Friday, November 5, 2010

Learning When To Just......

......leave things alone!
That aptly described my day yesterday. I have been tinkering on and off with the blog for a bit and trying to bring it into the wide-screen era of monitors.
Except I forgot one thing.....I have an astigmatism that would knock an elephant for a loop!
When I got this monitor, which has a recommended 1600 x 900 resolution, it darned near threw me into migraine-hell. Too much, too wide, some text I could enlarge, some I couldn't. Most is sans serif by default and I cannot see that---AT ALL.
So after finally figuring out how to do a blog background and posting it, I had to change the screen resolution, and by the time the evening was over, I was dizzy and almost cross-eyed. And the stomach was flip-flopping more than Flipper ever did on the televison show, for those of us old enough to remember that one! LOL!
Today, no more tinkering. (at least for a goodly while) It is what it is. It has a disclaimer at the top about the size it should be viewed in to look *right* and I'm sorry if there are black bands on the sides.......I want to see my stuff on the screen, and this is the only way I can.
Then I got thinking the horrid thought about when we have to purchase a new TV and they are all these flat screen monsters......OMG!!!! Perhaps that will be the day I give it up for good.
In the meantime, I am back to the studio getting it cleaned and ready for the next phase of fiber work. That was what should have been finished yesterday evening in someone here wasn't so anal and OCD about doing things.
Now, off to the multitude of tasks at hand, finding my glasses being the FIRST!
Hope you all have a good one!



Janet Ghio said...

Your blog looks great to me-not black bands-I don't have a really big screen-maybe that's it-

Silke said...

Hi there anal Ann (said with love by anal Silke), your blog looks great and I can read it just fine. There are no black bands and all is well... Have fun in your studio today... Love, Silke

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Janet,

yes, it is the screen size and the resolution it's set at. I am so hampered with the eyes, I cannot go to a *full res*, sooooo.......Oh well! ;)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Silke,

It's just clean up---that's not FUN! It's sorting junk that has accumulated; need to dump it or get it moved elsewhere before going on with what I'm working on.


audrey said...

Hi Anne.
No black lines here either ~ Blog looking GREAT!!
I've been trying to clean up my studio impossible task. Been going through tons of Christmas items ~ getting things ready for my consignment space Holiday Open House next weekend. A lot of work!
Let's go to the beach and lay in a hammock with an ice cold drink in our hand FOR ABOUT A MONTH PLEASE!!!!
Happy Friday!!!!
♥ audrey
PS - Is DH doing ok?

Georgina said...

Hahaha, Anne, that's what happened to me when we got our new computer earlier this year...our screen is hu-eg and I can't handle it either, so I just shrinky-dinky mine down so I don't go dizzy then have breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks end up on my lap!! eeewwwww!!! On top of that, when I was taking care of my grands, they wanted to go see some movie in 3D...oh yea, like Meema can sit there as creatures come out and lunge out at her...not cool!!

We too are very anxious about those flat screen thangs too. Not only will we have to learn how to figure it out, but buy a whole new piece of furniture for it. We have a lovely entertainment center right now that hold our old tv, stero, with cassette player and all, and is used to display some of my favorite pieces of art and knick-knacks...what will become of that when we have to get that damn flat screen????!?!?!!?!? Oh well, don't want to think about it, not right now and don't want to get more into it since I might inadvertently hex my tv!! LOL

Have a good one.

Love ya,

Jan said...

The blog looks great to me, no black lines. I never thought about how the resolution might effect some people since I don't have a problem with it.

Hey, you and Audrey better invite the rest of us when you hit the beach! I could use a little hammock time too!

Marie S said...

Your blog looks fabulous!
So getting a new monitor is kind of like getting new glasses.
Well, you did a great job and the background is perfect!
Have a great weekend, Dear one!

Elena said...

Well no wonder you thought things looked like're not wearing your glasses! It looks good, no black bands, text size perfect, beautiful music. So stop fretting and get back in the studio Sensei.

*Ulrike* said...

No black bands on this end, I think it looks just fine, but then I have my glasses on, oh wait, glasses off, yes it still looks good! Hope you got the cleaning up done. lazy day around here, cold, rainy, ice, snowflakes, yes here in the south!!! Well, better get ready dinner at my daughter's house. Don't have to cook tonight! Hope your hubby is doing much better today.
Take Care,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey All,

Been on the couch all day sleeping off the headache....
DH is doing very well; the incision is good and coming back to normal skintone quickly.
I, on the other hand, am so tired I look pasty-grey! LOL!!!
We had snow flurries here twice today; I AM READY!!!
Glad I could get all the computer settings back to what I'd had them at before---I sooooo totally forgot I had to dim down this HP monitor. GREAT MONITOR---but too bright for my eyes. However, you can adjust everything. (wish they had a *save* on that, just in case I forget again.....oy!)
I did nothing today but rest---I must have desperately needed it. ANd I'm going BACK for more!


yoborobo said...

AAAAAAH! THE BLACK BANDS! MY EYES!!! OOOOH! I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!! Kidding. You are so funny. See, I just slap stuff up there and say, "Eh, good enough." Which explains my house, and my general appearance. LOL!! It looks lovely, Anne. Happy weekend! xox Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL Pam!!!

Yeah, I think the blog is about the only thing that gets any housekeeping done, and NOT MUCH at that! :D
As for the's on it's own to get cleaned up!
But I did learn how BAD my eyes have really gotten since I bought this monitor.....which wasn't exactly a pleasant discovery......hmmmmmmmm. Old fart, I am!


Deborah said...

I have been missing from my computer, but your blog looks great wide! No black bands and I have a VERY wide monitor. ♥♥♥ Deb

studio lolo said...

hmm, I don't understand why your monitor and settings have anything to do with how we see it no matter the size screen we have.
I have a big monitor too, and the only settings are my personal viewing ones.

Your blog always looks great to me!

Flipper!! Oh yes, I remember him. And thanks alot, now I'm singing that drasted song!!


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