Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Right Before The Rain.....

....I happened to get good photos of these delightful and extremely red day lilies. I always refer to them as my "Vampire Lilies" because they truly are blood red. The weather this year has produced much smaller blossoms than normal, and fewer of course. After weather, the petals water spot and the beautiful pigment is muddied or gone. These still do not display the true color and they are extremely thick petaled flowers. I love them and desperately need to separate them....but I don't think I can dig them this year.
I had also spotted my hummingbird moth, but it disappeared before I could get the camera around the other side of the phlox. If you have never seen one, well, they are quite appropriately named. What an amazing little creature!
Managed a bit of studio time yesterday and also decided I needed a *time out* and went to Quilt Guild. Wonderful program put on by Linda Grey, who does exceptional art quilts and when they asked for holders and folders, I was up as fast as I could go. (not that it was fast......) Saw old friends and it was a generally delightful evening, even with the rain.
Today it's back to the studio to put some finishing touches on a small piece that I have had for a long time, hated, nearly threw away and then decided it would make a great background for a proper collage! Ah, how I love this art form! Hopefully by tomorrow I may even have a picture of it on here to share! Have some other work to do also, and the usual about the house that is very slowly getting caught up since "the great fall". I hate cleaning but's beginning to look like a Frat House here and that is beyond even my tolerance! LOL!!!!!
I hope you all have a creative, fun, productive day today with whatever you do. Talking with a friend last evening who has her own blog, we decided bloggers are pretty much the best! (but you knew that!)

P.S. Since I finally could access the icons for everyone, I think I have all your blogs listed in "Places To Visit". If I should have somehow missed you, it is unintentional---please let me know via e-mail and I will get your blog posted. Thanks!


audrey said...

Anne, your "Vampire Lilies" are gorgeous. I have never seen lilies this color. What a glorious picture to see first thing this morning. Thank you for sharing!
Have a wondrous day!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

One of my friends who collects day lilies gave me that----it's just wonderful when it really gets to bloom.
Never seen one with petals and bud so fat and thick!

Leslie said...

Gorgeous pictures as always. Fun to see old friends as well. Did you take your long skinny piece for show and tell?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes, I did and it was well received! Everyone wanted to touch and feel it and see it up close.
I bugged out early to get my leg rested, but the meeting was a good time!
Nice to be among old friends! :)

gypsylulu said...

Oh, i just know they loved your quilt, Anne!
no wonder they wanted to feely touch it!
You must have a lovely garden of that red..
I looked at the paper clay sites...i am amazed at the things they make...guess it could be great beads too...only thing, i could not determine if it comes in colors..I gather you paint it..
I used to love mixing black and white Fimo... twisting and rolling it....getting great zebra looking beads! I
plan to ck it out soon as i get to shopping! a rainy old day here...soooo, might be another creative day..wheee!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The paperclay only comes in a white-ish color, but takes paints easily and if stamped first, you can add layers of colors that fall into the nooks and crannies. I usually put a layer on, leave it a sec, then use a damp rag to wipe off the top part. It is soooooo much fun! I think it is one of those products that, with some time experimenting, you could get it too look like just about anything. At our Hobby Lobby stores it is $4.99 for a package, and it is a big size, so it goes a long way. Very economical.
As to the garden, the flowers are just a bit stronger than the weeds this year. "Selective Cropping"!!!!! LOL!!!!

yoborobo said...

Love your day lilly - I've never seen one that color. Gorgeous! And we have those moths, here, too. Aren't they something? As for bloggers, I agree! Wonderful people (like us! LOL!).

Have a great day, Anne!

PS I'm going to buy some paper clay. :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes, definitely! We are stellar examples......SNARF!!!!! LOL!!!!
The first time I saw a hummingbirn moth I thought, gosh, that's a little bird and it's in the garden kind of late. Then I saw it closer. It finally landed and was just amazing.
I'll have to try and remember to be out towards dusk today with the camera and try again.
And yes, get the paperclay.
Should I do a tutorial on here?

gypsylulu said...

Woohoo..yes, yes! a tut would be great! i think i can go shopping tomorrow! lol!
I have no idea what i would make..
as i said, beads are my thing!
i see so many different things about stamps..i watched a Tim Holtz video on using the embossing powders..with the heat tool...i want to do it ALL!...gee.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think I need my own T.V. program....... ;)
Give me a few days; I need to get photos together, and I have a real *paying* project I have to get started on too.
I need more followers....LOL!!!!!
Sorry---a good afternoon with a friend and we had gotten way too silly and it's still spilling over here!
Maybe I can get one started for next week--okay?

teri said...

Wow! those are so bold ... I have never seen anything like them in the gardens I visit. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Finally......just wiped out from the meds but at least there isn't a Conga Line in the head! HA!
The lilies are even darker/more bluish than the pic shows. They're amazing.

gypsylulu said... rush, Anne! We would love anything you want to share
with us!...I was out for dinner with a friend tonight..and, guess what?...a Michaels was close by...
to my amazement, they had the paper $10.99 a pkg...thats Canada for you! But, of course got a pkg of it! My friend just no time yet to study the feels much more pliable than Fimo...already a big PLUS!
I'll be with my quilting friends tomorrow, but i'll look in when i get home!

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