Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last Green of Summer; A Productive Day

Random thoughts from a lovely, sunny Fall day........

It seems of late I have posted about a lot of things NOT getting done or going well. Yesterday was one of those rare days you get many things done, but it feels like it went quick and easy.
First off, I love this heart shaped leaf from a volunteer Redbud tree. We have lost a lot in Indiana to some blight brought in from out of state trees sold at cheap discounters. Bleah! This one was so perfect.......that bit of bronzey-red atop the large green leaves. Click the pic for better detail; I left the size fairly large.
The Rose Live Forever along the drive has managed to survive quite well. I've run over the edges a few times with the car, the raccoons had a hey-day in it, the bunnies *prune* it. It just grows. And blooms. I can ask for nothing better!
I spent most of the day checking things off my to-do list:

Car tire fixed.
Grocery shopping done.
Laundry in some stage of *done-ness*.
Changed settings on FaceBook Apps.
Worked a lot in the studio on the church banners......though, again, that doesn't *show*.
Cleaned the kitchen, somewhat.
Had time to sit and laugh with hubby.
Did some lengthy art related research online for a possible purchase.
Spent time doing some heavy decision making.
Took a break to wander through the yard for a moment and enjoy the last of the green.
Finally, sat to deal with e-mails, etc. that had piled up and print out some necessary paperwork.
Avoided the dreaded cleaning out of photos from the blog folder and also other places on my computer, as that is a two day process and I needed to sew. That's okay.

My post count is rising and it seems that just yesterday I was setting the blog up, wondering what to write, or who would read. What was the purpose? Was it for my own benefit? In the interim, I have found out otherwise. I've found my voice again, I have found delightful friends, I have learned, I have shared my knowledge, I have shared laughter and tears and triumphs and the skinned knees of life. I've become part of a larger vocal and visual chorus that I enjoy immensely. Heading into the dark of the year is not as daunting with my network of fellow followers and casual readers, and those whose blogs I visit regularly. I wish (selfishly) that those who visit, even once, would post just a hello to have an idea how far this reaches. But it's okay anyway.....

Thank you. We are each a link in a long line of voices and visions. Let's keep it unbroken.

And now, I am off to work, sewing most likely, though something else always seems to get thrown into the mix. I think there is a cake that needs baking too.......



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a list - you were productive!

I feel exactly the same way about blogging - I also started out having no idea why I was doing it. But the blogging community really is a pretty remarkable one - and being part of it is very rewarding.

Enjoy your day sewing - or eating cake - whichever one takes precedence!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Like Marie Antoinette, I would PREFER cake! LOL!!! However, I have a feeling it will be sewing, or worse yet CLEANING....ugh.
You have such an amazing following---I still am blown away at the number of people who are out there who blog, read, and comment. And then there are the ones who just read.
I guess I am a stats geek....just curiosity!
We are most lucky!
Now off to write todays list, hit myself in the head with a rock, and sit back at the computer and drink coffee...... ;)


Leslie said...

You wrote:
Thank you. We are each a link in a long line of voices and visions. Let's keep it unbroken.

I write:
No, thank you for the daily dose of things that make you go Hmmmm?, the laughter, the gorgeous photographs, the ideas and the art!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You're more than welcome, although I have had enough "Hmmmm.....s" in my own life of late; I'm thinking I want solid answers! LOL!!!
I know---you're talking art related.... ;)


audrey said...

A beautiful post - You take the words from my heart and state them so well. Thank you, Anne.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I just like to talk, and when thee is no one to listen to me blither, I write...LOL!!!!
Hope you have a beautiful day there; it is cool, breezy and sunny here: MY PERFECT DAY!!!!


Linda Moran said...

I love the lone water droplet on the heart leaf - really beautiful and serene. Take care with the heavy thinking...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, that nice "heart" in the photo is finding a four leaf clover!..Good to see you out taking photos, anne!..

I only started blogging after i gave up my Digital art group...
wondering what on earth i would
find to talk about..of interest to anyone!...its great how all of this just evolves..i love coming in here each morning to see what you're up to! lol!..such a beautiful network of friends!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Linda,

Yes, heavy thinking is crap I try and avoid too often, but too many things have surfaced recently to avoid brain is tired today! LOL!!!
You ought to snag the heart leaf pic and photoshop it---see what happens!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Isn't it funny how we think "what do I say" and slowly it starts to grow? And also the people you get to meet....wonderful!
I still have not uploaded all the Fall pics I took the other day----I absolutely MUST clean out the folder with the digitals because I am afraid of losing some of them. I'm thinking about a couple of thumb drives to download onto.
Then I could lose THEM....LOL!!!!!


Georgina said...

Damn, woman, you did all that in one day...I'm impressed. Yesterday, I burned the beans, that was the big one for me!!! This was the second time I burned beans, the first was when I was first married to Dr. Ditz, oh he wasn't a doctor then, then the second time I attempted to make them, I made enough to feed Ft. Bliss!!! going to try making beans today and this time stay in the studio where I can smell what's going on!!! LOL

Have a great weekend.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Georgina.....good luck with the beans! I am assuming they are the dry ones? I always have them half cooked, with *crunch* in the center or mushy slop....I know my limitations! (although I do make good NOLA red beans and rice..)
I'm doing sloppy joes in the crock pot, so I can't burn that! And I can work in the studio too.


Anonymous said...

Oh...sloppy joes sound good...I love my crock burning of the beans there....or could you? ha! I discovered a great simple recipe for kale and chick pea soup.
a meal in itself...ham cubes and sweet potato turned out delicious...maybe i'll post it on my blog!
Georgina, you're delightful...
DR! tell us more! hehe

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oooooo, please post the recipe!
And yes, the sloppy joes were great! I am so stuffed I could pop. I have no sense.... <:)


Bunny said...

Sad to see the green going but a new season is being born. Love your list of to do or done things happy to read you are feeling better. Happy Ps

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Bunny,

As much as I hate to see summer end because I love shooting so many pics, I adore Fall and Canadian Hockey and getting out the sweaters and hand knit socks!
We're lucky to have a nice transition right now.....rain scheduled for part of the upcoming week so that may or may not help the color. At least I got one day of pics shot!
Hope you have a nice Fall up there!


Ces said...

First of all, I love the macro shot of the redbud leaf. I love leaves and trees!

Oh yes, isn't blogging great? My favorite reason for blogging is the fact that my cerebral cortex gets a lot of exercise. My blog friends inspire me to create more.

Ooh! Your list made me tired. No wonder you needed a day off. Good for you!

Take care dear Anne!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ces, I too love trees and leaves and got the most amazing shot of an old stump that looked sculptural the other evening---thought of you and your B&W work---it would fit. I have to upload then to the computer.
I have found blogging helps me from becoming completely nuts AND senile (LOL!) and I again have learned to use words. Used to write a lot but gave it up.
Yes, blogging pushes a person gently to do wonderful things.....:)


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