Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One of Art's Perks....

....is being able to make a piece and give it away. I had the most fun trying to keep yesterday's "Mr. Mel" piece a secret, both on the blog and through e-mails Jan and I exchange. Believe me, trying to keep track of what I have written where and when is a bit of a pull when I am functioning normally. (yes, normal is up for grabs for interpretation!) But I have to admit I am a bit proud of myself that I did not blow the surprise for Jan through my stream-of-unconsciousness writing!
Today is an exceptionally early PT. Ick.
I think I'll take a nap when I get home, of course, after the grocery and the other little run arounds that seem to keep me away from canvas and fiber and paint! That is the non-perk side of art; all the things you have to do other than IT!
I thought I would post these tin heart milagros; I used to buy these in New Orleans though they are made in Mexico. I know of no place around here to purchase them and I wish I could remember where I got this particular photo. "Milagro" means little miracle or little blessing.
That was why, when naming my studio, it seemed appropriate because it truly is a blessing for me and art has been a means of staying sane through some rough times. I try to keep the doors open to other artists as well, that they can feel at home here and make art and enjoy themselves within these walls. Solace from the tough times, or lonely times.
We all have those; seems of late I have heard more and more artists feeling the stress of being pulled in too many different directions and trying to keep it all together and do all they did before. The amount of on-line time has increased and for every minute of doing something else, no matter how organized you are, it is a minute away from creativity. We need body doubles; no joke.
So these hearts are for all who work in the arts, who bear the burden of too much with too little in too short a time, who fight with new technology so as not to become antiquated and out of touch----little miracles posted here, given to you.
There is always a blessing where you least expect it, if only you LOOK.


Leslie said...

Well, I beat Tristan this morning. What you have to say about losing time away from your art is true in my case as I spent the day running errands yesterday and did little for my art other than buy a few supplies. I love your little Milagro piece too. I am glad that you didn't give away the whole surprise on the Mr. Mel piece. Great stories you have to share about him, BTW.

Jan said...

I had read a comment from someone in a previous post, maybe from Kathy who's work you featured recently. She mentioned something about making a peacock piece for your group theme project, and I kinda wondered at the time that you hadn't mentioned it to me, but didn't dwell on it. So I was totally surprised at yesterdays post. Today's is again, so nicely inspiring and uplifting. Love the little heart milagros. I'm off to S&B today. I hope you feel energetic enough after your town trip and then the nap to get some studio time in.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey girls,
Well, no time for nap, but have groceries and still trying to get the blasted med; talked with the ins. and now waiting to call the Dr. Office. ACK! I'd just rather paint!!!!!!
Jan, you were right in that Kathy or Val had mentioned the Peacock theme...and at the time I thought *oh no*.....just let it slide!!! :)
I'm not as sneaky as I used to be. Age, I suppose!
Hope you both have a great day!

Linda Moran said...

Anne, this piece is beautiful - it just glimmers with promise!

Elizabeth Golden said...

I am hearing all the stress things everyday from people. What you say is so true. Your beautiful hearts and post put everything into perspective. I am a big one for counting your blessings.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

It seems of late (and I'm sure the economy has a lot to do with it) that all my artists friends are just going nuts trying to keep up with technology, not necessarily ART. It's a sad thing, and there has to be a way we can help each other to get through these times.
I enjoy the blog very much---but I enjoy art much better.
I wish I had an answer or better words of wisdom that could solve the problems for folks.....
Thanks for posting!

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