Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nature Resurrecting

Something wonderful is afoot this year.
I am seeing a Resurrection Garden.

Bitten and left for dead by a late freeze,
Nature again proves it's resilience.
This wisteria~~top decimated from cold~~
Bravely pops out leaves and a fragrant flower bunch
low on the vine as the top
begins it's transformation as well.

Blackberry blossoms and bees.
Bees which had swarmed my Weeping Cherry,
only to vanish in the cold.
They have returned in abundance and
dance merrily on the warm breezes.

Fragile creatures as they are,
May Apples lean toward the sun
in the cool and lush shadows
of small wooded areas.
Air redolent with the rich smell
of earth and wood humus.
No perfume can match.

Multiflora rose hedge, considered by many
noxious, a haven for birds,
scents the air with it's plethora of blossoms.
Like being wrapped in a
massive corsage.

Goats beard (another so-called weed)
has braved the cold and offered up
a globe of seeds.
Gaze and see the future...finer than

My *railroad rose*~~named for where I dug it~~
which has not bloomed for years.
A blossom of perfection, 
a petticoat of buds.

And my peach/pink iris.
Long gone from the flowerbed.
Happily nodding to me,
urging me out with camera,
smiling as I focus.

I think God's Garden is one of many Miracles.
He knows no weeds or preferential
just the beauty that sustains.
Returning, from the harshest conditions.
unconditional Joy.
Savoring each moment.
Reminding myself of the blessing 



Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love the word resurrection...I think we are experiencing one here in my part of the woods. You are doing just fine my friend! Peace, Mary Helen

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I do too Mary Helen; I think we both know it in many forms. Both in Nature, and in our own selves.
Here is to blossoming beautifully where we are, right now, as we're planted!


Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Beautiful flowers!!!! Great shots Anne. xox

Georgina said...

Hey Lady, haven't been around lately, that is, reading my fav blogs, so today I decided to do some reading. Love all the pics...so gorgeous. Our garden is in my studio. Since my studio gets loads of natural lighting, my plants love it!! The plants that I normally left outside are now inside and are grateful. With our ensuing friggin', hellish, summers and my lack of memory, that is, forgetting to water them since it's so friggin' hot outside, they're getting a new home...inside. My brother's girlfriend gave me a little orchid for Mother's Day so let's see how I do with that...never had one since I have a tendency to kill plant life.

Anyway, so happy to see you blogging again and getting back into the saddle.

Loves ya lots,

Deborah said...

Resurrection Garden. **swoons** Anne, this is DeLovely. The photos, the words. Thank you for this walk through your Resurrection Garden, for I much needed it. **blows kisses** Deb

Robin said...

Your words and photos said it all......perfectly!
(and I adore the word *plethoria")!

Yes....."Resurrection" - on so many levels....


♥ Robin ♥

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Corrine!
I had a great time sorting through all the photos I took, seeing what worked for this.
Seems everything has come back to life~~roaring in with color and scent!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Georgina,

Wish I had good light for indoor plants~~so far I have NOT killed and aloe and two ponytail palms. <:-) I don't do too good on orchids....
I think my plants prefer to be OUT and away from me! LOL!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Deborah,

I think it's been put there for us both.
Maybe I just have noticed more this year, but some of those plants, well, they were GONE.
Kind of a delightful surprise.... :-)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Robin,

Yes, there are words I love, just because the are older and less used....they make the turn of a phrase seem a bit better, don't you think?
Good talking with you, New York Girl!


Laura said...

Great walk through your yard Anne,thanks love the photo's and the Railroad Rose the best!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Laura,

I wish I knew the variety of that rose. There was this spate of land where obviously a home had been once long ago, before the R.R. went through~~lots of roses, lilies, all sorts of plants gone wild, fruit trees, etc and a bit of a gate left.
Always wondered what the story behind that area was.... :-)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Clearly it's going to be a wonderful year for gardening! I like the term "resurrection garden" -- beauty is hardy!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Debra, I think this year the plants will just TAKE OFF. I wish I was going to be mobile this summer, to do some container gardening and see what would come of it.
I have concrete for soil (clay) and gave up years ago gardening IN the ground....but containers....hmmmmm...... :-)


martinealison said...

Je suis émerveillée par l'ensemble de vos photos... Un bouquet de plaisir pour les yeux.
la nature est très résistante car mon olivier a énormément souffert cette année par le froid de février. Et à mon grand étonnement il commence à donner de minuscules petites pousses alors que je le croyais mort!
Gros bisous

kj said...

anne, this is high poetry. i am mesmerized reading this. you are incredibly talented, anne.

I believe every word literally. after he died, my Father began to lead me to flowers that could not be, and every season he leads me yet again. i call it a miracle but your word resurrection explains it all even more. i know you will continue to 'see' now. isn't that such a precious gift?

love and thanks,

yoborobo said...

Here, too, Anne! For some weird reason I am seeing plants I thought were dead and gone. And the buttercups have been amazing. I love the weeds and the wildflowers (much to my neighbors' dismay - hahaha). Love the pictures and the words - xoxox

Cameron said...

What potential and magic lies beneath the soil...waiting for just the right conditions to bloom!

A perfect garden to welcome you back to good health and abundant gratitude :)

Jan said...

I love to see your garden growing, I know how much it means to you. Your words tie everything together so well and thoughtfully. Beautiful post.

studio lolo said...

I know you've always noticed and loved the beauty around you, but isn't it amazing how much wider our eyes are opened after a 'life changer?'
I swear I look at every blade of grass differently now.

Thank God ;)


P.S. Gorgeous photos!

Silke said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Anne. I walk through our garden every day just in awe and wonder at how gorgeous every plant is. Nature is the greatest artist of all... Much love, Silke

Silke said...

Oh, I forgot to say - I especially love that rose of yours!! It's just gorgeous...

Carol said...

Such a beautiful post, Anne, and you wrote it on my birthday! I've just spent two hours reading all your posts that I've missed, shocked to see how long it is since I've done any proper reading of my favourite blogs. Your courage and love of life just shine through your words and you are a true inspiration. I know I get strength from reading what you say. Thank you Anne, may you go from strength to strength. xox

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sadly behind in the my commenting once again (right now the kids are off with friends for the day so I have some time). Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this post - both the sentiment expressed in your words and the marvelous photography. Hugs!

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