Thursday, May 7, 2009

Art Tonight!

Hi All!
I was almost tempted to say there is no art to post today, but technically, there is. It's just that it's this evening, at Cafe Du Cirque at 6:30 p.m. here in Peru and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art will be doing their "Art and Espresso" program, which is free to the public! This time they will be featuring Famous Hoosier Artists, Past and Present. These slide shows/art talks are always fun and it's great because the audience can participate and ask questions and add to the content. I look forward to them! The outreach program with the Museum is fantastic; click on their link in my sidebar if you want to read more. They do a lot to bring art to distant communities and also to bring artists of all levels into the Museum. It is not a cold, quiet, static place where foot falls echo down empty halls---it's full of life, the way art is!
However, I am off to PT this morning, then home, crash a bit, clean up and in to the Cafe to set up for the program. And yes, I intend to try and wear heels with my dress, even if they are tiny heels! (a girl's gotta look like a girl.....)
So it's an *art day*.....just with a little different twist on it!
And after my adventures of late, hopefully it's not me twisting.....
Wish you all were here to come join us!
More tomorrow; have a great creative day, whatever you do!


Linda Moran said...

I so wish Tucson had something like this! Everything seems to be only oil painting, water color - and the theme has to be western.....those of us into other art forms often find ourselves out of sync with the local scene....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, believe me, it is not easy here either to do things outside the box. There are a lot of artists in Indiana that aren't the typical landscape/floral/portrait/realist type, and it is hard to get recognition. The Museum seems to have a different eye for what work is out there, and they help artists to feel comfortable doing what they do. It's the first step I've been aware of in that direction. So I feel for you; there needs to be some sort of locally run artists network to get the different types of work out there.
If I knew how to do that, I would be a wealthy woman! Until then, we blog!

Leslie said...

Hmmmm? I wonder if we've got something like this here. Pretty Kewl. Have fun.

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