Monday, May 18, 2009

A fast peck at the keys

Today is hurry up and hit the road for a few meetings and I am hoping that by this afternoon I can get back to the box canvas. I have to admit....there were several steps I did that I did not photograph. I was too busy trying to get things done (all at once) such as change the oil in the John Deere, do laundry, clean the kitchen, mow the acre and head to town to paint on the Circus Banners. And that last one is making parts of the body recently operated on most unhappy. I just keep forgetting I am NOT Wonder Woman. I'm sure it's just because I can't squeeze into those satin tights anymore....... ;) .......probably all that yummy pizza and Abita beer! From New Orleans, you know!
At any rate, if you all will bear with me, I will get some sort of art posted this week. I have no idea what at this point! I am hoping for the box canvas to be DONE by Wednesday evening, to take to Co-Op and show----not that it has anything to do with the theme we picked, "Peacock". That's the Mr. Mel piece that will go to Jan that will be shown. But I absolutely MUST show the other one off a bit!
And when I do post it, finished no doubt, there will be a lot of pics so it will have been worth the wait. I promise! Or I'll eat dirt. And even with my more-than-healthy appetite, I don't want to eat that. Now, a nice pot of crawfish, ahhhhhh, different story!
At least it appears we will have a sunny day here today for all my running and then home and try and think what I want for dinner. (something I don't have to cook---that's what!) I could have put a lovely outdoor picture up today, but you know me and monkeys....this is much more *me* except his desk is less cluttered!
So for everyone else, have a good day, have some creative time and enjoy yourselves! Don't let this be a typical Monday.......
Make ART!!!!!
Make creativity happen!
Have FUN!!!!!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

you do have a busy day! (changing the oil in a John Deere? LOL I'm not picturing it at all)
I can't wait to see more pics...I'm becoming completely intrigued and bewitched by this gold leafed, gold paint, textured treasure chest! I've even forgotten (and I tried to remember!) what was inside the canvas 'box'!
I'm hoping to get some time in to do mini-art - swaps and tht kind of thing that I really must hunker down and get finished!
Have a great day - don't over do!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

As my friend Chris says, "You're such a MAN!!!" Yes, I can do minor service on the yard implements! Seriously!
You can't remember what is in the canvas because I've not posted it yet---that is the BEST part and I think everone will be blown away!
Hope you get enough things done to make you happy! Good luck!

Linda Moran said...

I know what you mean about wanting to get back to art! Got to get through the next four days to finish school and then the summer is mine to create! I have been quite productive since mid-March, so I am hoping to really ramp it up!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It just seems like we all have moments of brilliance, then WHAM. All the real life stuff. I've had more than my share of that of late. I sure hope once your school lets out you have lots and lots of creative time and can produce great quantities!

bernadette ostrozovich said...

correction: you are THE man! love you now can you give me some of your energy???

Jan said...

My neighbor Tony said to me, "Jan, you're a Stud!" I was so flattered;-) So it is monkey shines today for Wonder Woman. Don't over do it and have fun.

Georgina said...

Holy Moly!!! What a woman!!!!!! Change the oil on the John Deere...damn, I can't even change the oil in my car....I can fill the windshield receptacle with fluid though...had to learn that, damn birds! Well, take it easy and take care of the hip...don't want to have to see Dr. Dick again!!!

JulieZS said...

Quick!Get some gold leaf on that monkey.
Then you'll have Monkey Shines for realz!
Take it easy Anne I don't want you eating any dirt either :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You guys are ALL CRAZY.....and I love you for it!!!! HA!
Long day--worthwhile, but tired. Same tomorrow. I thought I might have art time but that looks iffy. So out to clean out the dirty dishes..... >:(

Leslie said...

Yea, for getting back to art, boo for having meetings. You go GRRL!

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