things for different reasons...I guess the one thing that was so encouraging was seeing how many artists are recycling furniture and other items to meet their creative needs, and putting their real efforts (and cash!) into their arts. I was struck by the good and inventive use of articles that normally would go into a landfill to serve as holders, storage, etc. I think, even if a lot of the country hasn't caught on, Artsy people know the value of reuse. We are, officially (because I say so!) trendsetters! We knew that, of course. ;-)
I had to give myself some down time yesterday and am still knitting the Noro socks, but they are soooooo close to done. That has been like knitting a rainbow. Plus it's feet up, off the hip, snooze on the couch, and it's a win-win situation though it gauls me that I'm not going at my usual 100 MPH pace.......grrrrrrrrr........oh well, sometimes one has to give in.
Anyway, congrats to all of you who put studios up on your blog and welcomed us in, and thanks to those of you who came to visit us; it really means a lot!
Now I'm off to see what mischief I can find for the day. Hope you all have a productive time and enjoy the new friends you have found!
I bid you.....



Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, another sunrise lovely.
Yes, I sure agree about the very successful Studio Tour!..I am still finding ones to enjoy!..
What a great collaborative effort..and I thank everyone too!
So pleased to hear you are slowing down a bit, least for;re being a good girl! lol!
I'm off again thursday sew club!..I will mostly tell them of my art escapades yesterday! quilts!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Jean----ME???? Being GOOD??? (well I'm always good....LOL!!!!)
Yesterday was slow; today I'm off with a charge---getting a proposal written and some photos to take, laundry and dishes done and self cleaned too, then to straightening banner fabric.
I hope you post your art escapades on your blog! And I still want to post your collage work when I get that one piece of mine finished from the tutorial. Oy.
I, too, am still trying to hit all the studios; hopefully I did not delete the link....that would be my luck!
Have a great one!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

The tour was great fun and I've discovered several new blogs that I will be following...and yours is one of them. I have you on my RSS feed so I don't miss anything new. When I have some time I will troll through your older posts too, because I know there's some good stuff to see.
Mary Anne (better known as MA)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi MA!
Welcome! Truly, the tour was wonderful!
Also subscribed to your feed, and wanted to comment on the post with the link to the *art critic* on another blog.
I had that happen, with some of my serious work, which was hung in a cafe and a very loud obnoxious woman was just ripping each piece to shreds. She was not an artist, nor a gallery owner, just over-opinionated. I let her finish her scathing rant, then as she was walking up to pay to leave, I walked over and very calmly introduced myself to her and told her I was the artist whose work was hanging there. She turned a light shade of green, mumbled an "oh...." and departed the cafe as fast as she could! I'm not sure I've shared that story here.....
Will spend some time checking your site; this a.m. it is attending to some paying work!

P.S. There is good stuff interspersed with a lot of humor and just my daily life, and that borders on numbing..... ;)

Georgina said...

I'm still threatening to show a tour of my mess!!! hahahahaha!! All the studios were so organized...what's wrong with me???? I'm organized in everything else, why not one of the most important if not, the most important place in my house??? Anybody want to tackle my psyche?? Ok, Ann, I already know your opinion on me...give someone else a chance!!! LOL I enjoyed the tour so much and I'd like to have a studio like yours when I grow up, really!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Georgina,

Did you notice I did not have my SEWING STUDIO on the tour? Hmmmm????? And do you think there is a reason for that? Because there is so much STUFF---everywhere!!!---that I can't put away or I'll forget it, lose it, or just not DO it. The whole place is ripped up and restructured for the church banners, I'm crawling under makeshift tables to get from one side of the studio to the other (and praying my hip doesn't go in the process....DH would never find me....) and all I want to do is escape to the wet studio and PAINT! (avoidance issues)
I think, you have a creative mind, talent, and way too much to do to worry about cleaning the studio up to perfection. I mean, if it works, it WORKS!!!
And some of the uber-studios, yes, they're pretty, but I'd have them wrecked in three days flat. >:)
Trust me.


Jan said...

It's good to see your sunrises because I am rarely up early enough to see my own. You reminded me to go back to the studio tour list and look further at some. I guess I have mostly been gone the past few days. The sun has been out too, so it is hard to be indoors.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jan,

We've had rain or gloom here, so it's been easy to stay in. Yesterday it was far to easy to curl up on the couch and rest with the knitting. I would LOVE to do that today but have a few things to accomplish before I can even consider it.
Looks like a nasty wet Fall, which will ruin the opportunity to get good pics.
And I see the sunrises almost every day; wish I could have gotten todays as it was subdued with navy blues and purples and just a bit of orange. Not enough light to try.


Ces said...

Anne, my dearest friend. Please come over and meet my dearest friend Deborah. There is an award waiting for you over at my blog!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Ces!!!!
Beyond words of thanks......see post on your blog!
Sniff and gulp!!!


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