Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This should be my motto.....

Needless to say I snagged this from somewhere; it was in a link from a friend so I have no idea who the credit goes to......but it is an excellent statement of life here at the moment.
I am supposed to get the computer back this morning, however, I have to get cleaned up to go to the Dr. this afternoon, and that is NOT a short process. So how I'm going to manage all this, I don't know. I should have told them I would call when I got back in and life would have been much easier.
No. Oh no. That's too easy. Make it hard on yourself Anne....drink more coffee and really do more stupid things.......FAST.
Last evening DH taught so I took advantage of the time (besides playing on Facebook) to start purging some of the old junk in my studio. I had probably ONE DOZEN bottles of dried up glue. They went. Other thing I don't know what they were or where they came from----OUT. In fact, I emptied one full set of drawers, six or eight, and also the *junque* on top of the drawers. I kept asking myself how artists can be such pack rats and produce anything. Or find anything.
I have put this off for a long time, but the purchase of two new sets of slim drawers for the wet studio forced me to come to terms with a bunch of crappola that had been ignored far too long. If I move THIS over HERE, then I can put THAT over THERE. And geez, that gets old.
I have a feeling you all know the routine far too well........sigh......
The only perk out of all this is there will be several empty sets of nice drawers I can give away when it is all done, which is sort of a motivation for me to keep plugging along. And the second part is usually when I am doing this, the next thing that happens is ART. It is this bizarre ritual of purging (though you could not tell it) then creating. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Now off to transform into the Sex Goddess (SNARF!!!!!!!)......or at least a clean and coiffed version of me.
Drink more coffee Anne; you'll believe anything!
Have a great day folks and I hope your drawers aren't filled with dried up glue.

Hmmmmmmmm........that sounded a bit odd........

Okay you know what I mean! May your studios be filled with plenty and may your creativity be abundant! Is that better????


teri said...

May your drawers be filled with dried glue????? something like that... too funny!
Maybe i should start drinking coffee!
I love the sign ... if it were a man holding the cup - it would be great for Tom ... I call him Coffee Man!!
Off to the shop!

yoborobo said...

Anne - you are so funny (of course, you ARE all hopped up on caffienne)! Thanks for starting my day with a giggle. I currently have about an 8 inch square on my work table that is NOT covered with needles, thread, paint tube, patterns, small canvases, and possibly a few alien lifeforms. Maybe I should follow your example today! Good luck at the doc!

Jan said...

a dozen dried up bottles? Yes, I'd say it is time for a purge. This seems to be going around, I have read the same thing on others blogs. Maybe I should do this....nahhhh, sounds too much like work. Don't move too fast, you know what happened the last time you did that.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

What a day......hot, tired, aching feet from the nose-bleed pumps but got an okay report.
Now I have to go try and wedge myself OUT of this dress and girdle and get busy with more purging.
Found a home for the spare drawer sets (YAY!) so that further pushes me to finish the project.
And have to sew some pearls, so all in all, my day is planned....at least what's left.
And I'm all for alien life forms....they're so DARNED ENTERTAINING!!!!! ;)

gypsylulu said...

No computer yet?...or did i miss something? lol!
Glad you found your way over and joined my giveaway list...thanks!
It must be spring again..as we all seem to be doing our cleaning out! only bad thing for me..it was cleaning out under my kitchen sink...had a small leak..geeze...when i need to be getting rid of all my dried glue! lol!....not in my drawers! hehe

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Oh, yes, we will get along great!! hahaha I love the graphic you snagged..I would love to snag it from you if that's ok?? You let me know...

With all of my studio stuff packed in totes, canvas bags, plastic bags, hanging out of sacks, laying here and there because for some reason I had to open a dozen totes just to remind myself what was in there and then had to pull out this fabric and that fabric! And for what reason?? NONE! Just simply to pet it I guess...I'm in major withdrawal..it's been over a year since I've had my stuff unpacked much less created much.

I do plan to try to weed out as I put things away this time...that is always so difficult for me because I always feel like I will need it at some point! It's happened too many times....of course, the dried up glue can go! haha

So I play with graphics which I truly love. So anywho....it's great to meet another spirited soul in blogland!

See ya,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Grab it and run!!! But get your caffeine FIRST!!!!
I'm still rooting through just plain CRAP. And I can't throw it away, or decide, so I go do something else. At least my tables are cleared off and I am ALMOST ready to restart a big project I had in the works before I felt the need to break my hip...... :)

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