Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Issues Redux

Hi all,

Due to extreme problems with trying to load posts, I am going to have to let the blog sit until *someone*.....*somewhere*.....and that is someone other than ME, LOL!, gets this thing fixed.
I tried FOUR TIMES to do a post with four measly photos. Blogger locked the photo editor three times and Live Writer kept throwing my photos hither and yon.
That's it. An hour wasted that I did not have to blow.
Whatever the magic combination or required sacrifices to the Blogger gods I am to know/do/make-----it ain't happening.
Thus, click on the blog, enjoy the music, reduce the page and pretend you're reading something wonderful and that it is absolutely filled with luscious photos and great art and you're just BLOWN AWAY!!! :-D
Because obviously that's as close as we're getting for a while.
In the meantime, I will still be at the other end of this computer via e-mail or available through FaceBook. Pop me some words of wisdom in either of those places.
Frankly, I think I need a new computer.
Also, I am disabling comments on this one because I am so flamin' mad that I can't get my pics up, I am quite afraid of what would come out of my mouth.......