Monday, February 23, 2009

Would anyone be interested in a class?

I think, if I figured this out right, I set up a class blog with password activated access. I spent time on this yesterday in between a dozen other things, so I am not really sure yet if it works for others. It appeared to word when I logged off and attempted to go to it.
At present, I have it set up for blog authors only, simply because I did not want it visible (who knows...maybe it is....) but I am thinking of changing that today if there is any interest and doing it via e-mail password.
Give me some feedback on this; It will be some work for me to put it together---it is something I have considered teaching anyway, so if I do the instructions they would not go to waste. BUT!!!! If there is not sufficient interest, then I would wait a while to do it as there is other work I probably should be addressing at the moment..... ;)

Now back to art---two photos of the back in progress. I did some clay pieces to put in the *box* area--they were not dry when I had the camera but I want you to see how these look before they get covered with paint and stamping and everything else.
I try and start with a theme either color wise or decoration wise and go from there. Things are laid out carefully before they are put down permanently. Gel medium goes everywhere!
Hopefully, these will allow you to click for a larger photo---obviously I have been doing something*wrong* or to the displeasure of Blogger for that not to happen....
I chose to use some scrapbook paper on the bottom to break the total frame look-it later
gets blended in a whole lot more. I believe at this point I had used fluid acrylics to tint both it and some of the area on the back canvas frame.
Today it is off to the cellar to try and get this further along.
If anyone chooses to do a class in this, be warned---this is slow. It is not for short attention spans. It is not an Eleanor Burns Quilt-In-A-Day. It is a meditative process that is very rewarding and lots of technique that can be used in other applications later.
So that's all the wisdom I have at the moment. E-mail me off-blog for the other site.
And now, to the cellar..........I feel like Igor or Quasimoto saying that....... ;)
P. S. Yes, I am still knitting the second pair of socks on the size ZERO needles, and feel like they are going on for ever. Well, they actually ARE. Had wanted them for this week but that isn't going to happen..........


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

This completely captivates me - I love the design, and can't believe it's the BACK!

I would love to take a class with you, but frankly, it looks a bit too "messy" for me. When you live in a condo, you have to be a bit more mindful of the mess created when making stuff!

Beautiful so far - I can't wait to see what else you're going to do to it.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The best part of these are the backs---eveyone loves them because they are two pieces of art in one. Get tired of one side, turn it around. Want to see both, put it on a mirrored sideboard or cabinet.
Have been dropping telephone line to the cellar, so a slight distraction..... ;)
I hate this handy-man stuff.

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