Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Apologies....

Yesterday evenings post was from a mind going far too many directions at once, sleep deprived, trying to figure out what had to be done first of about 1000 things..... and those who know me know I can manage one direction at a time! LOL!!! Even that can be difficult. HA! And really, it wasn't 1000 but more like 10---it just seemed larger.
Here's the scoop:

I have to take a break on the blog until this current commission is at a point where I am comfortable with giving my followers good content and know that I have the church hanging at an almost getting-to-done point. (plus that will mean photos...)
This has been difficult due to arthritis and muscle pain, aggrevated by the weather this summer, which I deal with daily. We have found no meds to address the problem. I make art to try and ignore it, but this is so large, I can't ignore it.
And I have not been pleasant to be around....had you noticed???? LOL!!! (I am sure DH has....)

When I get this further along, I will be back with pithy humor and poking fun at myself and maybe, just MAYBE........ART!!!!
In the meantime, I am as close as e-mail, which I will answer on workbreaks. And I do check into FaceBook as I have time, so if you're there, pop me a pithy message and expect the same in return!
May you all have productive, creative days, beautiful evenings and time to just enjoy yourselves........and to quote the Arnold-nator....... "I'll be bahck..."