Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Texture, Please

Continuing from yesterday, these are the corners with the pumice gel added. It is a product made by Golden and is good, but I mix it with a regular weight matte gel to keep it from being too heavy. I assume it is meant to be mixed with paints----I just want it as a base that I can then tint, glaze, or gently brush color over.
First I work in some black, letting the brush lay sideways over the rough surface.

When that dried, I mixed some Jacquard Aztec Gold powder with GAC 200 and gently hit a few places for some beautiful gold highlights. The two products work well together; the powder lets you get your glaze as thin or intense as you need. I find that having it just short of stiff it right to catch on the bits of pumice medium. Notice there is not enough of either to obscure the interference color laid on with the rubber stamp.

These are a few of the other elements I will be using in the piece. The stamped image is deliberately blurry; I loaded the stamp with Staz-On ink and then stamped on dressmakers tissue. Got a nice aged look, similar to old books when the presses were run by hand. The bottle cap is coated with black fluid acrylic on the back, then the inner lip is gilded with the GAC 200 and powder. It shines much more when you actually see it. These were shot in the wet studio as opposed to upstairs where the light is better.
That's all you get for now. I am still tinkering with layers of paper that are taking a bit longer than I thought to get the dimension I want. I could have used molding paste, but I don't think it would have given me the smooth appearance I need on this part.
Tune in again!
It will be the same, but DIFFERENT!!!
Now go have fun!
P.S. If you can't afford pumice gel, get a box of budgie grit and a small jar of matte gel medium. Put some medium out on a glass palette or plate, then gently add the grit. Add only a bit at a time; you don't want concrete your first go. (or maybe you DO, which is okay too). Experiment with this---I have used something similar to edge out canvas panels and it is a very economical way to add surface or tooth to artwork.


bernadette ostrozovich said...

good morning dear! up all night so here i am! you have totally corrupted me, y'know. ie: i've joined the anne school of thought and become more texture-y than ever! someone gave me a jar of liquitex glass bead texture gel a while back and i thanked them politely and thought, yeah right. well it turns out more is more in this area too because i am now waiting for the second layer of it to dry so i can see if maybe it needs a third, fourth??? re: your bottle cap. i am so very very picky about permanance. deco art no prime metal paint is my number one choice for metal. they suggest that you wipe your piece down with vinegar first. my guess is that the acid must etch the metal a bit. then paint away and let time take its best shot. the only drawback is, and it isn't really, is that the colors are pretty basic. so some mixing might be necessary. yak yak enjoying your music this am! summertime is playing right now. sounds sooooooo good! love ya'

bernadette ostrozovich said...


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I will have a layer (or two) of varnish on the caps, so I am not too worried, plus they will be glued, and the center portion will probably be filled with envirotex. I just wing it but will write down your suggestions for *next time*.
I have always wanted some of the glass bead stuff but have avoided it because of the cost. Actually, I have some loose glass beads....wonder if I could just mix them with some clear gloss gel medium? I might try that.
When I did my B&W Frida piece, I put gel medium on, then pressed them in. Hmmmmmm......the brain is cranking into gear slowly! You have me thinking!!!!
Hope you have a good day---anxious to see/hear more about what you're working on!


Leslie said...

I await with baited breath to see where these elements go...

My 12 x 12 is progressing in spite of the recent series of unfortunate events.

Thanks again for sharing some of the processes with us.

I learn something new every day as a result and that is a good thing.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

That's part of the point of the blog---get art info out there!
I'm anxious to see what it is you're working on!
There's a reason I am keeping this one a secret; will be obvious when it's finished!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


I can't wait to see more - More - MORE - MORE

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well neither can I but I am such a slow old fart that this is moving at a pace I am NOT happy with. Though I will work on it today. Awaiting a guest and can't head to the cellar until then.
Not to gloat----it's really cool up close! Wish you all could hold it under the light!

Georgina said...


I loooove it. May have to experiment a bit w/ texture. Many years ago, I made a painting with dirt, God knows we have plenty of that out here. It was different, but my poor brush died...I still miss that brush!


Georgina said...

This totally off the wall and has nothing to do with your work, but did you know that Rasputin's daughter was mauled by a circus bear in Peru???

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, I haven't painted with dirt yet, but I've probably injested enough to grow a shrub...
Are you serious about the circus bear here mauling the woman???? That would be a hoot to look up and see about the details!!!

Vicki said...

bernadette mentioned using vinegar before painting metal. metalsmiths use vinegar (sometimes, with salt) as pickle. Annealed and solder pieces are placed in warm vinegar to remove firescale, body oils etc.

I've heard of a killer elephant in Peru, but not a bear mauling. Hmmm, wonder who would know.

Vicki said...

ps...I used Golden bead medium in a I might even have a sample of it around here. If I come across it, Anne, I'll let you know.

Has anyone ever thought about these word verification "words"...maybe I have too much time on my hands this evening!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

No, some of the verification *words* are quite amusing! I've thought that frequently, though usually I get the ones that are 13 letters long......
I'd love to try the bead gel, if you find it!

Jan said...

Thanks once again for your generosity in sharing your process, techniques and tips. It's like taking a class, to read your blog.

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