Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick updates.....PLEASE READ

Hi Valued Readers,

This morning is non-art related, but I'd like you to stick with me for a bit anyway. It seems of late I have been getting a few comments that are kind, BUT are adding a website that has nothing to do with what I feel *we* are about, and I have had to make the choice to permanently delete them, as there is a website link attached in the comment.
If you just like the blog and want to comment, please do! I love comments! And please introduce yourself so I and the readers know a bit about you. I just am suspicious of comments followed by web links that aren't art if you have a link built into whatever you post and sign, please delete it here. Most appreciated.
But---if you are an artist, quilter, anything related to making any form of art, anything photographic and of content that is not adult in nature, or you are in music for that matter, or you are with an organization that supports the arts, feel free to leave a link in the comment field.
Anything else, such as links for plastic business cards, windshield repair, etc. will GO. FOR EVER. Won't have it; don't want to have to go to moderating comments but I will delete the comment, end of story. Sorry, but this is a networking tool for all art-type folks and we work very hard to have nice places to visit and I want to promote others in the field (as well as myself a bit too...!). This is a blog of friendship and laughing and learning and helping to get artsy type people together. This is not a place to promote a business if you are someone I've not a clue about. So like I said-----the comment with hotlink attached will GO to the cyberspace dumping grounds. I DON'T DO SPAM! My followers---you know you're welcome to promote your art or Etsy shops or whatever. No questions.
Nuff of the *legal stuff*. ;)
Yesterday I had a follow up with my doc on the leg and I am awaiting the scheduling of a CT from knee to groin and then PT in Kokomo, which---where I will be going---is about 30-45 minutes drive from here. I do not, at this time , know how I am going to make art, blog, work with our local art group (see pic at bottom of page) and manage everything else until the leg issue is taken care of. It breaks my heart to be posting this as opposed to art, a friends art and blog, or some funny picture and a completely off the wall funny story. But sometimes life gets in the way, and you do what you have to do to get better.
On the upside, DH took me shoe shopping yesterday, and I found 5---count 'em FIVE pair of acceptable flats until I am back in heels. I figure it was "Husband Hell", having to wander around the shoe store, carrying boxes while I tried on shoes! Like I have said before, he must have the patience of Job...... (that's why I love him and have been married to him for 24 years!)
So thanks for hanging in here with me. As I progress, the content of the blog will too. If you are a faithful follower and I have not done a little post on you, and you would like that, please contact me off-blog and we can work on setting that up. I have time to sit here and type---I'm still able to do that!

I wish you all the day I so want to be having; creative, inventive, filled with those moments that you are artistically lost in the zone for hours----pure bliss.
May you have an abundance of these!!!!


P.S. Have changed how the comments are left. If you cannot leave a comment, please e-mail me and let me know. Thanks!


Vicki said...

Good for spam AND new shoes!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yeah, it was all of a sudden. I hate changing the format but the letter verification did not seem to work in the other format, so we'll try this a while.
Thanks for posting so I know it works!

Leslie said...

New Shoes. I was to see them! I am sorry you had to do the moderating thing to, what is with people. BTW: how is the 30 in 30 post thing working for you?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm doing okay. Actually, I will have 60 in 30 because I blog here and then do a seperate post there. Yeah, I'm crazy!!!!
I'll have to do a shoe pic later today or tomorrow. I was bloggong before DH was up, and three pair were in the bedroom know how that goes. :) To quote Dr. Seuss "LET PAPA SLEEP!!!!"
It was just in the last two days I had posts I had to remove--not mean, but stuff attached. So I am hoping this will rectify the situation. people need to get a life.....

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

women and their shoes. sigh. I just don't get it. LOL But, if they make you smile, I'm all for shopping for them!

I have only ever had one spam message so far. If it becomes a problem, I'll probably do what you do and just delete them. I don't want to make it difficult to post a comment...and I don't want to have to okay every post!

Hope you have a good day - relatively pain-free and creative!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm catching up on ironing.
Need I say more???? >:(
But the doc gave my leg a couple of twists and I swear, it is better this a.m.!
I'm with you on posts---I really want everyone to be able to talk and get a reply and I do not wnat to moderate. But two spam posts in two days? Hmmmmmmm.......
Yeah---don't go near the girl/shoe thing. That's dangerous territory! I'll have to photograph the little darlings.....I know that will make your day! LOL!!!!


Jan said...

I have many pairs of shoes and boots but they all seem to be in various stages of decay. When I went to town last I realized that my "good" shoes are not so good any more and maybe I ought to find a new nice pair. Mud is hard on them especially when a big ol' muddy dog paw steps on the suede top, it is hard to clean up. Sigh. Goodwill, here I come!

Glad you leg feels better after the tweaking, hope that continues.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Me too!
And everything in the shoes I got was on sale once, and then again, so it was great. A $70 pair for $5. Can't beat that!
Off for a few errands and finishing up before tonight's Co-Op meeting and odds and ends. A woman's life........

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