Saturday, September 11, 2010


Life has very quirky turns, and out of the last year and a half, I should be rather accustomed to them by now.
Except, I am not.
When I said I was going on *Blog Break* I meant a break from blogging-----not breaking something in order to be away from the blog!
Enter yesterday; A beautiful day out, I was progressing with the commission in the studio, I decide to take a few minutes for a cup of coffee and a little fresh air as the day was one of those rare, wonderful September days of bright blue sky, little humidity, warm not hot and a delightful breeze moving the corn stalks and leaves in the trees.
I step out, taking in the moment, getting a sip of coffee, breathing in the growing scent of Fall.......

.......and I promptly walk into a hole in the yard. Suddenly I am on the ground, left foot at an odd angle, coffee spilled and trying to figure out what just happened.
There is always that moment of sitting, checking everything to make sure that it is still in place.....fake hip? Yep. Fine. Other hip? Fine. Knees? As usual.

Left foot?, something is definitely wrong there. I know the feeling of broken bones all too well. (at least my coffee cup didn't break.....!) Yeah, that little devil was giving me pangs of non-delight. SHARP PANGS.
So here I am this morning, with said lower extremity unhappy, swollen, quiet a colorful contusion and very limited mobility.
I think the next time I decide to go off-blog for a while, I will have a little different choice of words. *Break* just seems to have too much bad Karma for me.....
The illustration? It has nothing to do with is just a favorite of mine that I have had stashed away in the clip art folder and been itching to use.
Hmmmm......maybe I shouldn't use *itching* either.........  ;-)



Janet Ghio said...

Anne! The power of words!! and putting them out to the universe!! So sorry about your ankle--

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yeah JAnet,

If it wasn't such a blasted inconvenience there would be humor in it......
Maybe down the road a bit, eh? ;)


Elena said...

You're not kidding the power of words! I have been recently become aware of 'be careful what you ask for' esp. after a woman was saying she wanted to be a gypsy and now finds she needs to relocate yet again. But I think that great photo is's the little guy who knocked you into the hole in the first place. I hope hubby is taking good care of you!!

The Garden Bell said...

You only got me for one Fleeting second. I paused took a deep breathe and then realized you weren't really shutting down. You were just taking one of those moments to "Step Away" or "Regroup". Yes, I know about those, we have all been there. Glad to have you back.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Elena,

DH has to work this weekend, so I am on my own....which usually means I am in mischief! (except, not today...)
Yep, I'm pretty sure that was the little bugger that pushed me into the hole! LOL!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Kate,

Not sure even now how much I will be on here; I still have the commission to figure out how to do. It was all set up to work on the wall, which *was* easier on the body---now I have to rethink how to do parts brain is too atrophied for all this extra thinking! haha!


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

hope your foot heals fast you poor thing.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Shelley,

ME TOO!!!! :D
(real fast....)


Linda Moran said...

Awwww sheesh, woman......some words you just never the always polyanna-ish optimist, it could have been way worse.....but still...#&$&^&^^*&^Q#&^Q$*^&#*(#%()#%)($#(*&#%*&^%#(#$%W$%)_W$%()*$W%(*&Q(*%)($%W)(*W%(W%)(*

There, now that's out of my system. Are you at a point in the commission where you can do handwork, like attaching leaves?

Oooh, wait, I know....QPA, you need a traveling band of us to come and work for you...wait on you hand and foot, take your directions, drink your do have beer, right ?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


QPA is sort of stuck in the Bilge at the moment! LOL!!!
I am not where I can do hand work--I am working the top of the tree which is 5 billion (great Pirate exaggeration!) pieces of fabric, patterns, fusing...etc.....
If I can manage to get a large table (haha) or some space clear, I can take it off the wall and put it back up piece by piece, and I also have a stool I think might boost me up to work range.
I could, if worse comes to worse, make the little leaves that will go on the tree and keep the foot propped on a wastebasket....I'm thinking.
And I think MAYBE that the Pirates should NOT serve QPA any beer at the moment---need my balance! LOL!!


Rita A. said...

I'm sorry to hear about your fall. Rest, be careful, and hewl well.

Terra said...

Oh drat, just an innocent walk in your garden. Did you have to go to emergency room? And now you have a billion pieces of your art to deal with. A billion IS a lot of pieces. Take care and heal quickly.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Rita,

Thanks! I am trying hard to is no easy task. ;)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Terra,

Nope--DH wanted me to go but I ahve been down this road before; x-ray, big bill, tell you to stay off the foot. The last one asked me if I wanted narcotics....are you kidding??? I don't want to fall again! LOL!
Well, not a billion just feels that way now---I'm scheming on how to work and recover. >;)


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Anne Sweetie...
No, no it can't be. Those durn little chipmunks made a hole for your foot to find. Oh no. We talked about this and you were going to be watching them. I just knew they would be up to something while you were working away in your studio. Never turn your back on them for one second.

Oh sweetie, please take care. We will not say break next time, we will say you are taking a little vacation. That will work, no bad Karma there sweet friend.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Robin said...

Anne, I haven't been too frequent a visitor as of late, busy with Opera, and lots of other energy-sapping, when I do come a callin'.....what do I find! You have injured yourself.....I am so sorry.... please try and let than ankle heal.....I do know how hard it for a busy "bee" like you to STOP and rest....

Sending you many hugs!

♥ Robin ♥

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Sherry,

Sadly, I cannot blame this on chipmunks. We had to have underhouse drainage put in several years ago. Since then, where the sump pipe drains, the soil has eroded.....leaving *THE HOLE*.
And two people live here who knew about it, and neither one did anythign although ONE did mention several times we could get sued if a repairman fell in it....hmmmm....guess which ONE that was??? :D
And yes, we still have the hole.....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Robin,

I've not had much going on on-blog lately due to a commission.....I was planning on about a month off blog to finish the work here.
Hmmmmmm......things change quickly!
Opera, oh, I would die to have a voice of that quality as opposed to one that entertains only the parakeets.... ;)


Jan said...

Rats! So sorry to hear of another dang injury to you! You know exactly what to do with it, RICE (Rest, Ice, Cussing, and Elevation). I hope you have diagnosed yourself correctly and this is what you need. I'd come and help you if I could.

Jan said...

P.S. I love that dragon.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jan,

I have #3 down really good! LOL!!! And I am getting ready to go rest in a bit--still trying to figure out the studio set-up part....
Oh, the dragon was a freebie from somewhere; snag it if you can use it. I think maybe it was one of Dovers free images. Can't remember!
And believe me, I know this Dx inside out, medical degree or not!


studio lolo said...

way to go Grace!!

No really, I'm sorry this happened. I agree you should choose your words more carefully next time.

I couldn't believe this when I read my email. Oh my!!

Keep your foot up and your spirits too.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Lolo---my mom did not call me Awkward Annie for nothing...although she really irked me when she said it.
It will heal---nothing out of the ordinary with the area.
And I can't really take anything but OTC analgesics anyway, so no Dr. trip bones sticking out! LOL!!!


Georgina said...

Anne, sometimes I wonder if you didn't have bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all!!! geeeze, woman!!! I learned long ago to watch for those "canary" dog holes!!! Or was it a snake hole. Around these parts, it's a "canary" dog or snake...mostly snakes!!

I lovingly use the term, "canary" because when my oldest son, Joel, was 5, we took him to see his uncle Jimmy up in Cortez, CO. Jimmy took him out one day and showed him all the fields surrounding his ranch house and Joel asked about the holes in the ground. Jimmy explained they were prairie dog holes. Later that day, Jimmy's Malamute dog, name escapes me now, brought us a sincere gift a prairie dog skull, cleaned completely off of any meat, fur, senew...clean!! Joel looked at it and shouted out that the dog had brought back the head of a poor "canary" dog. That was back in the day when Joel was so cute...he's 34 now and his demeanor is more like Oscar the Grouch and the Grinch rolled up into one...oey vey.

Anyway, my friend. Go to my latest blog and get a laugh out of my story...sure to bring a chuckle or two into your medicated leetle brain!! LOL

Love ya,

Gloria said...

Oh my. Poor foot, poor ankle, poor Anne. :(((
Get well quick dear and finish that commission. Seriously, take care, soak that foot, pain is just no fun. So sorry:(((( :) Take care, get well.

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Ho, I am so sorry for you. Woo Hoo. I have gotten so I stay away from uneven surfaces, like the rock garden, back yard and scenic paths. I always manage to fall. I hit the coffee table last week,right inside my safe house, hurt my fake knee LOL, twisted around to fall on the couch and irritated a degenerative disk. An entire week on ice packs. I am keeping on keeping on for sure. Love ya gal. Love your music.

Serena said...

OH NO!! You poor thing, (((Anne)))! I hope you manage to work on your commission with only a minimum of discomfort/pain. Rest that foot as best you can. Life is full of trials and tribulations and they always seem to happen at the worst possible times too. :(

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Oh Anne,
You silly duffer!
I hope you're on the mend and not in too much pain.
Take it easy honey!
Sending big hugs,

Amalia K said...

Gosh, Anne! That dragon is probably the best choice of illustration for this post! You seem to be one yourself, still being able to write about this with a swollen foot! I'm so sorry that your break turned out to be a literal experience. :((

Although I do wonder which is the real agony for you...the painful foot, or the limited mobility?


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh for heaven sake - leave you to your own devices and just look what happens! The minute we turn our backs you go and fall in a hole. I think maybe we need to send Milo back to keep an eye on you, because it's obvious you need a keeper. On second thought, Milo might not be 'quite' right for the job, but surely there's somebody??
Take care of you!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Dear Lord woman...there are better ways to get a little vacation time in your life! I am so glad the hips are fine but ...well healing will take time ladybug so find a great book..put both feet up...and have a cup of tea this time. I am sending you lots and lots of hugs dear friend! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Silke said...

Oh, Anne, what excitements you always have in your life! This one - not so good!! Well, make friends with the couch and while away the hours with good books, good movies and naps! Wishing you a most speedy recovery!! Love, Silke

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