Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Catching up

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On just about everything today. The house, the laundry, the piles of *stuff* that have collected mysteriously everywhere. I'm sure there must be some evil Pixie that comes in every night and distributes these little non-treasures that I then have to contend with.
I have been quite lax on anything that has not been health related or art related and it has caught up. I'm at the "Oh cr*p" stage, wishing it would all go away, along with the rain and the gloom and the soreness and limping.
I want to run away and walk through the woods, take photos of flowers, mushroom hunt, breathe in the smell of the earth coming back awake from a too-long winter's sleep. I want to take my camera and wander through town, finding the remnants of old buildings that speak to me and need recording before time and age take them. I want to sit quietly at the Cafe and have a latte and just zone out.
Instead, I get to listen to the roar of the sweeper, smell floor cleaner and try and figure which pile of laundry requires attention first. These are not the priorities of life I excel at. I'd rather be trying out the new rubber stamps I bought, or mounting some u.m.s I've had FOR EVER, or looking though some books for some verbal inspiration for a piece taking shape in my minds eye. (in Latin, no less!)
Surprisingly, when I get out the John Deere and do the acre, that is good creative time. I just listen to the hum (or rattle, depending if I have had it tuned up) and soon I am off elsewhere in Artland, thinking or rehashing an idea. It's odd, but it works.
Alas, when you're pretty sure you could grow potatoes in the corners of your rooms due to build up of dust, art gets set on the back burner. You know, where things simmer. And maybe that's okay. Those five fresh canvasses in the wet studio need thought before diving in.
Simmering is good.
I need to remember that.........
Now go simmer your creative brew; let me know what you've come up with!


Leslie said...

Simmering is indeed good, some of my best thoughts come whilst doing the dishes or running the Hoover.

Loved the photograph, BTW.

Sure do wish I could walk thru town with a camera with you and then stop in the cafe for that Latte.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Those are my orchids I bought at the grocery, on sale, and have not killed yet! LOL!!!! I've never had them before, so don't know how well I will do. Thought I would record their existance in digital.....just in case. ;)
Yep, wish you could join me for the Latte too!
Isn't odd where/when we get artistic ideas??? Go figure....guess it is because we aren't really *thinking* and pushing to make a decision.

Linda Moran said...

I am all for simmering - my problem has been that it is just simmering - never makes it out of the pot! But I am hoping to change that, and so far for the last month I have been really productive. The dust bunnies - well, I am fortunate that I have a house husband who takes care of all that!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sometimes you just have to start with something small and totally unrelated to your *real* art. I have found that piddling with little rubber stamp things, items from magazines with my own twist---something where there is no pressure. If it's good---fine. If it's really bad---garbage. That seems to loosen up the creativity and while I work on those things, I generally am (mentally) figuring out problems with the serious work.
Thus, riding the mower, or whatever. I have to have the active mind on the work at hand but the subconscious seems to be perking away with the art issues.
I suppose a psychologist would have a name for it---I don't really care.
It just works!
So go do something small and silly and just for YOU.
You'll be fine. :)

Elizabeth Golden said...

The orchids are beautiful! However I just wanted to say I love the idea of Simmering. Taking it all in to be able to create.

Jan said...

I was given an orchid for my birthday last August and it hasn't stopped flowering yet. I'm amazed, I've never had one before. it looks like your white one. They are tougher than one might expect.

When I was out helping cut firewood last week I got the idea that I should tear apart my old jeans that had shrunk way up and insert fabric strips and cool them up like the ones you are wearing in your art group photo. Now I have two "new" pair of cool old jeans. I am so groovy.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You would LOVE them! I just collaged scraps onto a piece of thin white cotton, with a half of a mountain mist batt laid on it. The old white type you can split. The I sewed. After that, I cut the pieces as I needed them for the pants.
They are so comfortable and fun to wear---you really can have a lot of fun with them.
It might be something that you could sell at the one gallery; I did some and I think I got around $250 for them. Just make the waist elastic in some sort of braid casing and it fits different sizes.
DO IT!!!

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