Friday, August 14, 2009

Art; Redone! "Madonna of the Garden"

(please click the photos for more detail)

I am still amazed that the work you see pictured above started out from the square pictured below. Art is the most wondrous thing. Oh yes, at times frustrating beyond words, at times elusive to the point one wonders if anything is going to happen, and you're almost afraid of what might! (yes, we've all had those projects.....)
The whole point of this is change. I was willing to change what was there. I was willing to change elements I thought had to be in the piece. I was willing--sort of--to be quasi-patient while things dried and give it a good look and think.

There were so many different things used in this one piece I could not begin to list them; I think that would require a manuscript. But the main item was a mind open enough to toss pieces I really loved and wanted in here for pieces that worked much better. I could see the forest for the trees, for a change! ;-)
There is a particular serenity to the work even though it is busy, still has a fair amount of bright color and lots of texture. Really, the eye should be bouncing everywhere. It is not minimalist by any means. But it works for me. I'm happy. I'm ready for the multiple coats of finishing varnish.
I think!
And before I forget, a big Welcome to a new follower; most happy you are here with the blog! Join in when you feel like it!
I hope you have time to try something different, something you've started and then stashed, something that requires you to go a different direction.
It's such a good exercise for creativity and rethinking---changing the same old into something different.
Now get out there and enjoy the day ahead, creatively or just for what surprises it might bring.


P.S. The flowers at the top of the piece are Angels Trumpets....I thought they would be appropriate to include for color, but for the name also!


audrey said...

LOVE it, Anne!! What a transformation. The coloration, the additions, everything fits perfectly and it is so pleasing to the eye. You have proven that we can make something beautiful out of our mistakes! Thanks for the lesson, Anne.
It truly is a beautiful work of art.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Audrey!
It was a challenge, but I'm glad I decided to take it on.
Now to the varnishing.....ick...! :)

Jan said...

It feels serene because the Madonna is so serene looking, even with the knife in her heart. Somehow I accidentally opened your blog way back at the beginning of when you started this piece and I thought, "oh, Anne is starting a new piece already" not realizing it was the same piece! The transformation is fascinating and truly works. What are you, some kind of artist or something? Ha ha...I like the touch of the little blue stars floating around. This turned out fantastic, you have good reason to be pleased. Thanks for sharing your process. You are always inspiring.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I play at being an artist! I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be in real life.... ;)
Yes, it changed a lot from what I had in the first layout, but I like it a lot better. Too much *stuff* the first time. But you sort of lay it out and think, and retry, and think, and then scrap a lot and find something else.
I suppose I should call it accidental art as that's usually how it happens! LOL!!!

yoborobo said...

Wow - it turned out beautifully, Anne! I love how calm and peaceful it feels. The colors are perfect, with those little touches of blue. And the flowers overhead, what a lovely symbol...heaven? Peace? So tranquil! xox Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I just liked the glow of the flowers replacing the traditional aura of the halo---plus when we would visit New Orleans, these were the exact variety of angels trumpet that grew in the courtyard of the hotel where we stayed. So---no definite connection; whatever the viewer wants to read into it!
I'm in the process of getting the varnish on....which I do not enjoy---going around those little tiles of clay. Pooey! ;)

gypsylulu said...

It is looking gorgeous, Anne!
I wondered if N'Orleans came into the picture!..

America Alcala said...

Wonderful Anne! I love the background and it is just beautiful!:)

teri said...

what a spectacular transformation - love it!!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Yes, you know New Orleans sneaks into everything I do!!! I loved that pic of the Angels Trumpets. They won't grow here, except as an annual, but down there they get to the size of small ornamental trees!
Let's all move.....after hurricane season, of course! ;)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Meri---I was very happy with the B.G. It turned out much nicer than I anticipated and gave me a few pleasant surprised along the way in texture and what picked up in and what didn't. Same with the stamps.
Sometimes you just luck out! :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Teri---thanks! I look at it and think "this should be a class....." but that would require much thinking and then the doing and then the getting it all together and where to do it.
I'll just sit and be lazy and drink coffee instead..... ;)
Glad things are calmer for you.

Leslie said...

She's amazing. Thank you so much for sharing her with me.

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