Friday, January 9, 2009


Spending a full day bent over the tables to lay in thread has taken a toll on this old decrepit body of mine. I did not even knit last evening...... Seriously, I can barely move, and I have to kick into second gear to get cleaned up and have lunch with the gallery director at the Honeywell Center. I have had work exhibited there before; it is a beautiful multi-media facility with an excellent restaurant in Wabash Indiana. If the name Honeywell sounds familiar, it is because they make thermostats, etc that are in thousands of homes. I always knew the name, even before I knew about the Center.
So I am allowing myself a bit of escape for the morning and then back to the tables this afternoon.
In the midst of all this work that needs doing, I started a silly collage/mixed media piece with a magazine pic of a dog in it. The dog is sitting on a purple cushion, *reading* a book and has fancy sunglasses and is wearing pearls. And it is a blond dog.......hmmmmm......I guess if I was a DOG....... So when that is a little closer to done, I will post it and you can be assured as you read that I have lost what little mind I have left and have also waded into the waters of "Crafty-Land". I am sure on the discussion of "ART--NOT ART", this one falls into the latter category! ;)
Now I'm outta here....I've got to look at least as groomed as the dog!!!


Leslie said...

You, take care of you! Don't ya hate the body rebellion that occurs as we age like fine wine? Again, I appreciate the comments you leave on my blog. Have a great weekend and yes, do be at least as well groomed as the dog. Love ya,

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