Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Too much to do......

(boring post alert!!!!!)

....And too little time today, so this is short. We have the meeting of our art group tonight, the Community Artists Co-Op (scroll to the bottom of the page and you can see us *in the flesh*). We are not a traditional artists co-op; we don't own/rent a building for gallery space or pay monthly dues or schedule time sitting a gallery. We chose the name due to our rural location and the use of the word "Co-Op" among the farmers. One person helping another. One person sharing what they have with another member. Networking, building a group of people who can rely on each other and have a good time together, and learn to produce art--or hone skills they already had. It has been successful as this March we will be starting our third year.
So today I am doing the agenda addition about their first showing in a gallery. This is the group I spent most my holiday getting a nonprofit status in place for. We do a lot of charitable work for the community, sufficient that we can fit comfortably into the non-prof slot and be able to have some of the benefits. I'm pretty excited about the rest of the year, once we get the show out of the way!
But for today, it's peck, peck, peck here and then try and squeeze in banner work.
I need a double of myself----one to sew while I type. Surely that option is available........ya think???
Or I will be learning to schedule time better, and sleeping in is NOT going to be part of that routine!
If anyone would like to apply for a slavery job in my studio, please do so! The pay is nonexistent but the birds are entertaining!!! (not so much the owner of said studio....)


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