Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Online Open Studio: Cloth Paper Scissors

Okay friends, I had to bite on this one! I know some of you have seen the wet studio before, but for those that have not, I will be posting pics and the story behind it and what my art means to me on October 3rd. Cloth Paper Scissors is offering an incredible opportunity for artists to post their studios for the cyberworld to view!
Despite the issues with health of late, I can still do this and share work with those who might not have seen my little corner of the mixed media art world. I am thinking this should be FUN! What an opportunity to visit other artists and see how and what they produce; what their workspace is like, what art means to them either from a financial level or a healing emotional level, as I assume we will see all aspects of the production of art.
So if any of the rest of you are interested, click the photo to go to the CPS site and find out how to join in!
To all of you, I bid....



yoborobo said...

That's a great idea, Anne - you go, girl! I don't think my work space would be terribly inspiring. I'm lucky to find the chair in all the clutter. :) You have a fabulous day!

Linda Moran said...

Thinking of you today during your doctor visit.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Pam, DO IT. I think that's the point---that everyone who creates doesn't have these multi bazillion bucks studios. Your work is too good not to take part in this.
Don't make me have to TRY and kick you! LOL!!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Linda---I'm just ready for it to be over so I can either work out here or crash and knit! (you can tell my priorities, eh???)
Have a good one!


thewayibe said...

Good going Anne! I knew this was right up your alley. Look forward to seeing your pics on Oct 3's post. Perhaps someday they'll put in their magazine....well you can always hope right.
Later, Kathy L

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo...i'll look forward to that,Anne! I have often thought we should all show our work spaces!...mine is more of a quilting spot than painting!...
altho it can change in a flash..now, where did i store my easel? lol!
you're in my thoughts today...

Georgina said...

Oh no, I don't dare show off my studio...it looks like someone threw a hand grenade and shut the door!!! Mine would be one of those "before" shots with no hope of an "after!"

Thinking of you, lady,and praying. Had to turn out the St. Jude candle when I left town, but will turn him back on for ya when I return to home on Thurs. Enjoying my time with my little Penis Posse, and the newest member loves to be sung to...especially, "You are my sunshine."

Oh btw, I got out of that wedding coming up this Friday,but unfortunately,it wasn't the way I wanted to. My dearest and bestes aunt passed away Monday morning and my mother is just too sad for words...was her older sister. How I'll prepare for a funeral instead of a wedding...oh well, be careful what you wish for.Peace out!

Anonymous said...

oh sigh :( we are remodeling at a snails pace. There will be no entry for me for at least a year. Maybe next time.

I am praying for you my native friend. Indiana weather sure did take a massive turn over the last 36 hours no? Oy. Hard to predict anymore what I should wear. I just get up and think, cold/hot? socks or shorts. :)

I'm still waiting on my recent results but I won't be surprised to learn i'm still high on the inflammations chart.

Be well Anne, or at least be moving! Hugs. Tammy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi all---a quick peep; thanks for stopping by---I will post tomorrow morning whenever I roll me arse out of bed and let you know how the day went. it was down right COLD up in Ft. Wayne and I was having a hot flash, so that says a lot.
But then again, it's Indiana....
Nice day with hubby....
Gotta crash---hugs to you all and full update tomorrow.


Ces said...

Anne, ahh! How was the orthopod visit? Is a wet studio one where you wear a wet t-shirt? :)

Sometimes cursing takes away the pain as long as it is not directed to anyone. What you see outside of my art world is 2/3rd of what I do and for twenty years was my major activity because I did not do any painting or drawing during that time period. Entertain? I am now afraid to get on top of tables.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ces---LOL!!! Sometimes it's a *wet everything* downthere when I drop the water basin or turn the tap on too fast in the sink, trying to get medium out of the brush I've forgotten about! And if you're going to table dance to entertain us, well, clothing at your own discretion! HA!
I am going to post today on the visit; good, though others might not think so. That Ortho and I get along just fine---intelligent man.
I was serious about the musing of art/medicine---so many are gifted with both.....


Julie ZS said...

Coolio, I'm glad you're doing the tour also Anne! Can't wait to see your pics.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh I got anal and probably took waaaaay too many.....oh well!
it's fun to see how we work, though I did clean the pile-o-crap off the extra table down there, so you could see it! LOL!
Otherwise, it's pretty much as it usually is!


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