Monday, March 9, 2009

Do you see the butterfly head?

Do you? Can you find it? And if so, do you know what it is from?
I had one of those round bulbs burn out in my bathroom---the bank of lights over the mirror. After I had removed it, I began looking closely at the insides and thought, hmmmmmm, if I carefully broke that bulb......and I did, and cleaned the edges with tin snips and then filed the rough edge with a heavy nailfile. Then I removed the lighting filament and had two pieces of copper wire sticking up that---on a whim---I curled slightly and suddenly I had something that vaguely resembled a butterfly head. Gosh, that was cool!
I love finding and using the odd or disposable in my artwork. It is rewarding, and makes an artist look hard at everything about. What do you see that you can use? What could it be turned into? Can it be totally revamped?
It's like a puzzle without pieces or with endless possibilities as to how it can turn out.
I was at a Visual Arts Network meeting last week, and one of the ladies was from a group who signs off with "Look! Art is everywhere!" I've always felt that. I have tried to live that. Sometimes people and life sidetrack you, but ultimately, you find your path back. Sometimes you have to fight for that integrity.
Art should be a great venture that takes you through odd twists and turns and builds your creativity through what you discover yourself on a daily basis. It is learning to SEE. I remember reading or hearing that years and years ago and it wasn't until one summer DH and I were driving somewhere and I looked out the car window into the rear view mirror and the light was such that I *saw* the colors the impressionists used in their work.
It was an Ah-HA! moment, and one I won't forget. Everyone has those available daily. Use them. Find them. Make them happen. Don't let the egos of others or the bullies of our modern world who think they know art dissuade you.
Get out there and find the butterfly!!!
P.S. Input is welcome on the sidebar additions. It was a tough decision.......there were skulls that I was quite fond of........sigh.........! And the worst part is on my monitor, I really cannot tell how this looks---smaller old monitor. Checked it on Gary's Sony Viao last evening and WOW---there's checks in the b.g. and lots more lace! So seriously---let me know what you think. Was it easier to read before? Does it add much? Does it fit the overall look of the page? Does it need to GO......


Leslie said...

You are to clever, but when did you find the time, letters must be coming at you in your sleep..

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Actually, last night I had little sleep due to a honking storm that ripped through the state. I sat up, babysitting the sump pump and tinkering with paint, computer, etc.....
Wow......what a life!!!!!
I wish I was sleeping so something could be coming at me! HA!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

first, your side bars look terrific - very la femme fatale goth!

secondly, love the butterfly head (yes, I saw it immediately LOL). What a terrific idea. I would never do that, as I would - no question! - have sliced off two fingers in the process.

the best totally revamped garbage I ever saw was a British judge's wig created for a production of "Tommy" created entirely out of tampax applicators. Looked just like one of those damned wigs LOL. I didn't ask her if she had to plan when to start creating it based on the lunar cycle.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL!!!! Yeah, that was a question you MIGHT NOT have wanted an answer to! (good thing she wasn't menopausal.....)
Tristan, I love your comments because they always make me laugh, and you have experienced so much creatively that is also amusing! The real theater must be another world!
I have to admit that when I saw the revamp on your page I thought *WOW* and clicked on the little Cute'n Cool logo. At first there were plenty of very pretty pages, but they did not look like me. Then it was between the skulls (which I figured would frighten too many people off who don't know I'm a harmless old Punk) and this one which was goth/punk/sexy vamp and I think I made the right choice.
I have to admit it was fun trying something different on the page. Always swore I wouldn't do the fancy-schmancy stuff on here.....yeah.... ;)

Jan said...

I love the new look, it fits perfectly. Yes, skulls might have scared some people away, although it might have drawn others in. This appearance should draw in both sorts of people. I can see the butterfly head. Nice display, lots of texture. It is funny the things I save these days, thinking "I could use that in my art" even though I rarely do. But I might! I saved the little bb stickers that get stuck on my nipples when I went in for a mammogram last week. What the heck do I want with those? Well, one never knows, does one. Ha ha.
Good post, Anne.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Now, those would work GREAT in mixed media, especially if you were doing a fiber postcard for the fundraisers they have for the Susan B. Komen Foundation!
Because we ALL know what they're for.....and it AIN'T shooting!!!! :)

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