Friday, August 28, 2009

Day out for lunch........

"Oh my! This is sooooooo tasty!"

A quick PEEP from me before I have to go get *beautiful* (quit laughing.......) for a lunch out with a friend.
And WELCOME to another follower, though she's been a lurker I love her anyway! heehee!
Spent most of the day yesterday in the studio actually getting some work done on the Advent banners, but it's nothing I can photograph at this point. Still just pattern making, readjusting sizes, adhering fusible to fabrics, ironing (lots of that)....I mean, this is the not-at-all exciting part as far as photos go, but it IS exciting for me because this is when I start firming up in my mind's eye how they will look. Rooting through my massive stash of fabrics for a few shimmery pieces to highlight the's beginning to get a little interesting.
Plus I was able to find some fringe to complement the BOLT of fringe I bought already that I was not satisfied with.
My profit margin on this project????? I'm thinking zero. Just as long as I don't go in the hole......and they'll look good, and that's all that matters. Grace UMC's sanctuary will be beautiful for Christmas!
So little Ms. Socialite is outta here to start fixing her feathers and do the complete make over thing before stepping out into public. I don't want to be arrested for indecent exposure; i.e. face sans make-up!!!!
Have a good day, and yes, that's my sweet little Joey in the pic, not the blue-demon-fireball Johnny who tries to take a slab out of me every time I clean his cage.

With or without feathers.......... ;-)



Leslie said...

Sounds like yesterday went well and today will go that way too... Have fun, what a cutie pie..

yoborobo said...

Morning, Anne! Joey is so cute - he's got his eyes half-closed in a blissful way. :) Glad the banners are shaping up. I know they will be beautiful. I also know firsthand about the 'profit' thing. Sometimes it best not to think about it. LOL! I always tell myself, "As long as I'm not paying them to take it, I'm good."

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Yes, all things considered, it went good. Once I get on a roll..look out.
It's just the getting ON the roll!!
Yep, Joey is the sweetie-pie......his brother, well, exact opposite! Like kids! HA!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Oh I hear you on the profit, and on the banners usually I can make a little money, but supplies have just skyrocketed since the last sets I made. And I want them really nice. I think I'll tell the church if anyone else asks about them, to tell them a higher price. Don't want to price myself out, but on the other hand.....oy.
Joey loves those orange treats....mows through one in a day! I can't give them to him too often, but he always looks soooooo happy!!!
Off to try and look human....
HA. ;)

Marilyn said...

I am so stuck on the photo of the bird.... It is so-o-o-o Beautiful!! Your photography is flawless!!
I just posted a HUGE Give Away on my Blog! Come on over & leave a comment to enter!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Marilyn--will try and get by tomorrow; have a wicked migraine and ready to post a *no-content* post for tomorrow.
Simply cannot SEE.
Hopefully will feel better in the a.m. and won't miss signing up!



Dana said...

Just a quick Hello!..
Sorry to hear about the migraine, Anne..Hope tomorrow will be better.. I am having a great time with Dana..we finally settled into some sewing on the quilt blocks.. she is spoiling me with her wonderful cooking!
I'll pop in as i can...
ooops..this will look like her comment...just noticed she is signed in..not!
too late to change it now...forgive!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL!!!! Confused as is from migraine meds and reading the post and thinking...Hmmmmm....this sounds like Jean....... ;)
Glad you're having fun!!! Not much happening here this weekend---tomorrow's post (Sunday) will have some substance but as for Saturday....just me whining about a headache. MAN! I thought I was over these. Wrong-O!
HAve a good one!


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