Saturday, January 17, 2009


Yesterday's grueling work session.....all the gold laid in between the other stamps. Odd, it doesn't look like it should have taken that long or caused the amount of pain that it did! I had not originally planned to have *that many* of the gold images, but somehow on the second banner, I lost track of what went where, and then, well, you start filling in. I found it more interesting without a perfectly symmetrical repeat.
The problem was I could stamp one banner at a time, and then it had to dry so I could flop the end of the banner back on itself to work on the other one and was how things got off track.
That being said, it still looks good!
The other factor that makes it tough to do these is I cannot mix enough paint at one time even for ONE banner. It dries quickly as is, and with the addition of the dry gold pigment powder, that acts as an accelerator. So you slap the paint out and stamp like mad, hoping you get it used up before it dries up! Occasionally little dried flecks will embed in the wet paint and it adds to the older image---this is probably one of the few times I don't mind that happening. Normally that is a great big NO-NO.
So that's all for today---there are a million freshwater pearls to sew on now. Well, maybe not a million, but after about 20 or so, it feels like that many.

Tune in tomorrow; same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!!!

P.S. I am almost done with those Size O socks I've been knitting, like, FOR EVER. I'm thinking a big party is in line when they are off the needles......... >:)


Leslie said...

It's really looking great and since only God is perfect, asymmetry is very appropriate.

I am about to pick up the size 1 needles I've been waiting for and will join you in Hell shortly..

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

.....put on your asbestos underwear first, and get something along the line of a cask of grog.
You'll need it!!!! (but they are almost done!YES! YES!)
Then we need to do the Jack Sparrow Socks! I have one pair of felted knit footies to do, then I think I'll start those and have myself committed at the same time, as long as the banners are done first!

bernadette ostrozovich said...

oh miss anne, they are becoming gorgeous-er and gorgeous-er! i am excited to see them with the pearls. i bow to your beautiful vision and your killer work ethic!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well thank you, but basically, it's not the killer work ethic, it's the work that's killing ME!
Stay tuned......

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