Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Calm Before The Storm (or; the bedlam before the banners)

(click these pics to see the MESS I work in while trying to get it all together in my skull....)

I have to admit that I thought all the different pieces I had ordered for the banners would be here today, I would be able to bridge the gap between the worktable (disaster you see above) and the sewing table--which you don't see, and be semi-happily cutting lengths of fabric.
Hmmph! Not so.
The three purple fabrics for the candles arrived, along with a sheer olive embroidery.....???? To which I might add I did not order that. So that forced some rooting on my part and thankfully I found some beautiful rose vintage silk for the fourth candle. Yes, I ordered pink sturdy silk and got olive......sheer.......embroidered. Oy.
The jacquard for the Christ Candle has not arrived but I ordered it a day later, so that's okay. The two of those will probably be the last two I do since they will have beads sewn on. The other candles (two of each color) will be quicker. And remember those words because I will be eating them at some point in the construction. I'll keep the hot sauce handy......

I'm still looking for fringe, even though if you click on this photo, you'll see fringe. That was the Easter Banners that got waylaid due to me having to play mosh pit with the garage floor.
Oh! This is all too confusing!
So, since I don't have any progress to post on this project, I decided to take enough photos of doing a paper background like I did with the Madonna artwork and will try and post a quick tutorial on here. Uh huh, like I don't have enough going on as is, but I feel the need to get work done, and there is little I can do on the sewing now.
Also, and more importantly, today I received the darling painting I ordered from Pam over at yoborobo and she put in a delightful little print of *The Bird Lady*...which I swear is ME----one parakeet on each side! (except the printed ones are well behaved, and mine are not......) If you've not checked her store---and I'm pulling a blank here---it's on her blog, run over and have a look-see. There are exceptionally nice quality Halloweeny items and Day of the Dead; fine executed work and no detail missed in the packing. I should have photographed THAT but I was too busy tearing open my package, like a little kid at Christmas! What fun!
So in the mean time, as I sit and tap my foot trying to think up things to get into that won't get me arrested or thrown into a very hot place for a long long time, let's all go enjoy our day ahead.
Have fun, work hard, let your creative spirit soar on little parakeet wings!
And as always, from my heart, I bid you all,



Vicki M. said...

How in the h-e-double hockey sticks do you keep track on it all!?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I have no idea.......I think that somewhere in this thing I call a *mind* I have a very good processor.
I guess I'm just used to it---even getting the weird fabric I didn't order! (and yes, I wrote for a refund....)
Of course, I don't sit still well either for the most part.... :)

Linda Moran said...

This is going to be fascinating to watch- I've never really seen banners from start to finish - so post lots of pics! And I love the iris painting in the background! Since I'm married to Felix, our worktable would never have that much stuff on it - and I LONG to be able to spread out!!!!

Leslie said...

Lord love a duck, woman! So right off the bat, I so hope you photograph your process and steps as I REALLY wast to follow along on this trip for the Glory of God.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I kinda thought that unfinished painting might not be noticed or I would have cropped it out. See how long my attention span is???? Got that far and decided since I *could* do it, why finish???
I'll try and do pic of the banners, though honestly a lot isn't too entertaining. Just a lot of swearing..... :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Leslie......thank heaven the pics don't have audio with them. It gets pretty ugly sometimes. I have always joked with the ministers I know well that the banners are *baptized by fire* before they get to the church, so they should endure anything! LOL!!!!
The worst part is gathering and finding everything and it's starting to drive me nuts anymore.......okay, MORE nuts. :) I'm just glad I have this immense stash of stuff for when I can't find what I want.

yoborobo said...

Oh, Anne - it really sounds like it is going to be lovely! You do have to post lots of pics, because I've never known anyone who makes these pieces (although I have been in a few churches and wondered where the gorgeous altar clothes came from, etc.). I do not have the patience required for this kind of project! I laughed at your 'baptized by fire' comment - I think it makes the finished pieces stronger. :) Thank you so much for mentioning me, and I'm so happy you like the little painting and the print.

Have a great day - I hope you get the rose silk you need. xoxo

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well I wrote, and they already e-mailed back that they're sending the right piece, I get to keep the other one.....but I think I like the vintage rose silk I had better (isn't it odd how these things work out???) so I'll have it for something else.
I don't think too many individuals do liturgical work anymore; mostly huge companies. The convents used to do all the work for Roman Catholic churches, and there are still one or two out there that do work. It is a dying art, and mine are nothing compared to what I grew up with.
By the way, DH absolutely LOVED your work!!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

HOney, you don't know what a messy work table looks like. Trust me.

Now, I have to ask. Does that little sign on your wall say "Wicked Wanda's Witch Sh*t"????

I took a journey over to yoborobo - and I just love all the Day of the Dead work! Very very nicely done. I have to have a half good reason to...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL!!!! The sign says:
"Wicked Wandas With Shoppe"
Fine Spells and Potions

There wasn't one that said:
"Awful Annie's Assinine Antics"
so I was stuck with buying Wanda. ;)

As to the table---this is the CLEAN version. Just with some of the pieces out there that I am trying to figure out if there's enough, will it work, yadda yadda. It was worse before, it will soon be worse as I get working.
I just would love ONE TIME to see the studio spotlessly clean.......
Okay, off for migraine meds. This is the pits......

yoborobo said...

Please tell your DH thank you for me. :)

And I can't wait to see more pics...I'm sure it is going to be beautiful! xo

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I shall do that! He was fascinated by the little characters with the painted (?) faces, especially one that had big round eyes and a grin! He said (biggest compliment!) "It reminds me of Tim Burtons work" too!

Oh, tomorrow is a small tutorial till I get all the *parts*! HA!

Jan said...

When I click on your photos I find myself always trying to peek around the corners and look under things to see more than the photo shows. You keep some kinda sauce handy, but better not keep it too handy, don't want to be spilling it anywhere near these things!

Ces said...

Hello Anne,

I saw your avatar at Leslie's and I am so glad I stopped by your blog. I was reading it earlier during lunchtime but could not comment. I am so glad to see both the Renee Award and the Bella Sinclair Award on your blog. Your workplace is so intoxicating. It is the sign of a creative and busy woman and I love it! CONGRATULATIONS on both awards.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I suppose for someone who doesn't live with this mess, it looks entertaining. Someday I need to do a post strictly of photos of the studio; high, low, over under.....just to show the amount of C*R*A*P I have stashed...."just in case".
And thee is a lot less than it used to be too!
So remind me in an e-mail, and when I am having a slow blog-day (or week) I will do the photo shoot and ALL will be revealed!!!!
No one may ever read this again though......sigh....... ;)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Ces,

I am HONORED you stopped by! I check your blog frequently and am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the amount of artwork you get done (a bit envious too as my mind is always going in too many directions to focus so tightly as yours does!).
And most of all, thanks for the comments on the awards; they mean a lot to me and always seem to come along at a low spot when I wonder WHY I'm either an artist (of sorts) or blogging!
The Bloggosphere is a good place to be!!!

Anne....humbled....I'd kneel and bow but I couldn't get back up!!! ;)

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