Thursday, April 23, 2009


.....yep.....that pretty well describes it! You can consider that a big yawn or a scream or just hysterics because any one will fit.
I started the day out with, basically, three things to do. And then enough time to come home and rest and then maybe head for the cellar and a little art. Somewhere along the way, I got way off that track. I had four stops in Peru, the first time (note that--first), five in Logansport, then realized I had forgotten COFFEE, so back to Peru and home. Still okay---throw the groceries in the fridge and pantry, then rest.
Forgot I had a pile of paperwork to start on, then e-mails to answer, then business e-mails, then escaped to the tub but took the phone, so was taking calls while soaking, then back to the computer and somewhere along the line I thought--gee, I have a headache. Had forgotten to EAT.
Yes. I forgot to eat. That's something for the Guinness Book of World Records because Anne and food have a very loving relationship.
Was so tired I actually had to work on some simple art related items to keep myself awake before heading back to town for the circus banner priming and then came home and crashed.
And today is PT, early. And while it makes me feel better it usually leaves me exhausted. So once again, I'm going to try and come home and rest and then make some art. (because I have things in my head that need to get out onto canvas!!!!)
Any bets on this??? ;)
Aw shoot.....I have to cook tonight too. I sooooo would like a maid for a week........
No art content--I hope everyone else is having good productive days and that today is one of them!
I'm pretty sure that's a scream pictured above........
P.S. Save the photo to frighten varmints off from your attic or basement.......


Leslie said...

Oh my, better you than me. Yikes what a day.

Take Care of YOU.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


you're tired.

just spend the day in bed - perhaps sketch your idea while there, if you're afraid of forgetting them or losing the inspiration.

once we run ourselves down, our bodies and our brains and our creative juices suffer.

put your feet up.

there's no prize if you finish your work before somebody else.


(told you I like people to do what I say)

Jan said...

That sounds more like 2 or 3 days worth of activity. I hope today allows you to slow down.

bernadette ostrozovich said...

honestly girl. guess i got to get out of my pj's, borrow gas money, duct tape my jalopy together, kidnap you and glue your hyper butt to a chair! will you stop!!! this is why the good lord invented films and footrests!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love you folks!!!! Even if you do expect me to obey (AHEM! TRISTAN!) and someone else who wants to glue something to my butt??? Better get a WHOLE LOT OF GLUE!!!!! LOL!!!!
Hyper Butt.....that describes me better than anything else--I think I like that!
Hey, tomorrow is for ME. And I did squeeze in a little artwork, and I probably will be bad and go to the elementary school Art Night tonight because I love seeing the little kids stuff!
And yes, PT is going I treated myself to a trip to TJ MAXX and have a new top, pants and some cool Ed Hardy knee socks! YAY!
And I will try to behave at least a little bit.....phfffft!!!! ;)

Stitchwhiz said...

Anne, you are too funny! I'm cracking up thinking about the trips to and from Logan. No you don't need a maid, you need a wife:-) Cheers from DFW where things are warming up. We're getting a taste of summer already.

Linda Moran said...

Annie dear - Forgetting to EAT? Oh my ....but I can relate - sometimes school days are so busy I'm in the car on the way home and realize that I forgot to pee all day.....could it be age? Nah....

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