Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sew on and Sew forth........

My day yesterday, and how I spent it....other than an amount of time on the computer dealing with e-mail/work.
Sewing pearls is SLOW; no way to speed the process up. You put good music on, sit and start and pick each pearl for it's shape, luster, etc as it is placed on the banner. Generally, it is a pretty meditative process, and I was quite surprised at the amount of time that passed as I finished the last stitch on this one banner. Today's work is the second banner, lower third. It is the same amount of time and effort, but when one is finished, and you can look at it for inspiration, it makes the work easier.
As these progress, I am always surprised at how they come to life. Yes, I have a vague vision in my mind of what they should be, but they definitely choose their own path. I am at the point I am anxious to get to the fringe and braid, because that will put them over the top.
I will be hot footing it to Hobby Lobby tomorrow morning
with a 40% off coupon in hand, to get (hopefully!)more of one braid that I want for extra edging. Then half the sewing table gets deconstructed, and I try and find the sewing machine.........
No humor here today folks----got to focus on the task at hand.
I'll be back to my abnormal irreverent self when I have these a bit further along. Like, when I truly see light at the end of the tunnel and I am sure it's NOT the train coming at me!


bernadette ostrozovich said...

i love your work and i love you for doing your work! when my students look at me in dismay and say, "but that'll take so looooonnnnng" i just want to smack 'em! since there's laws against that maybe i just have to make the little darlin's check out your blog!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Amen to THAT! They want long, they ought to have to do this type of work. It is COMMITTMENT. (or I need to be committed, one or the other!) I will SOOOOOOO be glad when these are finished! Am putting fringe on there now, and even that is not quick.
How I wish I was one of those people that could work at warp speed. Probably why I enjoyed the mixed media class so well last year---that piece went quick compared to my usual stuff!

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