Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Market For My Followers Who Sell (or Buy!) And A Killer Deal!

This is almost a blog giveaway, but better.......
I had the opportunity to talk with an on-line marketer for handmade items, and after viewing the site, I have to say I was impressed. While I did not go through every category, there is a wonderful amount of funky, interesting, quality handmade items posted for sale and the perk, in my eyes, is it is not so incredibly massive that new sellers work gets lost. The site is Trendy Indie and their stock is everything from Accessories, Art, Baby/Children Items, to Supplies, Going Green, Vintage, etc.---too much to list! The front page is a delightful, colorful and artistically designed intro with everything easy to find. There is a New Sellers section as well as a Supplier of the Week section.
Why am I promoing this when there is the *other* massive site? (no, I'm not mentioning names...)
A few of reasons:

1. Everyone can use another venue to get their work out there.

2. You have a sterling opportunity to try the site and lock in a long term price for your store page (see the pic below and click for the link) but this deal is only good for 30 days! Take note---30 days only!

3. I like the quality of the work and the prices, especially in the jewelry section. :-)

Gentle readers, you know I seldom do this---generally I promote other artists I know or a blog that I feel deserves more followers, but this seemed to be a good way in a tough economy to not only promote other artists but maybe help you find alternative sources for your products as well.
Now for those of you who strictly buy, I would highly recommend a trip there to peruse the merchandise! I could plunk down some bucks.....oy.......

Click above for 30 day special info!

Go take a look and if you know someone who might be interested, please send them here to my blog post and let's just have fun with this!
Now for you all, go do something creative and maybe a bit of shopping too..... ;-)


teri said...

i will check it out more completely
Leaving for the brick and mortar now
have a wonderful day, ANNE

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It is well worth a look; I have quite a few friends who list at the other place and say their work is lost in the masses. I know yours had been featured.
I figure the chance to have more than one option is always good.
P.S. Check the cool bracelets, the beady ones. I REEEEEEEEALLY like those....... :)

Linda Moran said...

Thanks for the lead - always looking for more!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hope it works out good for you; if you know anyone else, please send them this way so they can take advantage of the special price!
Hope you're feeling better!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!...thats quite an offer, anne...thanks for sharing with us...I am running late this morning! its noon and i have just had my brekky/lunch....brunch, i guess! I will look further in a bit! thinking today might be a good day to put away all my beads and get started on something new!...hmmm..what will it be?.
i found a couple of ready made canvasses at Michaels..
I usually make my own...but these were such a bargain..i could not pass it up...might try a collage on one, as you suggested. they are 16x i go big again! lol!..but not too bad.
Have a great day!...gypsy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I do most of mine on canvas panels because that way I can scrub the heck out of things and they survive!!!
I'm so far behind I absolutely quit today...... ;)

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