Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End??? I Think Not!!!

How could things be so beautiful if it's the end....I am utterly perplexed that people get on this bandwagon and pay attention.
Let me explain why.
I firmly believe when our time is up to go, we're going.
We don't get a notice in the mail.
We don't get a personal letter from the Universe.
We don't even get a special statement from the bank to draw out our money and spend it all before *that day*.
Holy cow.......and besides, the green fabric arrived yesterday for liturgical stole #2, and I'm telling you, NO DISASTER is messing up THAT piece of lusciousness until I get it sewn!
Now, it *was* the end of the world for the oil pan on one of the cars yesterday, also my great toe as I fell down the stairs last night and I had a bird so mad at me, I thought it was the end of *OUR* little world....not so, as she is sweetly singing this morning.
So to make this short~~~live well. Love. Laugh. Enjoy each moment. Fill your heart with good. Care for your friends. Help others.
Do what you do so well, the gift you have, and you really won't have time to worry about *what if's*.
And now Anne of the hobbled foot will take the Cruiser of the dead oil pan to the dealer.
Life goes on.......
I bid you all



*Ulrike* said...

Well Anne, you said it just right! I could not agree more! Now I will go outside, and hope not to get stung by a honeybee again. I will not listen to hubby when he says here use this as I always get stung when that happens! Then its off to get that blankety blank chicken house done, plant veggies from the greenhouse....sigh...I guess that is my art for the summer!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Silke said...

Hahaha! There it is supposed to be the end of the world today and I totally missed it! I mean - totally!! I guess that's what happens when you are more concerned about life than about how you'll die. I figure that'll come soon enough - and it's inevitable, so I'd rather think about all the fun stuff I have yet to do! Plus, if it's really the end today, I'm darn well not going to waste a minute worrying about it...

On another note, I hope the toe is ok and your bird has calmed down... I have to go towel off Winslow. He decided to roll in something disgusting and is getting a shower... Oh, the joy of it all!! :)

Love, Silke

studio lolo said...

Hmm, I forgot about it too! I don't buy into any of that stuff. All we have is right now, and besides...I'm entering a huge show this weekend so it CAN'T be the end of the world!

Stole number 2?? That's wonderful! Your talents are limitless.

Sorry about the toe. Did you fall with the bird? Yiles. Glad you're both okay!


Linda Moran said...

Ooooooo, I so miss lilacs - what a gorgeous picture!!!!! And imagine trying to explain to 15-year-olds why they still have to study for their final on Monday, because the world is not going to end, and then skirting around religious craziness to try and keep the discussion from devolving into mass hysteria while explaining to them why it's not going to happen. And by the way, did you read the article where the preacher said the reason the world didn't end the first time he predicted it was because.....wait for it........he did the math wrong........... I LOVE IT!!!! Who says ya don't need math??? More in a later message.....I'm rambling too much for an early Saturday morning.....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ulrike, please avoid the BEES!!!! (I'm in enough of a mess waddling around with the foot...omgosh)
Sounds like you have a lovely day planned.
I'm going to be in studio a bit, but I think the couch is calling.... ;-)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Silke,

I'm with you....I have to much to do to worry about WHAT EVER. LOL!!! (we missed the party, dang!)
Sweet Pea is okay today---I think she had chewed so much wood yesterday she got some caught in her craw. Like she's not well fed??? She is happy and singing.
I however, am in considerable pain and will do a bit in the studio, then up to the couch and get the foot up. This was NOT what I had planned for the weekend, but I have fabric to ogle, so life is GOOD!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Lolo,

Yeah, I have too much to do and too many people left to annoy! LOL!!!
I slid off the last step and crammed a bare toe directly into the tile floor. It was excruciating last night and is down to extremely unpleasant today. I am hoping by tomorrow it is reduced to major annoyance.
Sweet Pea is fine today; I seriously think she got a seed or something she chews on caught crosswise and finally expelled it. (yes, she turned and blew birdie stuff straight on me....that was a first!)
So we are functioning pretty well, all things considered!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Linda,

YES! I had read that article, and I thought....oh boy.....another one on the loose.....
I do NOT envy you your job at all!!!
My lilacs did not last long; the weather got stinking hot, then thunderstorms and whoosh. Gone.
But the short while they were here they were glorious. I never get enough photos.... :-)


kj said...

anne, you and i see dozens and hundreds of photos and images on our beloved blogs. maybe it's because i'm partial to lilacs or because green is my favorite color, but i looked at this stunning photograph and it is among my very select few favorites any place any time.

your energy and excitement jump through my computer screen. HOPE and GIDDY HAPPY: that's what i think is going on with you.

YAY you. YAY # 2. YAY being upright for another day!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Karen,

Yep, I loved this particular combination of the lilac and green (thought of Robin with the lilac!) and then the darker sky behind. It was just one of *those* shots that turned out great!
I was so thrilled when that second package of fabric arrived, I opened it and then just STARED in awe! Plus it was packaged with such care--you know the company is GOOD!
I did the collar last night, because it is a small thing--will starch and pin out each picot and that will be it for today.
Then I think the foot is going horizontal for a while.....and me too! LOL!!!


Georgina said...

I just said my farewells to another blogger before coming here!! My son told me the person who predicted this insanity is a Catholic priest...know how anti-Catholic his father is. I informed him there's no way a Catholic priest could come up with $40+K for this stupid campaign and call himself a Catholic priest!! LOL I then informed my son who really started all this "caca."

I remember hearing that the world would come to an end when the Suez Canal was reopened, in '75...still here!! So yes, life will go on and when the time comes, it will come and no Nostro-dumass, Mayans or other so-called soothsayers can tell us when, where or will just happen and probably will continue to happen on an individual, first come, first serve basis as always!!

Have a great day, my very funny and a bit cracked in "la cabeza" buddy and get to that piece of art a.s.a.p.....the end is near!! LOL

Loves ya,

Jan said...

Your lilacs are nearly gone and mine are nearly ready to open. And now we are back to rain after 3 days of sun. In the meantime I shall enjoy your gorgeous photo. I can almost smell them!

Sorry about your troubles. Ouch! Glad it was only your toes and not another hip! Sheesh! Be careful woman! Put those feet up on the couch and relax with your new fabric nearby where you can gaze upon it and touch it now and then. Good luck limping to the mechanics for oil pan repairs. Give Sweet Pea a "Hello!" from me.

Ima Weed said...

Thanks for the smile, the chuckle and sharing from your well of wisdom.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

omgosh Georgina!!!

Yeah, like a Catholic priest would have that money to spend....oh my, oh my. People are CRAZY, but I think we discussed that! And I agree---I am sure it will stay with the *personal call* exit, as it has been!
Now I am sitting with the FAT FOOT propped on a waste basket....I think it needs the couch.
I never escape the studio! LOL!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jan,

As of today, all my lilacs are gone. I'm glad I got the photos when I did. Everything bloomed fast and then went.
I made it to the dealership and back early, so that's done thankfully.
Sweet Pea says *Hello Auntie Jan!!!* (she's fine now....I still think she had chewed wood and got something stuck)
I am REALLY, heading for the couch and I think I will just read. The pain meds have done nothing. Ah well.....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Ima,

If you're laughing, my job is done! :-D
Anne sharing her wisdom.....or utter lack there of.
Pick one! haha!


Robin said...

Anne, both you and Suki posted gorgeous Lilac photos! (You KNOW how I love them!) I feel as you do....when it's time to's preparations necessary.....except, perhaps to live well, love well and just enjoy the beauty of this world and the joy of having wonderful friends....(even far-away ones)...

I am a lover of "green" too....(perhaps my half-Irish side)? I cannot wait to see your green liturgical stole!!!!!!

I am so sorry you fell - toe injuries are so painful! But I am thankful you are ok and healing! Now, stay off of those 4" stilettos!

Also glad Sweet Pea is ok....

Hugs from a (gasp) SUNNY San Francisco!

♥ Robin ♥

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sun??? In San Fran????
Maybe the end IS NEAR!!! LOL!!!!! (I remember well sooooo many foggy days...hahahaha!)
How cool that today is *Lilac Day*! BTW...Blogger ate my blogs I follow in Dashboard again...I give up.
As to the foot, picture this.
Landing *en pointe* on a tile floor without, yes WITH OUT, pointe shoes.
Need I say more? So I am buckled into the sturdy Doc's which are better than a cast.
Can't wait to post the fabric sample, but you know...secret, secret! (it's gorgeous though; not the typical liturgical green~~more of a LIFE it!)
Off to waddle for some hot tea...


Deborah said...

First, **gasp** what a profoundly beautiful shot!!! The colors, the contrast, the depth! Oh me goodness, I LOVE! It's past 6 a.m. in the middle east and every one in Ry's battalion is still there, so what does THAT tell you!?! HA! I have had a nasty cold, so I was not ignoring you. I know blondes will NOT be ignored! Thank you for the call the other day. **sigh**
You da best! **blows kisses** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Deb,

It tells me that:
2. The other goomer is clueless.....

Sorry for the cold; I know those are awful, especially for us bouncy girls with our lovely locks. How can we be perky when we can't breathe??? NOT FAIR!
Take care Sweetie~~was good talking to you!


Jo Murray said...

I'm with you Anne, there's far too much going on to have it suddenly stop. I don't have time.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Neither do I Jo!
I still have a lot of mischief to make, aside from art and sewing!
So they really need to pick *another* time for things to come to a stand still.....LOL!!! ;-D


Anonymous said...

Well, here's the deal!! I just planted my vegetable garden this a.m. & if I went to all that trouble to "check out" I am gonna' be ...well, you know!!
....another thing..... since when does this 80+ year old jack-ass have the ear of GOD?!?!?!???
Reminds me of back in the 50's & 60's when you would see images of some looney tune wearing a sandwich sign saying THE END IS NEAR!!
O.K. enough of my rant or snark or whatever ya' want to call it!!
Talk to Ya' Monday!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh yes, I remember seeing those photos! I always thought it was funny!
I suppose the thing I find *amusing* for lack of a better word is that people actually LISTEN to someone like that.
Do you have a brain???
Obviously not...... ;-)


BumbleVee said...

Oh, now.... hope your toe is not too painful.... I feel like I have somebody to commiserate with though...I hurt my ribs on Saturday...and am still in pretty rough shape..... hugs... V.

Janet Ghio said...

Well, the time is 6:47--I think SOMEONE made a big mistake!! LOL

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


You're still here too?
Does that mean we are in H*LL???
I am being so not nice about this...I ought to be ashamed.
Ought to.....NOT!!!!
Here's to tomorrow~~~whooo-hoooooo!!!!!


Gloria said...

Hope your foot is doing better. Well I'm still here. I did pray to God this morning and I forgot to ask him if the world was ending. I really didn't think of it because when the time comes it come. I hope I go to heaven. Have a great Sunda.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Who knows what really happens and I live each day to the fullest. Your stole (spelling) is breathtaking...makes me want to go to church services...well not really unless you are going to be there in your Doc Martins! Have a great weekend! Peace, Mary Helen

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Gloria,

I am waddling. It could be a lot better but it still is being a real pip.
I figure I'm still here to fight with Blogger. Someone has to do it, and I seem to do it SO WELL!!! LOL!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh MAry-Helen,

TOOOO funny!
And yes, I think from the looks of the lower limb, I'll be wearing the Docs.
My life, such as it is!
And by the way, we have a beautiful sunny morning here today...... :-)


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Geez Louise - can't leave you alone for one second and you are doing yourself yet more bodily harm. As for the end of the world? What will be, will be and there's not a darn thing we can do to change it.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey M.A.

I have a reputation to keep up! LOL!!!
Never a dull moment at El Milagro..... ;-D


freebird said...

Christians who claim to read this kind of coding in the bible are off their rockers in my opinion. Maybe they should take time to read what the words say as in Jesus telling us even HE does not know when the end will be and we aren't going to know either. Sheesh.

OUCH! I hope your toe isn't broken and your bird gets over his mad. Were you trying for doomsday afterall?

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