Monday, March 2, 2009

Art....but probably the last for a bit!

Since I am going back into *sewing mode*, I thought it only fitting to post one more piece of art before disappearing into Banner-Land. (oh how I would LOVE to be doing art for money and not sewing as much....sigh....)
Anyway--whining aside--this is in my series I have been posting on here, "Dualities". You get the front today. Chances are good I will need that back pic for a day when I am too pooped to post anything new or creative! HA!
The piece is "Reclaimer of Lost Souls" and was inspired by the number of people missing when Katrina was over. There is a fair amount of symbolism; the battered live oak, the roots deep in the soil with dots that represent the promise of new life, but most importantly, the cemetery statuary angel stepping down from it's post--a moment between something alive and something not--the slight glimmer about the creature as the souls of the lost are reclaimed and released to the beyond. All the small blue butterflies are my representation of souls. I recall reading years ago in folk literature how moths/butterflies were thought to carry the soul to heaven.
Atop the piece is a half of an acorn from a Live Oak in New Orleans. (yes, I brought nuts my purse.....) The promise of new growth from the devastation.Please click on the photo and see the detail
What I wanted to do with these pieces was to draw viewers in with pleasant images and unless they knew the story, it was just a pretty piece. Sometimes that's what you have to do. Often it turns viewers away to know too much at first.
Hope you like this......
I'll post the sides and back tomorrow, or later, depending on the oddball schedule I end up with at the sewing machine.
Till later......


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

beautiful piece - wonderful symbolism and imagery.

I love the way that - even knowing it's all mixed media - your pieces look to be painted completely.

wish I could be around to help you out - I love sewing banners! It's my favorite shape for quilty stuff!

looking forward to tomorrow - or whenever - to see the back of th epiece!

Jan said...

She is beautiful. I didn't know you were making/had made so many of these. They are all so full of subtle detail. I enjoy the story behind the images too, I wouldn't know the meaning otherwise. Fine work.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks folks for the kind words---and Tristan, you can certainly vacation here in lovely Peru....and spend studio time!!!!! wink!wink!
I'll have probably two seperate posts tomorrow---met up with someone today you all will have a good time viewing her work!
She's *famous*....unlike me!
She's FUN---like me!
Now I'm outta here for prep work for a meeting.....

bernadette ostrozovich said...

beautiful! i especially like the composition! can't wait to see posts of the new banners as well!

Leslie said...

Okay, NOW I have to have this one, she's wonderful and she so speaks to me.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Anne needs an agent, to price and distribute her artwork.... ;)

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