Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcomes, Photos and Shameless Self Promotion!

Good Monday! I've got to admit that I have had more responses to the giveaway than I dreamed I would, which has delightfully brought me some new followers and to them I say WELCOME!!! I hope you are able to glean something good from this page and come back and comment.
Secondly, I have to point you to the
Community Artists Co-Op page for a little self promotion. Okay, I'm really asking you to go check it out because my friend Val is working hard to make a nice looking blog for the group, and just because it happens to feature moi, well........just go look and leave a nice comment---okay? Val would appreciate it, I would appreciate it, you'd be doing something kind to start the week---that's all good, isn't it?
Now to my *work* yesterday. Studio-wise, there was little. I overslept, jumped out of bed at warp speed to get cleaned up for early service (which I did make with all body parts appropriately dressed) and then came home and crashed. the only thing I accomplished in-studio was what you see below; getting the marbled flowers with angelina in the centers sewn onto the background.

I had fused a sheet of different colors of the angelina first, but found it too much. It really fought with the other colors. So I tore off bits, rolled one end tight and inserted it where the flower stamen had been and then it worked. Hopefully the photos are clickable so you can see up close how nice this works.

These two show the variation in the colors of both the marbling and the angelina fiber. (it is messy stuff, you know......bits everywhere......)

And this is a great close up of the detail the silk flowers take from the marbling pan. I'm still pretty blown away by it; everything I ever tried to marble turned out looking like something that was regurgitated.......there is a fine art to the process. If you want some of the flowers, go talk with Linda at Marbled Musings and I am sure she can give you a proper deal. They're awfully fun....... ;-)
And to the rest of the day: mowing, scything the south edge of the field and taking the tiller apart and putting it back together. And it works!!!! WHOOOO--HOOOO!!!
Hope you have a productive week and not too much noncreative work to deal with.
Now go make art!


Leslie said...

It's really turning out to be VERY KEWL!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I just zigzagged the edges---did not want a big binding. The machine is giving me FITS, the e-mail server isn't working, and I'm waiting for the steam generator to act up!
Oh's Monday!!! LOL!!!
I just want it done so I can get back to ART...... ;)

Linda Moran said...

This is going to be a fabulous piece! I am going to have to investigate Angelina fibers - I know you had suggested them for my bamboo piece.

And - thanks for the publicity!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I like the angelina but it goes everywhere!!! However, it does have it's uses so overall, it's worth the trouble.
I'm trying to finish it up today, but so far, I haven't accomplished too much. I think I am going to finish the edges with twigs, because it will have an organic, oriental look.........thinking...... :)

Jan said...

Those little flowers are so cute! I have barely messed with angelina but it is sure shimmery and effective.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You need some flowers Jan.....repeat after me....Jan NEEDS flowers for her quilt..... ;)
I'm still having a nothing done day but there is always tomorrow after the Dr. appt.

teri said...

busy busy
looking good

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, I might have ruined it last evening......I have to rethink everything now.
I'm sure you've been down that road, and it's not a fun one to ride either!

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