Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!! AND THE WINNERS ARE....(but read the whole post)

It was tough.....I want everyone to win, but dang it, THREE doesn't go around to FORTY-FIVE.   *SOB!*
So I had to sit down and handy-dandily get the random vibe (via random.org, grazie!) going this fine Mardi Gras morning to announce where the copies of "Secrets of Rusty Things" and the skellie, Golden fluid and another little *perk* (see photo) will be winging off to!

Where are we GOING??? oh boy!oh boy!

Book #1 goes to: Numinosity Beads! Whooo-hoooo!

Book #2 goes to: Audrey! Whooo-hoooo!

OH! LOOK!!! A tube of Kroma crackle joined the fun!!!

The skellie-art package goes to: Cameron! Whooo-hoooo!

Congratulations to all, and thank you for taking the time to sign up!!! And please contact me with your addys so I can get things in the post. :-) 
Now for the Rest of the Story......I ordered a couple more books, and had this delightful delusion they would have ARRIVED by now. I have not received any information that the order was canceled, so IF/WHEN they get here, I will do a second draw from the original list. I have closed comments on the post so everyone who went there still has a chance.
It was just a bit of lagniappe....a thank you for the followers, and would have been so appropo on Fat Tuesday.
Ah well.
Keep an eye to the blog! I'll let you know what is transpiring as soon as possible! In the mean time, I may be off blog a few days as I try and finish a few projects and (omg) clean the studio, which is in a never-ending state of decay.
I'm posting photos.....it should guilt me into doing it.

This was supposed to be folded down and put away....sigh...

Okay, so there *is* a tiny clear spot......but not ENOUGH!!!
Perfect penance for my behavior......eh?

Now, go make art!!!



Elena said...

CONGRATS to the winners! Now you are obligated to create something marvelous. Anne, I love your studio. So many things to play with. By the way, I went to the movies to see the animated Rango and they had a preview for (wait for it....) a new CAP'N JACK MOVIE! He is soooo yummy.

Luthien said...

AWWWWW CONGRATS!!! LUCKY GIRLS!!!! (*see my killer look*) :P

Silke said...

Oh, how wonderful for the winners. Darn, I missed the whole giveaway! I guess that's what happens when family visits and there's no computer time... Lucky girls!! And your studio looks so wonderfully creative. Wish I could hop over to play... Love, Silke

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Elena.....DON'T GET ME FLUSTERED!!!!! And confused...LOL!!!
What were we discussing?
Oh the messy studio.
Please pop over to help shovel it out...okay???


NuminosityBeads said...

Yay, woohoo! That is good new.s Now I can put my supplies from my cancelled deMeng class to use. That's so great and I must say that your soundtrack goes so well with my mood this morning!
Thanks, now I suppose I need to get my address to you.
xoxo Kim

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Luthien,

Remember, I'm still waiting on the PROBABILITY of a few more books....hang tough! (yes, I see that deMengish look.....Oooooooo!!!!)


NuminosityBeads said...

And to all of you that didn't win, there's a chance at a giveaway on my page celebrating my 200th post.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Silke!

Welcome back from Family Time! (see what happens when the blog routine gets interrupted...*sigh*...LOL!!!)
Hope you had a great visit!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Kim!

Congrats! And yes, the snail mail addy would be GOOD! I probably will get into the post office tomorrow or the next day---I'm out in the middle of nowhere and try and combine trips... ;-D


studio lolo said...

yay for the winners!!!! I love that random picker. it takes the sweat out of choosing names!

Anne, I think you've been here photographing MY mess! At least you have a clear spot. :D

Happy Fat Tuesday! (Every Tuesday is FAT at our house!!) LOL!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Lolo!

LOL!!! That photo was taken the other day....the clear spot disappeared yesterday evening.
ACK!!! So I am officially up to my yaya in *stuff* and need to get it cleaned, moved, somethinged!!!


elle said...

Gee, I don't often get second chances. Thanks, Anne. I'm doing some shoveling myself today. Keeps my angst level tolerable! LOL

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Elle,

I have *shoveling* ~~AND~~ errands...Whoo-hoo! (not...)
Would rather be here making more of a mess and ignoring the one I have...pfffft!

Anne....with shovel close...

audrey said...

I am loving this!
Thank you, Anne!!!!!!!
I am also happy to see your studio looks exactly like mine. For someone who posts very little art, I'm not sure how this happens to mine!! You have an excuse - you produce beauty all the time!!!!
♥♥♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I think I just am disorganized and like collecting JUNK!
Congrats~~I hope you enjoy the book! (I'll be sending these media mail---it doesn't take that much longer and helps the squeaking wallet...hahaha!)
Oh---my quantity of ART to quantity of JUNK??? It is a poor ratio in favor of the art... ;-D


Karen S said...

Congrats to the winners and Happy Mardi Gras to you, Anne! I'm sure Cameron will not mind me stopping by to help test out the new stuff.

And I have to ask -- Is that a RAMONES poster in your space?! OMGosh! No wonder you're so creative!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Karen,

Well, you and Cameron need to DISCUSS THAT! LOL!!!
That is a Ramones QUILT you saw and a Misfits poster! Old Punk Queen!!! ;-D
I need to send a photo just of the quilt~~~it's pretty cool, even if I did make it.


Gloria said...

Congrats to the winners! Don't worry about your studio, it just means that you are a very productive woman. Tee Hee. Take care.

yoborobo said...

Hey Anne! Congrats to the lucky duckies! And I have about the same amount of space on my table to work. It's ridiculous, isn't it? We should CLEAN OUR STUDIOS!!!!! Right after I take a nap - lol!!! xox Pam

audrey said...

*Anne, Moi? Ornery? Never! Not telling you anything here you didn't already know!! LOL. Only three more days!!!!
Cast-offs would be good - I would even settle for the droppings from his studio floor!!!
♥ audrey

Quilt Rat said...

Congrats to all the winners! Great giveaway Anne.
I did not enter cause I am already such a lucky lucky gal.
Congrats on getting over the 200 stalker (I mean followers) hump
Keep spreading the joy!!!

Cameron said...

I'm not sharing my goodies!!! Haha! How cool....I'm so excited!!!! Can't wait to fool around with that great package of creative alchemy!

Thanks, again, Anne :D
Smiling ear to ear,

freebird said...

I have one plastic patio table that is in my craft room and my laptop and journals sit on top of it. It is only in my room because I set it in the living room when the grandkids visit for a worktable for them but when they aren't here it has to go somewhere. Every visit is "clear the table off" time and that goes for my work table too. That's about the only time they get cleaned off. Good luck. It's so hard to put everything away when you still might need it for this project or that one!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Girls!

Every time I *must* run to town, that's when the blog comments explode! LOL!!!
Okay, I feel better seeing as how I am not the only one who has a studio that is, ummmmmmm, FILLED TO THE GILLS. :-D (that's a nice way to phrase it...yes???)
And I'm with Pam---I think we all deserve a nap.
And then a nice glass of wine.
And a handsome MAN to clean our studios......hehe!!!
Okay, I was hosting a give-away, right? Sorry...got lost!
Congrats to the winners and I truly hope the books I ordered make it so we can do this again SOON!!!


dosfishes said...

Lucky winners all and your studio doesn't look that bad, at least you can see the work surface in some places. LOL xox Corrine

Janine said...

hi hi, I love the creative chaos on your desk.
Thank you so much for giving us a second chance to win. You are very generous.
Have a great day and congrats to the lucky winners.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey girls!

Happy Mardi Gras!!! And yes, if the company cooperates, we will have second chances on the book! So let's cross our fingers...yes??


Robbie said...

Your area looks great! You should see my little area here in Florida! But I'm not complaining! All my projects at least dry quickly in the heat!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well Robbie, all I can say is dry up here is my skin and eyes!!!
Damp, and more rain coming in....I think I'm envious! ;-)


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Congratulations to the winners! So what is your point? My wet work table looks very much like this...check my photos...I guess you have guilted me into cleaning also. Rain is moving in tonight and tomorrow is Family Night at the deli across from my studio :O)! FUN for everyone! Peace, dear lady! Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

HAPPY MARDI GRAS to you as well! Congrats on the winner! WHOOOOOT WHOOOT! he he he he! OH I can feel the dang beads hittin' me in the back of neck! Ouch! I'll be stopping by to see Harry Connick Jr. Tell him said so. Oh I just love that man. Oh I will be wanting some gumbo please not to spicy with some cornbread please. Hope that you are enjoying yourself and all is well with you.
Love you Lady,

Carol said...

I'm so pleased to see that your studio looks a bit like mine - both packed to the gills as you said. I've never been able to have it any other way and I'm so grateful that I have a studio at all when I read about other people clearing space for their art. Congratulations to the winners, you are very generous. Carol xx

Emma said...

Oh, lucky peeps! I had a clear up & stuck some things down on one piece of paper as i went, otherwise you never see those tiny bits again! I need another tidy by now ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners.
I re-posted this over at the group site.
Much bloglove.
Ciao bella

LauraX said...

Please visit my blog tomorrow (Thursday) Anne, I have a little something for you.

*Ulrike* said...

Wow, I felt right at home looking at those photos!

Marie S said...

Lucky lucky winners!!
Hope you had a wonderful Mardi Gras day!

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