Saturday, August 29, 2009

Down for the count.....

"Mine....all MINE! Don't even come close...."

(equal time for my other little feathered fire-ball, Johnny, who I dare not open the cage door to photograph or he will be gone! he is ALL ATTITUDE, the exact opposite of Joey, and a handful. dive bombs me when I feed and water him, then sits and laughs. yes LAUGHS. especially when he knows my head hurts. Oy.
can I pick them or what????? and that's it for today.....)

....Sorry folks, no art, no content, just another sickening migraine that makes it interesting to even try and SPELL! (let alone see the screen and type words and not drivel....) And that's after taking the meds!
I'll be back with you all tomorrow; I hope that everyone's weekend is good, and fun, and above all else restful!
And now, to find two large boulders to place my head between and squeeze it flat...... ;-) .....kind of like the Three Stooges.....WOOOO WOOOOO WOOOOO!!!!!!
Until I can think, and you are better served with photos , art and writing---as always---


A quick P.S........better this a.m. but still not functioning. Going to hide someplace dark and quiet today (or try to). May just go sit in the cellar in the wet studio and stick my head under the table....LOL!!!! Don't think I can stand the lights yet to work........WAH!


audrey said...

Johnny and Joey are beautiful birds, Anne. They are so colorful ~ what artist would not like them?
Glad you are feeling a little better. (:

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love them both, save their feathers, and they're spoiled ROTTEN but boy! If anyone thinks birds are passive and don't have personalities.....they are wrong!
Johnny is the funniest, orneriest, MOST VOCAL little bundle of feathers.....
Open that cage door and he is GONE. I don't know how I got two that are so completely at the opposite end of the spectrum. LOL!
Working before I have to hit the couch again......



Gayle Pritchard said...

Oh, Anne, I do hope you feel better soon. Have never suffered from such headaches, but I do feel for you. Into the dark until you feel better!

yoborobo said...

Oh, Anne - I am so sorry! That sounds nasty. I had a neighbor in CA that used to get those, and I could not believe how sick she got. I'd tiptoe into her room with food (trying not to trip because she had black-out shades in there for just that reason). Not fun not fun. Sending you a hug, and DARKNESS, and cooling thoughts. xox Pam

PS Johnny is beautiful! :) The little dickens.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey girls....

Just working through it in the studio till I get to the point of seeing double---SNARF!!!! Then I give in and go sleep and medicate. Too far behind from the stupid hip! LOL!
That bird......I call him DH's bird....what a little fart in a skillet! We had to get rid of the disco ball; he thought it was *another bird* and was, hmmmmmmm, well, behaving like a mating male??? Were afraid he'd get himself hurt, plus he just got mean too.
Children....they have to be easier????? :)

peggy gatto said...

Love your birdies!!!!!
And as for the purse you liked, that would be mine!!!!
Thanks for coming by!!

Jan said...

these guys are so gorgeous, like mini Mel's. sort of. Okay, maybe nothing like except they are all beautiful and birds. Hope you are feeling better by now.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Peggy--
I'm not exactly a purse person (because I forget them places) but those two....ummmmm, yeah!!!! They were cool!!!



Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


They are Mini-Mels when they decide to tune up and have a peep-fest and deafen me!!!
How can something soooo small have a voice so BIG???
Now if I make it thru tomorrow Without falling apart, I will be ready for the rest of the year. I'm ready for Fall, and Halloween, and Winter. Enough of August.



Ces said...

Hello Anne. I hope you are relieved of the migraine by now. Oh Anne, I am so sorry to read about the Fiesta! Oh well, win some lose some. :():

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