Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Passing Storms.....

(Click photo to see this marvelous cloud in detail)
.....in many ways. Last evening we were again under the gun in certain sections of the state, and I inherit from my father the *need* to be on the porch looking at the sky, but usually with camera in hand. All I can say is I'm glad this cloud did not hit us. However, recording these behemoths is something I enjoy, and there is such beauty in the massive, churning thunderheads.
Tomorrow will, most likely, be the last day for working on the circus banner and I intend to do my best to get a decent photograph of her---"Serena, the Snake Charmer". I spent the whole day yesterday painting, through heavy storms and humidity, standing on concrete (and laying on it too for low details), up a ladder and squatted down. One more day and it's over.
It will be most interesting to see what my therapy assessor has to say about my body today---how much of this misbehaviour will show for her to see. And what happens from there.
I am, though, in the process of making some personal decisions that may make others unhappy but I think it is high time I did for myself. Exhaustion, daily, is not good for healing. Frankly, it's not good for anything! So Anne is doing a little soul searching, and when I am finished, the storm clouds in part of my life will have passed.
I know I said I probably wouldn't be posting, but I have found I do love this blog, and the comments---the connections with people far and wide and I realize how lucky I am to have started this AND have followers.
And there needs to be art on here.
So there needs to be some changes made.
Storms pass and we survive, sometimes more refreshed after they are gone. It makes you realize what you have and what is important.
Here's hoping you have a storm-free day, emotionally, weather wise---every way possible! Get out there, grab the moment, and create!


Jan said...

Am I really the first?? The first commenter today? Wassup with Tristan? Where is Leslie??

I'm glad that you are taking steps to free yourself of the burden of too many irons in the fire. You truly deserve some Anne time. Time to heal, time to make art for fun.

I see it is Cole Porter's birthday today. Does your town have Porter Days or some such celebration? It is also Johnny Depp's birthday, although of course he isn't from Indiana but Kentucky. I glean these bits from the daily Writer's Almanac.

Here's hoping that your storms pass with no damage done and that you can soon get back to what you would like to be a normal day for yourself.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I'm here, Jan. :-)

We're having wicked wicked midwestern style storms today - I just took 20 minutes getting home from the post office (a five minute tops car ride) because the streets were underwater and closed down. So far, no leaks here. It's a miracle.


Julie ZS said...

Can't wait to see Serena! Glad your personal storms are passing on through. Hope your pt goes well and that you aren't in too much trouble. You Go Rest Lady!

Talking Horses Arts said...

Still "stormy" here....but getting there..lol. How come I here John Denver in my head singing...'sunshine on my shoulders....' could this be a sign?

Linda Moran said...

Take care of yourself! Sometimes we just need to listen to our bodies, even if we don't like what they have to say.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi all---I'm a day late in responses to this; yesterday was quite busy and I am dead this morning, but a good tired from good things---read the new post.
I am dealing with the usual here; the A/C is not working right, have to finish Serena today, have a half a dozen things to do and probably need to get out of the pajamas to do them!
And now I'm off!
I apologize for the lack of response yesterday---but I'm sure you've all had *those days*!!!!


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