Saturday, October 23, 2010

Perhaps The Last Flit......UPDATE

For those of you having issues similar to mine: here is the link to Bloggers form to report them!!! PLEASE DO THIS! This is our blog home too!

There currently are no other direct links or forms to get to Blogger; forums are useless as one can spend days trying to find anything and when I have posted questions before they largely go unanswered.
Copy and paste onto your blog if you are sharing the issues I am---let's get this stuff fixed before we lose our blogs.
Overall--this appears to be an East of the Mississippi issue, though I have had one occurance  reported West.
BE VOCAL!  This should have all been fixed in Blogger In Draft before being shoved out to the blogging populace at large!!!

As much as the thought of this pains me, it has become apparent that due to the constant Blogger changes, issues, problems, not being able to even sign into my own blog---and these are just naming a few of the headaches that I have had to contend with---a point is coming where I will no longer be blogging.
And it's thanks to Blogger and all their *improvements*.
I also have a friend who was in the process of moving her works to Word Press, which evidently that is what Blogger wants to be.....and she is stuck with HOURS of time invested and nothing working right.
I do not know if there has been something built into the code to not allow certain migrating--both sides would deny that I'm sure, both say everything is sooooo easy. But she knows code, and it's not easy.
I do NOT know code and don't have the time to learn.
I am disgusted for being pushed into a corner that I did not ask for, I am angry that a very good, simple platform has turned into the *System From Hell*, I am just plain PISSED that I have no idea from one day to the next if my blog as I built it will be here or if it will be one of the butt-ugly new templates that are W.P. ripoffs.
So maybe it is just time to quit.
Maybe it is time to send virtual hugs and kisses to my dear friends I have made through this piece of cyberspace. And special thanks to Susie Jefferson of 1st Floor Flat for making my wonderful header and helping freely to tweak things to improve the overall finnesse of something as simple as my signature. She is a saint and a gem. Please follow her blog, whether here or on Word Press or where ever she finds a good home for all her generous tutorials.
And in case I decide this is my final flit with Blogger, thanks go out to all who felt I was worthy of awards. I've enjoyed giving you fun or serious or utterly rambling posts. I feel honored that you thought they were something more.
At any rate, I am still undecided to a certain point, but each day pushes me closer to being out the Blogger door. There are no real people to contact about problems and I am sure Google is making enough money that this little piece of our bloggosphere means nothing.
The blog will stay up, one way or the other, with perhaps an occasional update--I'll make sure the Jazz is here for all to enjoy (including the blog mistress). But........maybe it is just time to fly........
You all are worthy of a *Faithfulness Award*, and I wish I had one to give. So until I decide how much headache I need on a daily basis, and where this little sanctuary is going...... I give you my heart instead...♥♥♥♥

Pax.....and much much love,


Pam @ Frippery said...

Anne, I know blogging is not the treat it used to be at the start but you would be sorely missed. Maybe just cut back a bit to lessen the aggravation. I have thought the same thing but I would miss all of my blogging friends. I hope you choose not to disappear because I love to visit. If you do of course I understand but I hope you stay. Take care, Pam

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Anne,
I too would be sad to see you go!
You always have the best photos to share and heaps of laughs to give.

It would make me very happy if we stayed in contact and I surely won't give you any hasssles like blogger when you drop me a line. LOL

Take it easy friend,
Loving hugs,

Terra said...

Anne, please stay with us in blog land. You are a treasured blog friend and I look forward to your posts. Could I tempt you to keep on bloggin' all of 2010 and maybe it will get sorted out and you can stay :)

Deborah said...

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.Not an option! No NO NO. What will I do without you??? The Cesnutz must stick together. I don't seem to have any problems with the blog, so I wonder if it is regional? **weeps** Deb

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Anne....NNNoooooooooooooooooo. You can't do this. I so love to come and visit you. It makes my day complete, and I would really miss your posts. Please think about it seriously.

I haven't had any problems with my blog. Knock on wood. I do hope you will reconsider. I love seeing what you are up to, and visiting you in your part of this great country.

Don't make me come in there now. I love you sweetie, and I so enjoy visiting with you. I will never see a chipmunk again in my lifetime and not think of you.

All my love, your blogger friend sweetie, Sherry

yoborobo said...

So, do I have to buy a carrier pigeon to keep in touch? Oh, Anne, think of the mess her would make in your living room. Is it worth it? Or maybe you could just having plain, boring, no frills blog like mine and only update it once in a blue moon! lol!! I would miss you. Take a blog vacation. A blogaction. But be sure to come back! xoxox!!!

studio lolo said...

I actually went on Blogger news today to see if they could explain what's going on. Posting more than one pic has become such a nuisance! If you don't upload them all at once you can't go back and add them. What??? And this signing in every time you visit a blog, what happened to the option "keep me signed in?"

I have a friend who has her blog on her desktop and never has to sign in. I don't get it but I'll try it!

I'd hate to see you go. Your blog is a fun, uplifting place to stop by. Think about it. But I do understand the frustration.


Robbie said...

sniffle..sniffle..what WILL we do without our 'Anne'!! :(

Ima Weed said...

As Mr Bill would say....OH NO !!!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh dear. What would we do without you and your humour and your pictures and your humour and your...

What are we gonna DOOOOOO if you give up? It's such a joy to look forward to your posts and read all the comments - I would miss you tremendously Anne!!

HAving said that, I really hesitate to say that I'm not having the problems with Blog-grrr that you seem to have. I'm happy I'm not, but on the other hand, why you and not me? The only difference I can see is that mine is a bare-bones blog without too much in the way of extras - could that be the problem? I wonder if B-grrr has 'issues' with your blog because of the goodies you have in your sidebars - they make the blog look wonderful, but maybe they are bad for Bgrs digestion?

I don't know - I'm not a computer wiz, but whatever will we do without you. And Melvin - how will we know the mischief he's going to get into? And the John Deere? And the scythe?

*Ulrike* said...

I certainly don't want to see you go! I know I haven't been around much, but you understand. I still like to pop in to read though. I'll keep checking on you!
By the way that is some photo on your facebook badge, looove it! You look so pretty!
Take Care,

Jan said...

Consider just sitting back and ignoring your blog for awhile. A week, a month, whatever. Maybe they will get things sorted out. I am one who's (knock on wood) blog has been okay, not having problems but then I only post once or twice a week lately. I haven't had to sign in every time I leave a comment on someone else's blog either.

Instead of ending, just enjoy visiting others blogs for awhile, leaving your sensitive, humorous, intelligent comments. We don't want to lose you.

P.S. I just noticed your new facebook avatar. Nice, I like it!

Janet Ghio said...

Don't go Anne--Blogger truly has gotten really annoying I agree. I couldn't sign in to my blog this morning either=kept taking me to a page to start a new blog. So I signed in there and up came my dashboard. A bunch of aliens have invaded blogger!!

audrey said...


Please don't leave us permanently.


K9 said...

well this is a dreadful development. i just got to know you. i think more like a blog break is in order. i took a two month hiatus. i wish i could help - i havent experienced many problems - but i have a very simple blog - no backgrounds a widgets like this page...i hope you work it out. just my own take on WP. i freaking hate it. i shouldnt have to fill three spaces to comment. and i dont. Pax to u

(it's chickory in her halloween costume)

Linda Moran said...

WAAAAAA!!!!!!! Major crying....I start my day with you!! But do what you have to...I will invite you, however, to guest post on my WP blog - you can just write and send me the stuff and I'll post for you.....especially on the works in progress!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Anne you are so much equipped to be dealing with this blog experience and I cannot image a day without your wit and JOY! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Amalia K said...

Oh, Anne, Anne, Anne.... You sure are gracious when you're angry. But will tying your ankle to a blog tree prevent you from fleeting the nest? I suppose not.

Yes, Blogger has been testing my sanity too recently, especially when it comes to uploading pictures. Strangely enough, I seem to have less problems when I upload them first to Picasa Web Album. Hhhm, do you think there's some kind of rotten marketing tactic going on here? I wonder... Well, anyway, I have been uploading my pictures to Photobucket these days. Less hassle, more sanity intact.

Please, please, if you are going to flyaway from here, at least keep the party going at FB? I'll miss you loads!

Hugs, oxox

marianne said...

argh! so sorry to hear this. the east of the mississippi things does explain some things, though. hope things are resolved- and at least there's still facebook. for now. have a great weekend

Susie Jefferson said...

Thanks for saying such nice things... but PLEASE, don't go! We'll all miss you far too much.

This Blogger thing has to settle down soon, there have been so many complaints they HAVE to take notice!

Keep calm, maybe miss posting for a couple of days, and use LiveWriter, and I'll keep you posted on the latest stuff, but don't delete your blog whatever you do!

Elena said...

No. You can't go away.

Hee hee, did I scare you into staying?

Ces said...

You are not quitting! Period. Do not quit. Come back! Come back! Yes, Deb is right. It is not an option. This sucks. I hope blogger works perfectly for you one day. Do not quit. That is so weird to not have Anne in the blogs. That is not acceptable!

Bunny said...

Hi Anne! Not sure what has happened I have not been blogging daily and have had not problems. I hope you stay with us. I for one love your blog and your talent. Hugs Bunny

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