Friday, April 3, 2009


Manto Fev!!!!

(Photo provided by Sara Hopp; copyright Manto Fev.)
Okay kiddies, let's be fairly honest here. Other than blatantly begging you all to read something, or to comment, I try and let you just have your way with the blog. I write, you read, we post, life is good.
Today is different. I absolutely ORDER you to hit the link on the sidebar in "Places To Visit" that says "Manto Fev". Because that will take you to a blog of the STORE from which I order all sorts of goodies that end up in my art.
First off, I love the sort of rolls off the tongue like a fine wine or the name of a swanky hotel in Europe. Second, Sara Hopp, who--along with Stella the Wonder-Dog--is the proprietress, has great prices and some of the quirkiest things out there for altered art. I mean, where else can you get actually old Rx's---the hand written type where the prescription was really written ingredient by ingredient for the pharmacist? (I bought a load...) Or imported foreign language paper from books that is worth buying just for the texture of the paper? Or great vintage bottle caps (I have way too many), or quirky skull beads that even by MY standards are QUIRKY! Or one of a kinds, new old stock, Joss paper of all types, Hell Money, antique gold pen nibs, beads, charms, buttons, sequins, stuff too numerous to mention........WHEW!!!! Then there are the German gold foils, labels and stickers, textiles such as sari fabrics, kimono fabrics,vintage fabrics, and a whole section simply titled "Fun Stuff". Interest piqued yet? :)
That little list does not even begin to scratch the surface of what is in stock. It is always a fun romp through the pages, especially since Sara, ummmmm, has a sense of humor similar to your dear authoress. In other words, a tad irreverent! It's fun to read about things you probably won't buy, but after you read it, you might buy one just for the heck of it! (ask me how I know on that......except I usually buy multiples.....) It's just a darned fun site to visit, with credit card in hand. Okay, you're allowed a look WITHOUT the CC, but come back with it.
Now what, pray tell, do I do with the things I purchase? Photos speak louder than words!
(Remaining photos by Anne M Huskey-Lockard unless otherwise indicated; all rights reserved)
Here is a small selection of things I couldn't live without, plus my handy-dandy paper punches and a piece of antique paper that had been stamped and embossed. By selective use, some of that turns into:

THIS!!! All the paper in the heart is Japanese paper from Manto Fev. The small stars are tinted Chinese text I ordered too. Just use those fluid acrylics and have fun! You can cut tons of stars from one sheet of paper, so there's room for boo-boos.
And then there is the Frida and Diego piece, whose leaves are all torn from a Spanish text book. Could I have made this with regular paper? Sure. Would it have been nearly as interesting? I don't think so. People are always drawn in the moment they see the text.
So don't just take my ramblings as the blatant truth (even though it is); go visit Sara's Blog, and then her store and see if you don't find something you can't live without. And did I mention she ships quickly???? So if you DO find something you can't live without, it will be in your hot little hands in a short amount of time.
You don't want to disappoint Stella, the real Ruler of Manto Fev, do you???

(Photo provided by Sara Hopp; copyright Manto Fev)

Well, do you??????Have a fun creative day and a leisurely look around! Get something new to fire up your art! Enjoy yourself!Now go make art!!!!!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

okay, I"m going to do it.

But if my credit cards start hemorrhaging, I'm going to haunt you.

Leslie said...

Same here... It's bad enough that I went an bought artist's canvas and gesso for art, cuz of you..

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey, isn't it my job to INSPIRE you all???? And share good things with you???? ;)
Trust me, your money goes a long way'll have fun!

Jane said...

I just spent about an hour looking and my DH went and took my wallet just in case I thought I might need to buy something...
Silly man...
I'll just wait till he goes to work and order it....
Thanks for sharing!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

See, women are quite wise, and patient too!
I've done the same thing...what can say??? I have a ball shopping there and have to reel myself in EVERY TIME I get on the site!
Thanks for leaving a comment!

Jan said...

I have bookmarked Manto Fev as of right now. I own my own wallet so watch out! I enjoyed her blog too. I think her dog was on the cover of Bark magazine, the Jan/Feb 09 issue. So much stuff to look at! I'm outta here....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

GO JAN GO!!!!! You'll have a ball there---I always do even if I know I can't buy anything. I love the descriptions and the odd and quirky things that show up. Where Sara finds them is beyond me, but she must have access to a treasure trove I would DIE FOR.
And who can say *NO* to that dog???? ;)

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