Sunday, March 1, 2009

Absolutely delicious yarn......

This is yarn to fight over......check out Yarn Exhibitionist for a chance to WIN this skein! Now, if one of my gentle readers wins it, there will be a scuffle as I will *visit* and demand sharing...... ;) ......(ahem!)
Seriously, I love the color and texture and want, want, WANT this!!!
I guess, after art, my passion is knitting, or at least the one at the top of the list at the moment. I used to spin, but had to keep my numerous diversions somewhat under control. So I envy hand spun yarn. There is nothing like the feel of the fiber going between your fingers and thumb, being coaxed into a single ply before your eyes, and then the delight of plying a couple of colors! It's magic, and falls into the dyeing fabric catagory. If I got started I would get nothing else done.
So go over to Yarn Exhibitionist and check out the luscious fiber!
I order excuses... ;)
And yes, last evening while Iwas taking a breather between projects and a nervous breakdown, I was knitting on the Groundhog Day socks as Leslie so aptly named them! They just go on and on and on and I get no where. Like I am in this sock-hell-loop or something, waiting to get it right. Go figure! Seriously---I knit and knit and knit and there is still yarn left---when will it stop???
And that's the pin-up for the day Kiddies! Drool at will! Just not over your electronic appliances......


Leslie said...

Yarn Exhibitionist: Been there, blogged about it yesterday. Love that yarn too.

Tinking socks myself at the moment, sigh, I got going and forgot that I needed to start the heel flap and had to go back, can't just rip as it's a pair of Dragonflies (lace type) again...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm still plodding away on the Groundhogs.....I decided I had to take the day, do some housework and then rest. With knitting and tea!
Feel for you on the current pair you're doing...I hate taking out. Sometimes I just rip it all out and start over. That way I know where I least with the knitting! LOL!

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