Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gabba Gabba Hey!!!

"I don't wanna be a Pinhead NO MORE...."
Okay, this is a desperation post because I am going too many directions at once. Yesterday I looked in at my little mosh-pit Budgie, Johnny (namesake of Johnny Ramone), the one who likes to bite me, and there he sat with a most annoyed look and a down feather perfectly placed on his head to approximate a weak mohawk!
You have to realize, for an old and decrepit Punk, this is humor worth getting the camera out and trying to coerce the bird to look towards it. (no such luck, in case you're wondering---he does his own thing)
And I was laughing too hard at the poor bird to get a really good photo, so this is it for the day.
Geez......I am reduced to making *da boyz* the subjects of posts. I am the avian equivalent of the Crazy Cat Lady.....except I only have two....thank the stars.
A fact: two parakeets CAN and WILL--given the opportunity--deafen you. They are better than any commercial alarm system known to mankind!
That's it.
I've humiliated myself and my bird enough.
I'll try better tomorrow! ;)
P.S. Am working on the circus banners---all five cut last evening after lugging a 50 yard roll of canvas up a flight of steep stairs. I would say how do I get in these situations, but oh....I know! Am on my way to town this morning to:
A) Get a car tire checked and then
B) Go back and SEW the hems on the banners.


valmay208 said...

I should have done this a day or 2 ago, but hey: YAY!!!!I WON!!! a piece of Anne's art, YAY!!! LUCKY ME!!!
I'm anxious to see the art Anne comes up with for me, but I'll have to wait. I know she'll photograph and post it for you to see as well :>)
Now I'll have to do my own blog!! Ooooh!
I LOVE the new sidebars,Anne. The bright yellow text over the diamonds is a little more difficult to read, so I might've made the diamonds lighter or adjusted the yellow text some, but it's probably more a matter of choice, I'm not crazy about bright yellow anyway....
There's my 2 cents, Lady, for what it's worth. I will see you later...

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


doesn't he need a 3 Stooges "Moe" cut to be a real Ramone fan?! LOL

That Harlem Nocturne arrangement is sooooooooo sexy!!!!!!

bernadette ostrozovich said...

hey girl, blog looks great and so does johnny! love you!

Leslie said...

I should have mentioned sooner that I WON. You and the bird brightened my day, thanks. Great going on the circus banners. YOU CAN DO IT, now off to eat cake.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey all---sorry this is a group answer--tired from the day and my brain is completely DEAD. Yeah, moreso than normal.
By the way, I'm going to have to go out east and KICK TRISTAN for that hair remark about the Ramones........It was the long bowl cut, NOT a short Moe cut! GEEZ....... ;)
I have no idea if I will post tomorrow---I am just about to fall on my snout and have to go fix dinner.
Val took some pics today, so maybe if she has time to e-mail one of them, I can humiliate MYSELF tomorrow and provide a laugh for everyone in the process!!!!
I definitely am partial to the Harlem Nocturne version I found---it's pretty cool!
Thanks all for reading and posting! I'm outta here!

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