Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Value of Friends

I had a hard time when thinking about what to post today. Due to yesterday being Good Friday and DH home all day, going to church service mid day and then coming home to a late lunch, I never made it to the studio. I have to keep reminding myself that a day off is OKAY. While I spent a good portion of the afternoon fatigued (okay, we have an elevator at church to get to the chapel, but I chose the stairs, and it's an old church so, maybe in reality, two and a half flights to walk up....?) I was also hurting pretty bad from cold wet weather.

And I was thinking of Spring. And that made me think of my friends. Spring is that breath of freshness after a long cold Winter of dark days and bone chilling nights. All around me, I have cards and goodies my friends (both here and afar thanks to the internet, groups, and this blog!) have sent wishing me a speedy recovery. They check in on me via e-mail. I have to account for my time due to the fact they KNOW ME and KNOW that I might be doing something I shouldn't...... :) That might annoy some, but for me it is a sign of concern and love.
And they need me around a while yet either for entertainment purposes or other nefarious deeds! ;)
So I, right now, feel like the plants that fill my yard, trying hard to burst into bloom again and my friends are the elements that bring Spring.
The sunny days to lift you up, the warm rains to make you bloom, the longer days to strengthen you.
I feel like all those little green buds I see on the trees and the shrubs, just waiting to pop out and be fresh and whole. Flower blossoms almost ready to bloom........that waiting game. And all the time, my dear friends tend me---they leave comments here, we chat on facebook, I correspond through my Pirate-group and e-mail. There is a lot of love.
I encourage you to let your friends and loved ones know what they mean to you. Be it a casual acquaintance on a blog you like, comment and tell them they make your day. A coffee shop you go to where you feel at home--tell them. Someone closer, let them know that they mean much to you.
Say the things that this current world would like to harden and chill out of us; that we care for each other, that we are thankful for friends far and near, that we appreciate a service rendered, that we are indeed still feeling human beings and that LOVE above all else is our priority.
Let that little hope of Spring fill your heart and let all of us as friends support each other into full bloom.
Every day.
Stepping into new artistic territory or exploring the old.
Each creation we undertake as artists, as friends.
My friends are the Spring in my world after this long dark Winter. My friends give life.
And I thank you all for that.
Nothing more........XXXOOO!!!!


Vicki said...
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Vicki said...

Stairs at the church!!! Yee Gad wonder we have to watch over you. Hugs! ~8-)

Vicki said...

I wouldn't have to delete a post, if I could spell AND read before my morning ice tea

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL!!! LOL!!!! Yeah, I have to have the coffee handy, and even then, since the spellcheck on this thing is, well, nominal, I have to read and reread and REREAD. Of course, I don't have contacts in yet, so that makes it more of a challenge! HA!
It's okay...... ;)
And the stairs? Hey, I have to keep you guys in a JOB!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

lovely post

hope you have a fun holiday weekend

and stay off the freakin stairs

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I can't....I have stairs in the house to the second story, stairs to the wet studio, stairs to get to the garage and off the porch.
That's why PT was adamant about me learning to do stairs.
Mostly yesterday was the weather (cold/wet) and not enough rest/good sleep.
Better today.
Have a great weekend!!!!

Jan said...

Thanks for the sweet post. You make my day a little brighter every morning.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

And you do mine Jan with all the animal stories, ummmm, TWO LEGGED and the four legged variety!
The pics were from last year, when we had a good Spring and things bloomed out nicely.....

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