Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Award??? MOI???

Okay, I was channeling The Grinch there for a moment.......heehee! 
I was delighted to be presented this award by an exceptional illustrator, Amalia K at Translucent Blue
If you have not visited her blog or Etsy shop, you need to. I have plunked down some change there and when receiving the exquisite prints did a rather peculiar Happy Dance! (*I* was peculiar; the work is beyond description when held in your hot little hands! Photos just don't do justice to the actual piece....)
Thank you Amalia; this is special coming from you! :-)

As with any blog award, I now have to pass it on to others but first I have to disclose seven things about myself that no one knows. I did ask Amalia if she knew if I would get to blog from jail.....LOL!

1. I originally busted my right knee while running from the cops in my teens, out doing naughty things on Halloween. I landed smack into a rock garden. It was never the same. (no, I didn't get caught)

2. I miss playing my bass and listening to the Ramones and Misfits at earsplitting levels more than I care to admit. Truly, truly.....I do.

3. I really have not grown up and don't intend to. It's over rated. And people get all MEAN when they think they're grown up.

4. I have had opportunities in the past that I did not take for fear of failure or rejection. (that's changed!)

5. Life after you turn 50 is like being let out of jail; you realize that there IS an expiration date, you're getting closer, and WHOOO-HOOO! You can still rock with the best of them. (you just have to be to bed by 11 p.m.)

6. Stockings trump pantyhose any day of the week, and I am sure pantyhose were an invention that crawled right out of the Arse of Satan!

7. I have been blessed with Spiritual Mentors through out life, at the right times, with the right level of high intelligence tempered with great humor. They keep me on the somewhat straight and narrow and know how far they can push before I totally walk off. For this, I cannot say thanks enough. It has kept me exceptionally alive. (I probably am the only person that would put that after the comment on pantyhose...oh well....)

Okay, that's the dirt; now for the hard part and fun~~passing this along. First, I had to adjust the color some to get it to show on my background; if you want the *Black Tux and White Tie* version, please visit Amalia's blog to snag it. Well, visit her blog anyway!

1. Silke at Metamorphosis 

2. Cathy at Artsy Butterfly

3. Corrine at dosfishes

4. Pam at Frippery

5. Mita at illustration poetry

6. Elena at My Quest

7. Audrey at The Magic, Miracles and Joy of an Artist

8. Deb at Midlife Poet

All these ladies are stylish and add a unique view to the blog world. It is a mix of blogs~~different content, but all one's I enjoy visiting. Some I have visited a long time, some are new, but every single one is a delightful read or look or both! 
Grab a cuppa, kick back, relax, and travel through the bloggosphere, finding more places to visit and be awed!



Janet Ghio said...

I would like to have seen you doing the peculiar happy dance!! Interesting facts-love to have a new glimpse of you!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Janet--you are brave to wanna see that! It's just there is a lot more of me to sling around than there used to be....heeheehee! And it's a little more awkward!
But Amalia's work is BEAUTIFUL! Am sure you would enjoy it.


Jan said...

Broke your knee that is new to me! I guess you could still be listening to the Ramones and Misfits at earsplitting levels but little miss Sweet Pea wouldn't like it? I think you need to get some headphones so as not to disturb her. Rock On Anne!!
Congratulations on the award. You are definitely stylish! as are the ones you awarded.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Hi Annie, congrats on your very appropriate award. I am older than dirt but can do my own version of a happy dance. LOL Been working on a heart swap with Debbie at Mosaic Mementos, I think. Snow still around here and cold as hell's deep freeze.

dosfishes said...

You are too too funny. I laughed so hard at the pantyhose one and of course after 50, let out of jail is exactly the feeling and why is it that you think you are still 25 until you look in the mirror? Bed by 11, oh yeah, some nights well before especially if you get up
at 4:30 to go play. Thanks, seriously for the mention, I'm glad we found each other. xox Corrine

dosfishes said...

Oh yeah and I love your music playlist, my kinda tunes. xox Corrine

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jan,

Yeah, Gary had a Ramones video on last night and I sooooo wanted to run pick up my bass.
And then I thought about how I probably needed my hands TODAY. You're right, S.P. would NOT like my level of the music.....*sigh*
Spoiled birds.... ;-)
I just miss playing the bass--period.
Not discussing the knee further...heeheehee!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Peggy,

I think we *ALL* have our own version---it's just I really don't want mine seen in public anymore! Ah-hahahaha!!!
Glad you are creatively busy. Yes, it is still snowy and COLD here. I am quite sick of the cold; doesn't do much for me other than make me want to curl up with a blanket and knitting! (snoozing follows!)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Corrine,

Yeah--I am DEAD SERIOUS about the pantyhose. I own some winter tights (but they are comfy and made different) however, I don't think I have any pantyhose left after I started finding places that had stockings, plus snagging some vintage finds at the second hand stores. New boxes with the nice paper inside too! :-D
Glad you like the jazz; I work hard to find GOOD jazz to put on here. It comes and goes.


Robbie said...

Congrats on your latest award!! I'll have to wait until tomorrow to grab that cup of joe to read all the new blogs!! Just love learning more and more about you!! And I still like you! :)

Janine said...

Ha ha, I love what you wrote about pantyhoses.
Congrats to your award.
Hava a great week

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Janine!

Yes, I think pantyhose are amongst the greatest evils.....although one pair I cut up made a great *girdle* for a robin's nest that would have fallen apart and lost the babies.
So they have SOME uses! ;-D


Diana Evans said...

oh you deserve it Anne!!! congrats on the award....and I just posted your cool creations on my blog!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Amalia K said...

Ahahahahahaaa... I KNEW your secrets will be worth the read! Honestly, I think you are a born entertainer! Are you sure artist is the only occupation you have?! Really! Pantyhose and Arse of Satan? Indeed!! :D :D :D

Oh, and I'm trying to imagine what your parents went through having you as a kid... Hehehehee...

Thanks Anne! You're just crazy good! oxox

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Diana!

Thank you! I just hopped over to your blog and saw the post~~hope other people will send you pix of what they have done with your fab downloads!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Amalia!

Hehe! Yeah, what my folks went through. Well, they never had to bail me out of jail, so I wasn't THAT awful..... :-D
One story; when Dad was in the hospital once he looked at me dead serious and said, "I want you to look at my hair. It's white. You did that too me."
To which I replied, "But Dad, at least I did it so it's ALL WHITE..."
And he is who I get my sense of humor from!
And yes that truly IS how I feel about pantyhose. I'm sure on that one.......


studio lolo said...

congrats and thanks for the morning chuckles!!

I'm off to check out some of the ones that are new to me ;)

Happy Monday!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Lolo!

I have entertained the blog work here is done! LOL!
Off to try and figure out which end is up. ;-D


Heather said...

I just ran into this blog and I love it. I love the feel of it! Great job!!! How fun you are!!! Love that!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Wooohoooo, woooohoooo! Yes, you ARE stylish! Congratulations to you and all these lovely ladies.

You still do naughty things on Halloween, don't you. :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Heather!

Yes, we tend to have fun, silly things, art, rants, photography.
Whatever has struck my fancy the particular moment I post! ;-D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Bella!

Yes, I do!
But most of it is stuff that involves copious quantities of candy and belly aches afterwards and then trips to the dentist.
But I *DO* always wear my devil horns >:-}


Silke said...

Hahahaha!! What a joy to read your list of things I didn't know about you - well, none of them were a surprise, really!! LOL!!! However, I was surprised to see my name and blog in your list of stylish people. Are ya sure?!?! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Much love, Silke

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Of COURSE you are Stylish!
I said so.
So there. ;-D
I figured I would try to dredge up some humorous things I had not posted about myself. Of course I really can't remember so maybe I have posted them before.
I'm thinking not from the comments....LOL!!!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I wonder how you explained your busted knee to your parents? Reminds me of a little poem I learned in public school (don't ask me how I remember it all these years later!!). Here 'tis..
Junior was peeved at Mother,
He was leaving home.
He packed his little suitcase,
And started out to roam.
He came back in a hurry
His Mother asked him 'why'?
His knee was slightly bleeding,
A tear was in his eye.
He cried 'I hurt my knee'
'A plank was in the driveway,
'I'm back 'cause God tripped me'.

Hmm - wonder if God was tripping you to teach you the error of your ways??

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh that poem is cute!!! I remember learning to memorize poem after poem....loved that!
As to the busted knee, I was (and still am) a klutz. So it didn't take too much to say I fell and hurt myself.....and like Ralphie in a Christmas Story, work up a few tears....LOL!!!
I was a stinker and my folks knew it. Not a BAD stinker, just ornery...heehee!


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