Monday, January 31, 2011

Slight Postponement.....Thanks A Lot Old Man Winter!!!

I had planned to start a short series on gel mediums and how you can imitate some of the more expensive ones with one jar of medium and other additions.
Here's the scoop; I just happened to check the weather, on a whim, and we--at this point--have a Winter Storm Warning on the plate. With the amounts of snow and ice they are talking about, I know exactly what I am going to be doing.
It sucks gas and is green and yellow......any guesses???
So, my friends, as soon as Mother Nature quits throwing this *fit-to-come* I will be back with some art to share.
Frankly, some of the samples I had made were not drying well, even with furnace and dehumidifier~~things warmed just enough to put a lot of moisture in the air from the current (and everlasting) snow pack.
I am crossing my fingers that this passes lightly or dissipates altogether, as drifts high enough to close roads are NOT my idea of a good time.
Until we chat here again......