Thursday, January 8, 2009

Banners, banners, banners......

....that has been my preoccupation, headaches and all. I promised photos; I have not taken them yet, but I did remember to buy batteries and that is a great start! I'd like to blame this lethargy on the *migraine-hangover* but most of it is due to just feeling the need to sit and stitch and get a lot of gold thread laid in by hand. The birds are going to have to settle for radio today, and not some of their favorite CDs because I need think time!
What I have always found as I work on these is at some point the work really becomes meditative and the handwork always seems to be it. When I am wrestling 6 yards of squirmy fabric, full of pins, under my semi-commercial sewing machine, there is nothing meditative about THAT. Actually, the banners are pretty much baptized by fire before they get where they are going. I have joked about that with my minister (yes, I do tell him about my fit throwing and cussing spasms!) and added that surely they can survive anything if they can survive ME. ;)
DH works late this evening so hopefully that means I can avoid the kitchen other than for coffee and tea refill runs!
And just so I won't feel guilty all day, here are a few photos:

The first is my high tech supply tray---yes, it IS an old plate from a microwave! They work great for mixing paint and can be easily cleaned. Heavy enough too that they will stay where they are put.
Second is a close up of the the threadwork for the day. I have laid on a couple of the freshwater pearls I will be using so you can get an idea of what it will look like.
The third photo has a view of the little *crawl-hole* I use to get from side to side. See the spot between the little bookcase and the ironing board legs? Yepper, that's it. All 5'10" of me gets to squeeze through there! Frequently........
Sorry for the lack of humor---I guess it's just work time! Oh, and what you see in the last photo, the section that has been stamped? It is 56" long, and there is a whole lot behind that awaiting attention.


Jan said...

oh my goodness, these are going to be so so gorgeous! I love the royal purple color and all the gold thread and the paint and the beads and everything. Wow. You will deserve whatever they are paying you. What a huge task. I love being able to peek at your process, thanks for sharing.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am going to *try* to remember to take pics as I go along, because I have never documented my work in process. A lot of it is just fly by the seat of your pants and accept what will work and what has to deviate from the original idea.
When all the pearls are sewn on, that's when they really glow!

bernadette ostrozovich said...

oh anne, how lovely!!! oh, the gold thread and purple AND pearls! you are one of my main heroines!!! also have to laugh, as i recognize a stamp, came from a set of three of brodade imagery. i have lost the long, sort of flam-y one that i loved, and beat the stuffins' out of the "frilly" one...

these pieces are going to be killer radiant supreme. God bless your fingertips!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Bernadette, I have to LAUGH at how many stamps we have that are alike, considering that when we purchased them, we didn't know each other! It must be a Karmic thing, ya think?
I've stitched so much gold thread today I am seeing crosseyed, so taking a break to chill at the computer.......
When these are done and hanging, I will try and get a photo but it is hard to get a quality pic.
Thanks for the good words!!!

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